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Ramanie de Zoysa

Dear Editor- Hindustan Times

I refer to your Sri Lanka 'correspondent' PK Balachanddran's regular contributions to your esteemed newspaper. The article by Balachanddran 'Concessions fail to secure LTTE's return to talks'- COLOMBO DIARY- Colombo, August 9, kept up with his usual patronage of the internationally outlawed terrorists 'Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam' (LTTE)'. It is plainly obvious that Balachanddran is nothing but a mouthpiece for the LTTE and its Tamil Nationalist Movement whose aim is to partition both India and Sri Lanka to combine the entire Southern Indian continent and over one third of the land and two thirds of the coastline of Sri Lanka through terror to create a 'Greater Eelam'.

His so-called Colombo Diary is a flagrant attempt at giving a completely false picture of the vicious attack the LTTE is carrying out on Sri Lanka, its sovereignty and its people by white-washing the nefarious activities of the LTTE terrorists and slandering the Sri Lankan government, which he falsely refers to as being a Sinhala Buddhist government. Even if you examine just one of Balachanddran's articles you will not miss the way he shamelessly bends and distorts the truth to achieve his and LTTE's ends. I will demonstrate this by critically analysing Balachanddran's latest article of the 9 August, 2004 I have referred to above.

In this article Balachanddran says that "the government's efforts have been of no avail so far, because it has not been able to instil trust in the LTTE. The LTTE has grave doubts about the government's sincerity in matters, which are of critical importance to it." It is ironical that Balachanddren is talking about 'trust' in the same breath as he talks about the LTTE. The LTTE has been the most treacherous enemy that a country has had the misfortune to deal with. It has violated the present and the earlier peace agreements at will, reneged on MOUs and held insincere 'ceasefires' with the Sri Lankan government as a cover for periods of consolidating its troups and arms supplies many times. The present 'ceasefire' has been marred by daily killings by the LTTE of its opponents, stockpiling of arms, recruitment of child soldiers and the construction of new army bunkers in 'banned areas'. It is thoroughly dishonest of Mr Balachanddran to speak about a lack of 'trustworthiness' on the part of the Sri Lankan government based solely on LTTE's allegations of sheltering a former top leader of the LTTE, Karuna. The Sri Lankan Government has consistently denied any involvement in the affair but the LTTE can never admit defeat without pointing the finger at the Sri Lanka government or the Sinhalese people for its shortcomings. Balachanddran is doing the dirty work of the LTTE through your paper.

It is also laughable that Balachanddran should comment that "the alleged support given to the dissident LTTE commander Col Karuna, indicates that the government has toyed with the idea of creating a rift in the LTTE and dividing the Eastern Tamils from their Northern brethren." The fact is that the Northern and Eastern Tamils have not needed any effort on the part of the Sri Lankan government to kill each other. The Eastern Tamils have on their own split this year from its so-called Northern brethren who have been persecuting the Eastern Tamils ever since. The Sri Lankan government did nothing and needed to do nothing to 'create' a rift between these two groups of "brethren". These are well publicised, proven facts but Balachanddran, true to his style, will never let facts get in the way of a good story. By trying to manipulate and twist the truth Balachanddran is only damaging his own credibility together with that of your newspaper and this should be a concern for your newspaper.

Balachanddran says further that "The LTTE sees this (the Sri Lankan Government creating disharmony among two Tamil factions) as a bid to undermine its claim to be the "sole representative of the Tamil people," in negotiating a peace settlement." It is not the Government of Sri Lanka, but the Eastern Tamils who are vehemently denouncing the LTTE as being persona non grata as far as they are concerned. The former LTTE commander, Karuna alias Muraleetharan, who split from the Northern LTTE with a substantial amount of armed and financial capabilities of the terrorist group has said yesterday (11 August 2004) that "he was on the verge of completing his organisation and his cadres "are ready, willing and able to take the Vanni group." ("Karuna for co-existence of ethnic groups in Sri Lanka" By V.S. Sambandan- The Hindu 12 August 2004). None of this sound like as if the LTTE is representative of anything other than terrorism.

