Catastrophic Event Around the Corner! Pay Heed to LTTE's Delaying Tactics!


After unilaterally walking out of the so called peace talks (with the Grand Idiots of Modern SL) and after having been intransigent re. their ISGA proposal for nearly an year, suddenly the LTTE has signaled a willingness to talk to the GOSL. We do not know on what basis the LTTE has agreed to talk to the GOSL, but patriots, let's be cautious as I for one, do smell a rat.

I think the LTTE is on a well-deliberated strategy and the UPFA GOSL is being taken for a ride.

I would urge you to the following:

" LTTE is currently receiving a mother-load of criticism for child recruitment as well as for being intransigent re. the ISGA. Therefore, naturally, they would want to show some compromise and the crafty Balasingham - renowned for his artful treachery that had Ranil's henchman, GLP throw all his trump cards like a drunkard sailor at the peace table - is now on a damage control mission. He is throwing out all kinds of "niceties" just for international consumption, hoping to prevent the escalating international wrath against LTTE from boiling over into proscribing LTTE in the EU (which would be really a gut-wrenching blow to the terrorists). This crafty old fox has done this time and again, not only with the successive gullible SL governments, but with the international community as well and he is hoping that there is still some mileage left in this hoodwinking ploy.

" As far as the LTTE is concerned, I think they truly believe they are "ON TARGET." They walked out of the "peace talks" to give Ranil the required "moral suasion" nudge to grant them the separate state called Tamil Eelam ISGA (although Ranil will deny so), but since Ranil was thrown out by the SL masses, they had to go back to the drawing table and re-strategize.

" The renewed and equally insidious (as the previous) strategy was to employ a series of delaying tactics with the UPFA government and just about past the halfway mark of the UPFA's tenure, commence "peace talks" once again to show to the rest of the world that LTTE is sincere about a compromised, negotiated settlement. However, as Karuna too has repeatedly said, the strategy is really to drag on these talks until the next general election as the LTTE fully expects the SL populace to throw out UPFA and given Ranil's UNF the reins of power once again. This is largely the practice of the SL populace, especially during hard economic times and LTTE is fully bargaining on this trend. The rising COL, largely due to the world oil prices, will be a tremendous boost to Ranil and his unpatriotic, corrupt UNF cronies to come back into the seats of power. Ranil is banking on the fact that, to the SL masses, the more important of the two is the COL and the country's unitary character and sovereignty comes next.

" What next? Of course, Ranil will hand over the ISGA on a platter to the LTTE. GLP has said this in no uncertain terms at every forum he attended. Ranil's main focus then will be to become the Executive "President for Life" in the rest of Sri Lanka (just as his egocentric uncle, JR, designed and executed changes to the constitution to enable that for himself). LTTE will take the ISGA from Ranil with delight and embark on residual actions (military muscle flexing and diplomatic maneuvering) to cut the frayed cord from the rest of SL and declare a sovereign, independent Tamil state.

" Yesterday, Balasingham said that that LTTE cannot "come to an agreement with the UPFA government" and I think this really was a Freudian slip on his part. Although he would rather keep it a secret, he seems to be in sheer delight that victory is around the corner! He truly believes that the LTTE's ISGA is well within reach, but LTTE must exercise some patience until Ranil is back in power for it to be cemented. In the interim, if the LTTE can strike any cosmetic deal with the UPFA, without agreeing to a final settlement and de-commissioning of their lethal arsenal of weaponry, then that would be classic victory in "marking time!"



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