In the 80s Prabhakaran was the magnetic force drawing the Tamil youth to the destructive and vicious path of terrorism. Thousands of youth some innocent and some misguided by malicious and chauvinistic propaganda joined Prabhakaran’s terrorist group and indulged in inhuman atrocities, including the destruction of other Tamil organizations, in the mistaken belief that the megalamaniac terrorist leader was fighting to safeguard the Tamils and for establishing the illusive Eelam. After a colossal destruction of life and property in an apparent manifestation that nothing is eternal, the megalamaniac terrorist leader is gradually becoming hateful among the Tamils and the terrorist organization is cracking from all sides, and the downfall of Prabhakaran seems to be imminent.

Prabhakaran is a committed terrorist and a ruthless tyrant who mercilessly eliminated all possible dissents and aspirants to leadership. Only the torturous murder meted out to his former deputy Mahendraraja alias Mahattaya is known to the world. Although his proxies claim him to be a champion of Tamil rights, this ex-smuggler is only interested in the welfare of the Jaffna Tamils who has a traditional aversion to Tamils living in other areas.

The first dose of chopping him to fit to his size was given by the rebel leader Karuna in March this year. He took a bold step as hitherto no one in the terrorist organization or in the areas these inhuman terrorists hold their sway, and not even in many foreign countries, dared to utter a word against this megalamaniac in public or in private as it happened to be the last sermon of such a person. The rebel leader Karuna was compelled to rise against this tyrant, as oppression of Tamils in the Eastern Province by Northerners in the Tiger outfit with complete endorsement of Prabhakaran was intolerable.

Sources from the East indicate that since then the East has become an indiscriminate killing field characteristic of what the South was under the UNP regime’s Beeshana Yugaya (Horrific Era) in the late 80s and early 90s in which midnight-knock on the door and abduction and murder of youth were rampant and the order of the day. Vanni Tigers who are unable to maintain their official presence and hold their authority in the East have launched a horrendous campaign to wipe out all those who fail to support or sympathise with them. Perhaps Prabhakaran may be following the directive given by Ranjan Wijeratne to the State Terrorist Organisations during the Beeshana Yugaya “to have no mercy and kill any and all suspecting boys and girls so that there may be at least four JVPers among the one hundred of such youth killed.”

In this background, several successive recent events unfolded with the advent of October even without any overt effort by the Sri Lankan government, portend well for the patriotic and anti-terrorist masses in Sri Lanka. The Pongu Tamil festival the Vanni Terrorist front organizations planned to hold in Canada flopped with restrictions from the Canadian government. This also is reported to have given rise to an anti-LTTE (Vanni Tigers) wave in Canada.

The interview given to the London based Tamil Broadcasting Corporation by the rebel leader Karuna unleashed a severe condemnation of the terrorist leader. He pointed out that the self-proclaimed megalamaniac who has killed thousands of Tamils, forced the Tamil intellectuals to flee the country, and ruthlessly massacring Tamils in the East is only concerned with perpetuating a brutal dictatorship. He implied Prabhakaranism as a combined form of Fascism, Nazism, and Pol Potism.

In the Western Europe, which was lenient to the terrorist outfit mainly due to the successful misinformation campaign carried out by the economic refugees, all recognized political parties in Denmark joined to express their denunciation of the tiger terrorists. The Danish Foreign Minister Mr. Per Stig Moller has said that Danish Prime Minister Mr. Anders Fogh Rasmussem and majority of Danish parliamentarians have taken up this issue very seriously and the terrorist outfit will be banned in Denmark and steps to include it in the Terrorist List of the Europen Union will be taken soon.

The pro-tiger Norway for the first time has condemned the terrorism of the tiger outfit. Norwegian Foreign Minister Helgesson who formerly took every opportunity to find fault and deficiencies in the Sri Lankan government side, chastised Tamilselvan for political killings in the East and demanded that these activities should be stopped. In line with this alteration the Norwegian led Monitoring Mission had come out with facts and figures of tiger atrocities. It has disclosed that since the so-called MOU signed on February 2002 until August 2004 there were 1746 ceasefire violations by the tigers, which included 146 murders, 285 abductions, 190 robberies, 301 ransom demands, and 161 harassments to parents of the abducted children.

In Switzerland which has a significant community of economic refugees patronizing the tiger outfit, the visiting terrorist delegation led by Tamileselvan confronted posters depicting LTTE atrocities pasted in several parts of country. Reports indicate that these posters appeared in almost all the cities this delegation visited such as Geneva, Zurich, Bern, and even handouts condemning the LTTE were distributed in certain places. It also says that these posters were also seen in several Tamil owned shops in the Swiss capital. In the German city of Berlin, which the delegation visited after Switzerland, a leaflet in Tamil had been distributed questioning the role of the LTTE.

The delegation’s visit to human rights organisatons in Geneva met with condemnation by these organizations. The Amnesty International Press Release dated 6th October states that these organizations (Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and the International Commission of Jurists) jointly urged the LTTE leadership to show the world that they are both willing and capable of respecting the lives and rights of the Sri Lankans. It has pointed out that LTTE has dramatically escalated the killing of perceived Tamil opponents and is still recruiting child soldiers.

In the midst of these international hostility, there are speculation that many top ranking figures are competing with each other to leave the terrorist outfit. One of them is the head of the sea-tiger outfit Soosai. Despite denials by the terrorist outfit, Soosai, who was listed as the keynote speaker at the LTTE womens day celebrations that took place in Kilinochchi recently has failed to turn up and there were no explanations from the LTTE for his absence. There are also unconfirmed reports that even Tamilselvan has requested asylum from Swiss authorities. Another top ranker speculated to be leaving the terrorist outfit is Sornam, the newly appointed military head for Trincomalee.

The latest in the chain of events is the formation of a political party by Karuna. In his address to the Tamils on the formation of the new Party, Karuna has said that Prabakaran never had confidence in the peace talks, and he is a coward bereft of humane compassion, conscience and commonsense and he gives priority only to sustain his leadership. He further states that Prabhakaran cannot live a single day without the gun and is a mentally deranged person, bent on gun and killings. He has also castigated Norway as dishonest and advocating the protection of Prabhakaran’s leadership. He also discloses that Norway provided U.S.Dollars 250,000 worth of communication equipment and weapons to Prabhakaran. Formation of this new political party could be a prelude to permanent distancing of Eastern Tamils from the Vanni Tigers, and treating Prabhakaran as their arch-enemy.

The Government should make every effort to take maximum advantage from this hostile environment and muster the western nations, India and our friendly Asian nations, and the international human rights and anti- terrorist organizations to forcefully demand the LTTE to renounce terrorism and disarm completely, as the first step towards establishing peace in the country. Sri Lanka’s Foreign Missions around the world should be entrusted as their prime responsibility with the task of exposing tiger atrocities and the dangers being faced by the population of Sri Lanka. Inactive and politically hostile Mission Heads and personnel in these Missions should be immediately replaced by energetic and patriotic career diplomats or other intellectuals who could undoubtedly get the assistance and cooperation of the Sri Lankan patriotic organizations in many overseas countries.



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