Govt will support LTTE's peace building moves..Mangala
Ceylon Daily News Aug 13th

Pandula Endagama

This is a news item appeared in the Sri Lnkan state owned English daily newspaper and carried by all websites and other media through out the world. It has to be taken as true news.

What is even more interesting in this is that at this regular meeting with the media, the Govt media spokeman pointing to the much publicised decision by the Govt to allow 4 duty free vehicles to the LTTE had said that unlike the previous UNP Govt which gave these facilities to the tigers in secret manner, we give them openly. Now the question the media spokeman needs to answer is whether according to him and the President the people had elected a new Govt after chasing the old one which resorted to anti-national acts such as these, to give openly what UNP had given secretly to the tigers. Or is it not that people vehemently rejected colloborators of the tigers totally and elected a Govt which they thought will uphold the dignity and decorum associated with the sovereignity, independance and the unitary status of the mother country.

More than any body else this media spokeman and his leader know the type of peace-building that LTTE is engaged in. All opposing individuals and organizations had been done away with and if there is anything left action has already been taken to achieve the targets without delay. To achieve their targets it is not material whether the area is under them or not. Colombo is equally at home for them as Jaffna is. We of course feel that this facility proposed to be given is aleady been given and enjoyed by them. It may not be surprising if these two great Vessantaras are also bumped off in the near future by them in this process of peace building.

It is most surprising that when the entire common masses of the country know very well that these tigers will never observe sil until their prey is swallowed only these unpatriotic leaders still strive to display their utter foolishness by forcing others to believe that tigers are tamed. The entire world knows that tigers are most dangerous but not these unfortunate beings. We are least concerned even if they are made a prey by the tigers but where we are worried is that it is into their hands that the people had given over the custody and responsibility of saving this blessed country from the grip of the evangelists controlled tigers.

However we may as a last resort warn these rulers who try to rule the country by SITTING ON THEIR BRAINS that if they are serious about their utterances the consequences are going to be very serious. If however they will not listen to these warnings then please do not stop at issuing only duty free cars. You have lot more to do to fulfill all the "dana paramitas". The tigers are hard pressed for air travel facilities and hence issue immediately suffient funds to buy about 3-4 fighter jets. They are short of an international airstrip and hence every time their kinsmen come from Norway, US, Japan and World Bank in addition of course from Colombo they have to trouble you all asking for air lifts. Therefore if you provide them a airstrip at our expense it will be useful. They are at present short of most modern weaponary indispensable for building peace of their choice. You will be able to donate some when you get them from China. If you cannot wait that longer please airlift some from US immediately. They are most essential for building peace for them.

They are also badly in need of buildings here and there to carry on their administrative system without putting that responsibility also on you. Therefore make arrangements even with worldbank or other donor agency to put up administrative buildings whereever they consider to be important. Buildings along will not help. They will need all the office equipments including computers, telephones, etc. You do not have to be bothered about appointing officers because they have done it for you. All you have to do is to set aside a lion share from the national budget for them. In this endeavour do not be bothered by various questions the officials can put to you about tigers not paying any tax to the Govt. You can regularise that also by issuing an order to say that tigers can keep their taxes for themselves. All these are for the sake of peace for them but you can be sure that you are also going to have a PIECE.

They are been made to worry all the time about asking for permission to use the sea and land for various things. Hence to give the best help to build up the peace - and you can be assured that thereafter none of you will ever have any problem - please give them a piece of paper with a few lines inscribed under the authority of the almost redundant executive president to say that from today LTTE can have all they want from land, sea and air.

It will be a mere piece of valueless paper for you but tigers will add much value to it and they will show how to build up peace with that. This will make and mark the end of their demands since it will complete the list of demands on the one hand. On the other hand it will complete the strenuous requirements needed to fulfill the President's ambition to become the modern version of Vessantara before Ranil usurps that great honour in the eyes of the tigers and their great philanthropic promoters, Americans, Evangelists, Multinationals, World Bank and Monetary Agencies and NGOO spread all over the world or in other words the entire western reactionaries who are under oath to destroy Sinhala-Buddhist nation.Then peace is assured to them and we too will be assured the pride of resting in peace under the evangelic rule.

All of you who had been secretly depending on the payroll of the foreign anti-national movement and acting on their behalf to destroy this unique Sinhala-Buddhist heritage of the world which is fast becoming the solution for ever-aggravating world problems can be happy that you achieched what all the mighty forces of the great imperialists could not achieve for centuries. Sometimes you and the leader may be nominated to receive the evangelists' reward of Noble prize for the services rendered to them. Portugal may bestow knighthoods for achieving them what their most atrocious murderers could not.

Internationally you all will be rewarded and praised. But remember that internally you all will be cursed, hated and despised as traitors for generation after generation with no possibility of ever reborning here to repeat this greatest crime only an unpatriotic b.. can ever commit on a nation whose confidence placed very innocently on you all had been most blatantly betrayed by you all.

One can either have the cake or eat the cake but you can never have it both ways. What ever words they try to use ultimate aim appears to be the same, that is to give into the tigers contrary to the one and only wish of the people when they in no uncertain terms had demonstrated it by giving these the responsibility to reject tigers and their sinister plans and save the country. It must be remembered that what the previous regime too tried to do was the same through a legal professor who never had litigation experience and hence used very high sounding words without any sensible meaning in the hope that people will be deceived.

But people were not prepared to be deceived and hence they threw these pretending politicos into the waste. Would you ever expect a similar treatment. If not then please listen to the people and respect their opposition to these tactics in an honourable way. There is no country on earth without a multiplicity of ethnic groups but there also no country which had betrayed the rights of the vast majority just to satisfy a never satisfying minority. This is the simplest lesson to remember.



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