Disillusioning LTTE's Thamilselvam And His Latest BBC Supported Broadcast!

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It appears to be an aberration of all norms which define and denounce terrorism that representatives of the internationally condemned Sri Lankan terror group the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam and its idealogues such as SP Thamilselvam are permitted to broadcast their propaganda through world renowned media such as the BBC and to a degree justifies the present image of the BBC viewed by some as an outfit which broadcasts what it defines as newsworthy information indiscriminately at times and has fallen out of grace with many of the International Community who view it with disdain! at least in certain areas of how it distributes what appears to be bipartisan propaganda.

Why otherwise would they inform the world at large in a special interview broadcast by the pro-Tamil Tiger "Sandeshaya" of the BBC from Zurich, Switzerland that the political head of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), S.P. Thamilchelvan has said quote " if the Sinhalese did not want to push their terrorist outfit once again into an armed conflict they should put into power a political party that should be able to fulfill the political intentions of the Tamils" end quote. And who in the name of rationality is Thamilselvam to utter such an obtusely misguided statement when it is common knowledge that neither do the LTTE represent all of the Tamil Community nor does Thamilselvam even as a political representative of the LTTE have any right to draw such conclusions based purely on their status as outlawed terrorists.If this is some sort of political blackmail by way of interpretation it would be to the chagrin of the LTTE as such statements are not only intolerable but also could have dire repercussions for individuals like Thamilselvam who care to indulge in such statements and the news engines which broadcast them!

In the statement made with such innocence depicting the falsely projected representation the LTTE are of the Tamil Community, ( marginally pro tem perhaps many moons ago! and disowned in recent times by many realistic peace loving Tamils!!) there is not a single mention of the many confirmed intelligence reports which have indicated that the LTTE smuggled in large hauls of heavy military equipments., increased their cadre and continued to broadcast their intentions of Eelam during the two years of Ceasefire while the passive Ranil Wickremesinghe Government either looked aside at the enormous implications it had on National Security or was convinced that it was of no consequence due to an existing Peace Agreement and Ceasefire which eventually ended in an impasse! and publicly refused to confront the issue and the LTTE showed no intentions of dispersing the world's biggest squad of suicide bombers , known as Black Tigers which they continue to maintain and whose concept has now spilled into may parts of the world causing carnage. mayhem and mass destruction of human lives and property for which they should be singlehandedly held responsible and eventually brought to task for together with the rest of their crimes against humanity !

In the face of the stark reality of the rationale that this is a special instance of the tolerance of a group of world denounced, outlawed and condemned terrorists who should be informed of their rights towards incarceration rather than being pandered to, organizations like the BBC might be better off not taking on the responsibility of broadcasting their propaganda perhaps viewing the topic in the manner of a "Can Of Worms" and be prudent in staying away from the practise of opening it as it could easily harm its already tarnished image whether or not the news item was juicy enough to attract world attention as the theme is based on illegality and infamy to say the least! It must also be observed that despite, the LTTE's maintenance of suicide bombers and its terrorist status, certain European Nations entertained Thamilselvan during this tour which perhaps needs to be emphasized as questionable together with the partisan sounding support given by the BBC which they have been accused of on many an occassion.

The latest twist to the LTTE manoeuvrings is their attempt to circumvent Foreign Aid intended for the perusal and distribution by the Government and channel it into their coffers ( a likely misadventure beyond a doubt if succesful and an obvious shot in the dark!) where it has been also broadcast by the BBC that Thamilselvam was touring seven European countries to engage in what the news service called "diplomatic" discussions to obtain Foreign Aid directly to the terrorist outfit, without the interference of the Sri Lankan Government. "The ambition of the terrorist outfit, according to Thamilchelvan, is to receive foreign funds for development work, from which they would not differentiate their military activities. He called those necessities "humanitarian needs" which in the mind of an ignoramus is a matter of simple definition which appears to have been beyond his comprehension and reason enough to dispose of the statements as incoherent rantings of an imbecile! And thankfully also these attempts have been refuted.

In an ironically twisted wordplay Thamilchelvan claimed somewhat boldly and unabated that "Taking back the listeners to what he called the political history of the country, that during the first fifty years the Tamils attempted to win their rights through democratic measures. He said in the 1970's when they decided to secede the Government used force on them. He said the Government sat with them as equals only when they were able to arm themselves. " Perhaps it needs to be stressed towards contradicting such statements towards educating Thamilselvam's apathetic inability towards grasping the logic of it all, that in the history of Sri Lanka the only Government which lowered its principles in bartering with a band of criminalized terrorists and recognizing their infamy was the Ranil Wickremasinghe Government which is now perhaps paying a price for what appears to be its indiscretions!

As an affront to the real leadership of the Nation which has always been undisputably the President of Sri Lanka, thanks to the ammended Constitution of 1978, the so called political leadership of the LTTE has also conveyed a 'special' message to to be broadcast to the Sinhalese voters at the coming April 2 General Elections of Sri Lanka which was that " they should put in the saddle of the Government who could fulfill the political intentions of the Tamils. He said last General Elections the Sinhalese voters put into power a leadership that could install peace in Sri Lanka", an obvious reference to Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe quite overlooking the reality that the LTTE had previously spurned an almost identical proposal to install peace in Sri Lanka by the President! suggesting perhaps credibilities of the theory that the LTTE had their own agenda with the Wickremasinghe Administration although this time around, regardless of the veiled threats of despots such as Thamilselvam a who is merely another who replaced a previous! the mandate of the people of Sri Lanka will not be one which will dance to the tune of internationally condemned, outlawed and wanted terrorists or swayed by veiled threats and look on while its power hungry politicians intoxicated with personal greed make further attempts towards their own ambits!

The projections towards the future of Sri Lanka suggest that there are many benevolent and powerful forces which will surely combine to eradicate Sri Lanka of the sources which have attempted to destroy its Sovereignity, Economy and Territorial Integrity and restore equality and a normal order to all her citizens without the hampering of terrorists and a reality which will more than likely be made manifest after April 2nd 2004.



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