Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe’s refusal to join the proposed National Advisory Body to formulate a consolidated strategy to face the terrorists in the peace negotiations is a clear sign of his disregard and disrespect for the people of this country and a transparent evidence and testimony to his docile servility to Prabhakaran. He has become an obedient spokesman of the Vanni Tigers by declaring almost simultaneously with the LTTE that this measure is a ploy to delay or stall peace talks. This shows that he has become a mere robot of the Vanni Tigers, shoddier than the TNA proxy MPs.

The LTTE systematically eliminated the patriotic minded leaders of the UNP sparing their stooges as it did for the leadership of TULF and ultimately maneuvered crowning their scapegoat Ranil with the leadership of UNP, a national political party, although reactionary in character. With this collaborator holding the reigns of the party leadership the UNP has virtually become an inseparable appendage of the Vanni Tigers.

The general membership of the UNP, other than the treacherous tie-coat clan surrounding Ranil Wickremasinghe, (Ranil’s Watapadayas to say in the rural jargon) would have undoubtedly expected that continuous defeat in the recent elections made the party leadership to realize the folly of their supine tiger appeasement, and it would compel them to come to their senses and give credence to people’s aspirations. Even the general masses expected the same when the opposition leader met the President on her invitation and agreed to consult the party members on representation in the proposed National Advisory Body. Instead of consulting them as promised he has spelled out his own diktats to party hierarchy that has unfortunately become a group of his yes-men.. His unilateral refusal and simultaneous criticism of the proposed body together with the Vanni Tigers, has crushed the hopes of all peace loving Sri Lankans.

The reasons given by him clearly indicate that interests of the Vanni Tigers matter to him more than the interests of the country. He says that if he were become part of this set up (the National Advisory body) his own credibility with the LTTE would suffer. This shows that he wants to maintain and strengthen his credibility with the Vanni Tigers more than anything else, more than the welfare of the country. This statement itself is sufficient to publicly pronounce him as an enemy of the nation not second to public enemy number one Prabhakaran.

Further to the above credibility issue, he blames the Sinhala- dominated South Sri Lanka saying that it would be difficult to reach a consensus on the issue with this section of the Sri Lankan polity, and implicitly castigate them as a band of stubborn uncompromising lot. A statement issued by the Vanni Tigers on the same topic also points out that seeking advice from other political groups will only aggravate the situation, and the government’s search for consensus is a ruse for procrastination.

These simultaneous declarations by the UNP leader and the Vanni Tigers (the so-called peace website of the LTTE), is a clear message that the Vanni Tigers and the greentiger Ranil insist that the government should hold talks only based on the notorious ISGA proposal rejected by the people, without consulting or heeding to anyone else. Prior to these statements emphasis were made umpteen times by the rogue politicians G.L.Peiris, S.B.Dissanayake, Rajitha Senaratne and Bandula Gunawardene, who have devoured the UNP, that the government should commence negotiations on the basis of ISGA. The recent such statement was from S.B.Dissanayake, in which he emphasizes that the UNP’s stand was for the Government to commence peace talks with the LTTE on the ISGA proposals. He praises the LTTE for presenting the ISGA proposals representing the needs of the North and East. (Daily Mirror 13.09.04).

Obviously this cannot and will not be the stand of the ordinary UNP members in the villages who voted for the UNP in the recent elections for various other reasons and under compulsions. The NPM (The National Patriotic Movement) that spearheads the agitation against the ISGA should fully expose the stand of these rogue-politicians in the UNP on this issue and must make every effort to muster all patriots, devoid of petty party politics, as a single force to oppose the ISGA and demand a referendum on ISGA and the North East merger. Let Ranil Wickreamsinge and his vociferous pro-ISGA stewards campaign not only in the so-called stubborn, uncompromising Sinhala dominated South-bloc but also in the North and East in such a referendum in favour of ISGA and North and East merger and comprehend the response that lie ahead.



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