CBK's "U "Turn

by ; Mahinda Karunaratne (from Sri Lanka)

Withdrawal from Alliance Leadership are the Prelude to betrayal of Sinhala nation and Buddhism, part of the conspiracy hatched by West, Neo Colonialism,The Vatican, NGO's and Their local cohorts!

The cat was out of the bag two days ago when CBK announced that she is ready to discuss with LTTE based on ISGA demands. Surely this will also lead to more and more demands from LTTE and CBK will agree gradually with her servile attitude towards the WEST and honoring her actual faith of Omnipotent God.

This is not the first time she did "U" turn, it was in 1994, 1995 she demonstrated that she has no respect to the peoples mandate who brought her to power or the policies she placed upon people for the election, by appointing the very UNP murderers in to her cabinet ( i.e. Nanda Mathew who was involved in Embilipitya massacre)

She also entertained many other UNP stalwarts by giving high positions in the state institutions, awarding state contracts etc. and finally the very people conspired and brought the UNP back to power. From time and history CBK has exhibited her servile attitude to her real masters the WEST, her allegiance to Upper class and her interest in protecting upper class related issues, but nothing is of ordinary people wishes are important to her other than grabbing power by any means. She cannot be considered a true Daughter of late Mrs. Sirimavo Banadaranayake who was called the " Viaharamahadevi" of the nation who genuinely fought against anti nationalistic activities, strengthened the Non Aligned Movement against Western Imperialism and Domination, and locally protecting Buddhism and Sinahala nation.

We have no faith in CBK and we have to be ready for any eventuality against conspiracy to destroy Buddhism and Sinhala nation. There are a number of conspiracies being hatched by west (America) together with Norway, Vatican, LTTE to desect Sinhalese Nation, destroy Buddhism and divide the Sri Lanka with a one portion initially for LTTE and they will extend it to the entire country in the second step, helped by America and Norway.

The hidden agenda is that once LTTE is given the EELAM, the America gets it's long aimed and awaited US Military Base in Trincomale with the future view to attack India and China. Recently Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand together rejected US patroling Malay Straight and said clearly "we will lookafter our own security, but need no US involvement " Such are the acts and response of true national leaders of the countries who has back bone, unlike our leaders who even have no mouth to talk.

The other aim is to wipe out Buddhism from Sri Lanka and make this another wholly Land for the Omnipotent God who authorizes America to go and attack sovereign nations and loot their wealth.

The closure of American embassy is a beginning of a gross conspiracies to come forward in the near future, destabilizing Sri Lanka, it's Politics, the UPFA govt., desect and abandon the JVP from the govt., and make them to fight against Anti nationalistic activities, so that American power can influence UPFA and UNP joint govt. to massacre JVP and masses lead by JVP, banding them as Terrorists.

US already manipulating Middle-East with the help of their thug Israel, and the entry and occupation in Iraq is just the beginning of servies of other steps in middle-east destabalising project, and now they are trying to exploite the Sudanese crisis to enter in to African Continent too and US needs to destabalize African countries and to expolite and suck it's wealth of Oil, Gold and Minerals etc.

The 4.5 Billion Dollars carrot to Sri Lanka is a trap, and we should not get in to this American Trap. Lets Emmulate SUDAN who refused any military involvement from west. Lets reject American, Norway and Vatican bundled carrot.

People in Sri Lanka did not give any mandate to CBK to betray Sinahala Nation and divide and destroy Buddhism. People did not give mandate to discuss with LTTE based on ISGA and our Motherland. People did not give any manadte to CBK for Conspiring with upper class for the fullfillment and fortifying their upper class ineterets.

CBK is not a trusworthy leader who will ever protect Sinhala nation or Buddhism. She is another ghost of Ranil and the clan of West, Vatican, Neo Colonials, LTTE & NGO"s etc. Neither Ratnasiri will do as he is CBK's front only.

Please, unite All Sinhalese Buddhists to save our Motherland and Buddhism from the histories most cowardly attackers and Conspirators. Lets Emulate Brave Palestinian People and be Martyrs to save Buddhism and our Sinahala race!



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