Self Rule Or Self Destruction?

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It has been reported in many international news sources lately that Tamil Tiger Rebles have threatened to 'secede' from Sri Lanka if the Peace talks do not move forward and that a 'Tamil Lawmaker' is purported to have made this statement, so who are these rebel leaders and lawmaker who seems to be somewhat self assured though in unmistakable delusion to make such obtusely ludicrous statements? How they intend to secede has not been blueprinted as yet except perhaps on some drawing boards of their fantasy as they fail to heed or percieve the overwhelming support Sri Lanka presently has from all the powers of importance who have pledged their undivided support towards preserving Sri Lanka's Unitarity,Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity. To utter irresponsible statements such as "Stagnation In Peace Talks May Lead To Self Rule" may be likened to a pack of dogs barking at the moon in retrospect!
Taking into consideration that there can be bo such entities as 'Tamil lawmakers' of the so called Tamil National Alliance ( the LTTE's proxy extraordinaire of dubious credibility whose right to legitimate parliamentary entry is more than questionable and contentious) tolerable by the Sovereign Democratic Republic of Sri Lanka within the Sri Lankan Legislature there seems to be no wind in the sails of this particula vessel aparently caught up in the doldrums of imperception and confusion. The logical conclusion that the TNA's very existence within the legislature is owed to the neglect and aberrations of the norms of proper electoral procedure during the last General Elections and a huge lapse on the part of the Election's Commissioner a stooge of the opposition UNF seems to preclude any rights by any of these so called 'lawmakers' towards any of their ungainly rhetoric or self styled lawmaking for that matter!

Despite the rebellious LTTE's alleged control over areas of the North and North East of Sri Lanka , mainly ignored by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces in upholding their end of a committment to the Ceasefire and Peace Process and perhaps soon to be nullified and dispersed through coercion rather than a voluntary initiation if these arrogant outbursts of the LTTE are not contained and suppressed in their own best interests! there is no mandate for any of these self styled sycophants of the LTTE whether they be SP Thamilselvam or Anton Balasingham towards blowing trumpets in tune to their insignificant rhetoric within Sri Lanka or elsewhere as they carry a somewhat flat discord, would invariably fall on deaf ears and perhaps be more laughter evoking than eliciting a serious response from anyone that these are a bunch of jokers so wrapped up in their own idealogical philosophies that they are blinded towards the reality that Sri Lanka's fortifications are now virtually unshakable and have been further strengthened by the world's superpowers who have pledged to stand by Sri Lanka in the event that the insurgencies of the now depleted LTTE ever resurface which would probably be self destructive for them rather than acheiving self rule!

It is becoming increasingly significant that the LTTE and their representatives appear to be surrounded by huge frustrations that their goals seem to be slipping further away from reality than ever before, particularly with the latest viewpoint of their once adulated champion Norway, lately more contemptuous and critical of their modus operandi where a last bastion towards supporting their impure means seems to have been lost by the LTTE and that they could easily be cornered and routed to their utter surprise by the many forces which are opposed to their very existence being internationally condemned terrorists!
Remarkably,despite the odds at present being severely against them they continue their arrogant and defiant stance which only proves their insignificance an inconsistencies and what a shallow and worthless bunch of despots they really are with a mendacious but cowarldy leader in hiding in the jungles whose very mendaciousness is probably the inspiration of seeming futility for outbursts such as these which they are better off toning down!



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