Bringing LTTE Leader Pirapaharan To Justice May Be The Ultimate Challenge For the Leadership Of Both India And Sri Lanka.

By Periscope- Global Sinhala Village for LankaWeb

Sri Lanka's giant neighbour to the north, India which now has a new look Congress Party under the leadership of charismatic Sonya Gandhi, widow of the assasinated former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi might soon be on the path towards pursuance of the extradition and indictment of LTTE head honcho Velupillai Pirapaharan being sought for his role in the assassination of her husband by India, the many crimes of destruction in Sri Lanka as well as Interpol.

There seem to be remarkable coincidences of similarity albeit the overriding dissimilarities between the two leading ladies of the neighbouring nations relative to the anomalies of ethnicity and political circumstances which carried them to their respective elevations, in that they are both very charismatic and affiliated to political dynasties, have both overturned incumbent administrations in their respective countries against heavy odds, have had to bear the pain of their husbands' assassinations under distressing circumstances which have proved to be tragic losses to their respective nations, both leaders are of an iron willed resolve to restore their nations to the political and economic stability they desperately are in need of and both facing insurmountable odds to accomplish their goals but perhaps a consoling aspect exists towards the beginning of a great symbiosis between the two nations where Sri Lanka would be the great benificiary of India's goodwill and support to a much greater degree than the previous Vajpayee Government whose responses to Sri Lanka were at times somewhat lukewarm.

Given the incentives and the circumstances, under a Gandhi led Indian Administration the writing could well be on the wall for LTTE terrorist leader Pirapaharan that his days are numbered and that due process towards being brought to justice for masterminding vast horrendous crimes against a Sovereign Nation, its Armed Forces and Presidency as well as the brutal well nigh unpardonable killing of the former Indian Prime Minister Gandhi being initiated, a matter of time.

While there is every likelihood that a new Congress Government in India would raise the issue regarding the extradition of Sri Lankan Tamil Tiger supremo Velupillai Prabhakaran,the proceedings would probably have to go through somewhat complicated channels involving, International Law, the justice systems of both Nations and relative accords where justice needs to be done towards appeasing the righteousness of the World Order relative to crime and punishment and all areas of humanity which have borne the brunt of Pirapaharan's brutality, heinous mentality and have suffered irreplaceable and irreconcilable losses, a definite felt need.

There however have been no intimations or indications at this very early stage of the change of power in India that there will be such a pursuance of Pirapaharan in the immediate future given India's present priorities but the LTTE could very well expect its manifestations as an eventuality which would serve both Nations towards expunging the scourge of terrorism which has plagued both nations in varying degrees and a much deserved boost towards Regional Stability which India has always shown concerns about with great emphasis on LTTE activities which have always been condemned unequivocally especially after the Gandhi assassination and the attempted assassination of President Kumaratunga and the various attempts by the LTTE to consolidate their presence and existence through illegal activities in the region of South Asia which the previous Sri Lankan Administrations sometimes apathetiacally turned a blind eye on! and India outspoken in condemnation!

All LTTE activities which do not augur well towards preserving the Sovereignity and Territorial integrity of Sri Lanka have been viewed by the Indian Government as unacceptable and its stark reality by way of implications might be on the verge of being revealed should a demand for the LTTE leader Pirapaharan's arrest and extradition by India surface in the not too distant future and viewed by many, should this transpire, as poetic justice.

Rational inferences towards why the apprehending and extraditing of Pirapaharan as per India's initial request being slow and somewhat circumspect have been analysed by the experts as an Indian gesture of goodwill to the previous Administration an its peace effort which was ongoing until its stalemate and eventual LTTE pullout where at present too in favour of further attempts by the Sri Lankan Administration to renew peace negotiation there may be an obligatory stance taken by India to back off from demands to bring Pirapaharan to justice although it should be no deterrent towards the eventuality of meting out justice at some stage in the best interests of both Nations considering the infamy and criminality of the individual concerned.

Perhaps a decisive role for the leadership of both Nations to take up as the ultimate challenge towards the restoration of a lasting peace within Sri Lanka.




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