Colombo Concert Opposed By Monks Ends In Disaster!

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Two dead in Colombo concert blast where many questions arise about why permission was granted by the authorities for such a concert in the first place as it offended the Buddhist Clergy who vehemently protested against it and now this disaster. Perhaps in hindsight this concert should have been called off as Sri Lanka is no place for the propagation of Bollywood Culture considering how culturally rich the Island Nation is by comparison to the conglomerate cultures India is steeped in often as a morass of acquired perspective relative to the diversities India is culturally reputed for and not all of them completely aloof from fanaticism! which sometimes becomes hysterically pandemic with dire reprisals as seems to have been the case in Colombo today!
The latest reports coming in from Colombo indicate that at least two people have been killed and 18 others injured in an explosion at a concert by popular Indian Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan and a contingent of other famous Indian performers in Colombo. According to Police a hand-grenade lobbed into the front stands by persons unknown exploded with utter devastation as Shahrukh Khan ended his performance on Saturday.
Doctors said all the unfortunate victims were front row members of the audience,all of them injured by shrapne and flying debris and the impact of the explosionl. The two dead were identified as a woman and a child.
The performers comprising of Indian superstar Khan and a host of other well known Indian Film Stars escaped without serious injury and the organisers too must surely be reflecting upon the wisdom of permitting the concert to continue especially in view of the sensitive issues involved where the income generated from such an event "Temptation 2004" and thought to be Sri Lanka's Musical Show of the Year attended by an estimated 10,000 strong audience, seems to have been of no consequence to the pandemonium and grief it has caused.

The protests from a multitude of Buddhist Monks against holding the event was based on their dissent that it was an affront to Sri Lankan Culture and coincided with the death anniversary of the popular Buddhist Monk The Late Gangodawila Soma Thera and that it was disrespectful to his memory to hold such an event and while their cries appear to have been vindicated albeit unjustly and cruelly there are lessons to be learned for the future!

Previously the protesting monks had threatened self imolation which had drawn an apology from Sharukh Khan and a moment of silence to respect the Late Bikkhu Gangodawila Soma Thera wherethe monks digressing their protest in accepting the gestures but apparently to no avail as far as the ultimate consequences of the days tragic events were concerend!

Earlier in the day prior to the commencement of the event, protesters had clashed near the venue with police who used teargas, water cannon and rubber bullets to disperse them. They had attacked vehicles and concert goers indiscriminately. According to Police sources the grenade was detonated in the VIP section of the audience as the three-hour show was nearing its end.

In addition to the two dead so far, all of them Sri Lankans, there are reported to be 18 more injured with 6 of them critically and the death toll could tragically increase.To compound the tragic and apathetic nature of this carnage, ironically the security was reported to be air tight and all entrants thoroughly subjected to a four points search before admission into the arena which was previously safety checked by anti terrorist agents together with sniffer dogs where the modus operandi of these security sources must now become circumspect and questionable as to the worthlessness of their presence and operations!

Despite suspicions there appears to be no terrorist involvement according to the Police and other experts as an investigation has been launched into the tragedy which notwithstanding its billing and the euphoria it generated amongst Indian Film and Music Fans in Sri Lanka has probably now become the tragical public event of the year during a Peace Process which has held for over 2 1/2 years!

Lankaweb sympathises deeply with the families of the deceased victims and sincere extends sincere thoughts and aspirations towards the speedy recovery the injured!



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