As a Sri Lankan I take offence at Balachanddran's constant references to a "Tamil North-East province. There is no such a thing in Sri Lanka as a North East province and there is no such a thing as any 'Tamil province'. The Northern and Eastern provinces of Sri Lanka are not the sole property of the Tamils- it is an integral part of the home of a large number of ethnic groups who share this land on an equal footing. That is the way it has always been despite numerous attempts by the LTTE mouthpieces to re-write history and that is the way it will always be! No amount of lying and wishful thinking by the Balachanddrans of this world will change the multi-ethnic ownership of Sri Lanka as a whole.

Balachanddran also cries foul that the "the (Sri Lankan) government seems to be working against this (the military balance between the terrorists and the Sri Lankan Government) by trying to establish strategic military alliances with the US and India, and renewing an important agreement to buy arms from China." They say that people who lie constantly end up believing the lies themselves and this is a perfect illustration of that. Why is it that people like Balachanddran think that a Sovereign Democratic country like Sri Lanka should maintain a military balance between the government and an outlawed group of terrorists who want to rob a major proportion of the country to create a mono-racial, racist supremacist enclave? India is responsible for the carnage heaped on the Sri Lankan people by the LTTE over twenty one years due to its connivance in training the LTTE army and I hope and pray that India will not have to pay for its sins through the Tamil Nationalist Movement's attempt to create a 'Periya Eelam' which is boiling over in Tamil Nadu who are crying for separation from India. If you care to read the writings of these Tamil Nation pundits you will not miss the hatred and scorn they target at the Indian Government and the Hindi speaking Indians (whom they cynically refer to as 'Hindians') mirror the malice that the LTTE traitors heap on Sri Lanka and its majority Sinhalese. What is happening is Sri Lanka is a land grab by the Tamil Nationalists to create what they crave for * a homeland where the Tamils form the only ruling class; this is just an extension of the Tamil homeland land grab that is taking place in Tamil Nadu. The only journalism people like Balachanddran know and want to practice is the worldwide propaganda and mis-information campaign to facilitate this 'land grab of the century'. It will do Indians good to take note of this and stop supporting the annihilation of Sri Lanka because what goes around, surely will come around.

Balachanddran mildly admits the "major rift in the LTTE, with the Batticaloa-Amparai Special Commander, Col Karuna, raising the banner of revolt against Velupillai Prabhakaran" and he recommends the Sri Lankan government to look at the 'rift' "as an internal matter of the LTTE to be sorted out by the LTTE itself so that the peace process was not harmed". This "internal matter" is in fact a countrywide menace which to-date has been a unilateral killing spree by the LTTE of Tamil opponents and any innocent citizen that happens to be in the way of these attacks. Balachandran also talks about a "Sinhala-south". Even a half-wit would notice that the southern Sri Lanka is a great liberal community where all ethnic groups live together enjoying complete basic human freedoms, unlike the North which has now been ethnically cleansed by the LTTE through the genocide of Sinhalese and Muslims.

Balachanddran's lying tongue wags steadily when he says that "the LTTE was basing its claims about the Army's connivance" in the LTTE's renegade Karuna's escape was based "on the revelations of a steady stream of deserters from the Karuna camp". He is of course referring to the three women who were dumped by Karuna on his exit who then re-affiliated with the Northern LTTE. Three women are a steady stream indeed!

He also conveniently forgets to disclose fully that the government Minister who helped Karuna, Douglas Devananda whom he talks about in his article, is a Tamil and a former LTTE affiliate who has since entered the democratic process.

Balachanddran's nonchalant comment that "The LTTE massacred the inmates of the Kottawa bungalow" impliedly because the Police released them from custody, is quite indicative of the non existent importance these LTTE spokespersons attach to non- LTTE lives.

It is an open secret that the 'journalist' profession has been widely prostituted by Tamil terrorists all over the world to re-write history to back up their 'Periya Eelam' claim and to malign the Sinhalese of Sri Lanka and the Hindi speaking Indians of India with the ultimate aim of carving out a separate 'Tamil kingdom' consisting of major parts of both the countries for the worldwide Tamil population of 70 million. This is an insidious campaign to grab land; justice, truth and integrity has no part in it. Trusted newspapers like yours should not be blind to the work of these impostors.



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