Acknowledgement Of Reported Error

Citing reference to a section in the current article in LankaWeb- Autobiography Of A Jailbird -SB Queens Hostel Welikade - excerpts by Walter Rajaratne from Sydney

Periscope-Global Sinhala Village would like to acknowledge the error in having cross referenced the two sons of former Minister S.B.Dissanayake as the ones responsible for assaulting the Leader of the Music Group Gypsies at a Colombo Hotel in the recent past whereas those responsible were indeed the sons of former Minister Anuruddha Ratwatte, and stands corrected and the error regretted.

The incident of assault involving the sons of former Minister Dissanayake was reportedly against a Minister in the present government Mr.Kabeer Hashim and his entourage, excerpts of which follow together with the other incident of relative liability by the perpetrators.

It does not however diminish or detract in any way from the liabilities, irresponsibilities and criminalities of the incidents where the point was being emphasized that crimes of progeny often stem from the high handednesses of their peers and a phenomenon particularly noticeable in Sri Lanka!


Extract from Newspaper

During the week of January 15th 2004 we learn about yet another case of hooliganism by sons of politicians at a big hotel in Colombo. According to the newspapers the sons of Mahinda Wijesekera and S. B. Dissanayake, who are both cabinet ministers, had a confrontation at the Colombo Plaza Hotel with some associates of Kabeer Hashim who is also a minister in the present government. Several persons in minister Hashim's group had received injuries in this incident.
Breaking somebody's jaw, damaging vehicles and disturbing the peace at a public place are certainly not things we can wink at. These are serious criminal offences and must be treated as such.When the incident at Colombo Plaza occurred these boys were using expensive four-wheel drive vehicles. They also had police bodyguards with them. It is not known whether these vehicles were State property. If they were, it is damnable that the taxpayer's money in a poor country such as ours is used to transport children of politicians to nightclubs.

These boys are enjoying a life style and an education, which is a world away from what their fathers endured. In prestigious Western universities, in a very comfortable setting, they could pursue their education with little worry about paying for lodging or tuition fees.
It is also noteworthy that these boys commit these acts of devilry only when their fathers are in positions of political power. Armed with weapons, going about in state owned vehicles and protected by police bodyguards they launch attacks upon helpless victims and then think of themselves as brave. This shows their true character.But it is clearly wrong for these callow youth to have police bodyguards. We have not voted them into any public office. The fact that they are children of ministers should not entitle them to have security at State expense.It is again ironical that the State was providing security to these boys at the time they were allegedly breaking the law at a big Colombo hotel.

Then we had the infamous Ratwatte boys who were constantly falling foul of the law while their father was the minister responsible for the Police. It seems that these youngsters have a difficulty in appreciating the honour and responsibility that a holder of a public office should carry.They have been alleged of viciously assaulting the leader of the popular singing group at a Colombo Hotel as a means of showing displeasure at the lyrics of a song performed by him which was satirically critical of their father who notably was a former minister but now also behind bars and indicted in a murder trial.



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