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Daya Dissanayake Peliyagoda, Sri Lanka

The first audio book from Sri Lanka, ‘the saadhu testament', using synthesized speech, will be launched on June 25th, 2004, for free down loading. It is another first by the Sri Lankan author daya dissanayake, who is convinced that the future of literature is in the e-book and the audio-book. 'the saadhu testament' , published in 1998, created a record by being the first e-novel from Asia and 'vessan novu wedun' published in 2003, was the first Sinhala e-novel.

daya dissanayake has published three more novels, 'kat bitha' a historical novel based on Sigiriya which won the State Literary Award for the Best English Novel 1998, 'the healer & the drug pusher', a historical novel based on the ancient healthcare system in Sri Lanka, and 'the bastard goddess', a novel which explores the possibility that the future Buddha could be a woman. All the novels are at

The release of the first audio book from Sri Lanka could be one small addition to make William Crossman's prediction come true, that by year 2050 written language would no longer exist. It could also pave the way for the death of literate societies, when there will once again be only oral societies. The only difference could be that instead of keeping every thing in ones own memory, one could use e-devices as extensions of one's memory. Soon there will come a time when it will not be necessary to learn to read or write, or memorize things.

The audio version of the ‘the saadhu testament’, offer the opportunity to really relax with a book, even with the eyes closed.

Even though most of his writings are about our past, daya dissanayake has tried always to have a vision of the future and to keep up with new technology.

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