A Brazenly Bold Statement By The LTTE Which Needs Exposure Towards Condemnation!

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Out of the minds of contentious ignorami (One can think of no other appropriate terminology!) which surely constitute the propaganda sources of the LTTE, comes the following brazenly bold statement which should be exposed and stamped upon in the manner errant cockroaches are stamped on in Sri Lanka and all of South Asia!! as it is a comparable analogy to the vermin who have infested uninvitedly certain areas of the Sovereign Territory of Sri Lanka and cry out for elimination in a like manner applicable to all vermin fast becoming an abomination to the Sovereign Democratic Republic known to the World as Sri Lanka! The affront has been made to publicise this item on the so called LTTE Peace Secretariat which surely needs to be taken to task as an attempt to warmonger notwithstanding the peace label and viewed with total contempt by a World Order which has no room nor place to accommodate such statements without a legitimate response and condemnation!
Quoting the recent Press Trust International Item, it was reported that "This maxim must be told by the international community to the President. If this is not adopted the foundation for peace laid with international assistance during the last three years would be shattered and Sri Lanka will again be converted into bloodbath," the LTTE said in a statement posted on its peace secretariat website." end quote

Under what justification or jurisdiction are the Liberation Tigers Of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) Sri Lanka's infamous terror group in any capacity to warn President Chandrika Kumaratunga that the Island Nation could slip back to a bloodbath as efforts to put the derailed peace process back on track have apparently failed through their misconcieved interpretations and a created impasse in collaboration with the previous administration.

One does not need extra perception to infer this latest LTTE threat as a response which is attributable to the Government's negative and somewhat circumspect interpretation of the ISGA (Interim Self Governing Authority) which has raised many questions to its validity and legitimacy and has evoked at least in part a denial of their demands and has not been viewed as a favourable presentation by the LTTE in the best interests of Sri Lanka!

Perhaps it is about time the LTTE are reminded that their ISGA per se has been deemed unacceptable to the Nation of Sri Lanka based on the rationale that it would be a foundation towards their demands for secession and nice try though it might have appeared to be, to attempt a coercive push towards the foundation for Eelam as many experts have already analysed it, has nevertheless fallen by the wayside which no intimidations, death threats or suggested bloodbaths would revitalize in their favour and short of putting their monies where their mouths are, probably better off changing their sales pitch to something of greater moderation favourable to their own survival which too appears to be in jeapordy at present as well as acceding to the will of the majority Sinhala Nation and supportive minorities!

In the simplest of terms their intimidations are fast becoming intolerable and even more so their insidious intimidations!

Need they be reminded that their days as a terror group just might be numbered considering the divisions within their organization and the dialogue towards Sri Lankan Stability and Unitarity expressed unequivocally as a mandatory need by superpower neighbours as well as the World's Leading Nations that they the LTTE are in no position to warn the Sovereign Democratic Republic of Sri Lanka about what they consider their prerogative towards the definition of a 'blood bath' and do they not have the slightest semblance of intelligence that such statements are internationally monitored ? Has the LTTE through some inadvertent lapse by way of reasoning forgotten that the entity which could be affected in a much greater sense by this threatened 'blood bath' are more than likely themselves which would also incorporate the Tamil Community which they aspire to represent and protect even through impure ans forcible means and would it not be a matter of wisdom to refrain from such indiscreet and ignorant expressionism at a time when tranquility and wisdom are of the essence towards Sri Lankas' future?
The question is also being asked from many quarters "Aren't These A Group Of Seemingly Disoriented And Somewhat Recently Rendered Toothless Tigers Making Impure Threats To A Sovereign Nation?" and the logical answer would in all probabilities be " Desperation Sometimes Promotes Ignorant Verbosity To No Avail But It Could Have Reprisals !!"



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