Hats Off to JVP Mps and Mr Anura Bandaranaike on their words of
caution to TNA Tigers

Ramanie de Zoysa

Dear Editor,

Please let me congratulate through your website the JVP Mps and Mr Anura Bandaranaike on their words of caution to the LTTE hooligans posing off as 'Members of Parliament' regarding their uncouth behaviour in the Sri Lankan Parliament.

While threatening and depraved behaviour may be the norm in their normal surroundings in the wanni with their criminal leader Prabhakaran and the tough talking fool Thamilselvan, the civilised society demands a certain decorum in conduct and unless the TNA reps are prepared to acquire some social skills in this regard it is imperative that the Speaker of the House take over the charge of disciplining them. However, sadly, the Sri Lankan Speaker seems to be either incapable or unwilling to carry out his job for some unfathomable reason. I hope it wil not be long before a motion of no confidence is brought against the present 'speechless' Speaker to replace him with someone with a backbone to do the job he is getting paid for.

Under no circumstances should the Speaker have allowed the LTTE rogues in parliament to issue death threats against the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Sri Lanka or have allowed the recent outbursts of Sivaji Lingam.

To get any other job in this country a person must achieve a minimum level of education, competency and civility but none of these requirements seem to be needed for someone to be able to become part of the executive of the country. TNA 'MPs' have now set the precedent that one doesn't even have to win a democratic election to get into the parliament. When is the President and the Executive of the country going to use the powers they have been bestowed on them by the voting public to run the affairs of the country in an assertive manner? When is Sri Lankan public going to get the quality of representation it deserves?

Last but not least, when is the Sri Lankan Government going to stop using the country's resources to deploy state troops to protect and transport the LTTE terrorists against their own enemies? The continued use of our soldiers as rikshaw-wallahs and bodyguards for the LTTE killers who slaughtered our valiant soldiers by the thousands must be the worst descecration of the memory of our beloved dead. Where is our politicians' sense of right and wrong, justice and injustice and dignity and ignominy?



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