A Response To Anton Balasingham's Cautionary Dialogue From The UK.

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Languishing in the relative safety of the confines of their clandestine existences in England and other parts of the world LTTE supportives such as former idealogue Anton Balasingham should themselves be cautioned before barking out warnings to the Sri Lankan Government, its Political Parties and its Defence Forces about 'dire consequences' and 'irreparable damage' to the Peace Process when it is they the LTTE who have set in motion the misdeeds which have led to the Peace Impasse in the first place.Perhaps with a helping hand from the all but deposed Wickremasinghe Administration.

Furthermore there is a rising tide of resentment globaly but predominantly amongst the British public as well as some of the representatives in the House of Commons and Senate who have questioned the rights of someone in a terrorist supportive image such as Balasingham, to live free and unabated in a country such as the United Kingdom, a nation categorically and emphatically opposed to international terrorism, without being apprehended for the previous roles he has played together with his Australian born spouse in conjunction with his nefarious and degenerate LTTE leader Velupillai Pirapaharan who in the past have masterminded so much havoc and destruction in Sri Lanka which was also extended to India where the beloved and charismatic Prime Minister Rajive Gandhi was also murdered in cold blood!

That all the paranoid balyhooing by Balasingham is a reflection of LTTE insecurity over the recent breakaway stance of their former commander V Muralitharan a.k.a. Karuna is fast becoming obvious as a nervous scramble seems to be the LTTE response to allay the fears of their cohorts and kill any speculation that the internal split within the rank and file of the LTTE could be a first indication that the group is in serious trouble and that their once authoritarian Leader has been challenged and questioned about his credibilities and the right to exist in his present capacity by his former deputy!

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) have alleged that the breakaway regional commander, is in contact with the Military and Political groups in a move to secure recognition and concessions for himself without admitting also the possibility that his move may have had the clout and the backing of a greater proportion of rational and peace loving members of his own Tamil community who may eventually denounce Velupillai Pirapaharan in entirety and reject his claim to representation of the Tamil Community which is becoming more apparent of being a real conclusion as much as being a concept in his own mind only and nowhere else !!

There seems to have surfaced a certain air of credibility in the devises and intentions of Col. Karuna despite his improper past by way of a probable iron fisted autocratic Pirapaharan's control and dictates which he seems to have succesfully broken away from defiantly which appears to have been picked up by his community the Tamils, first as a small signal but now much more apparent that they indeed acknowledge Karuna as someone better equipped with both intellect and leadership qualities towards their emancipation than Pirapaharan will ever be and a signal which appears to have been picked up also by the Authorities whose responsibilities and quests incorporate a resolution towards the ethnic issue as well as bringing to justice an internationally condemned criminal.Anton Balasingham's vacant bleatings therefore have to be interpreted as a point to ponder upon but subtlely....... and cross-referenced against the role Karuna might eventually play towards the unification of the Nation although the issue rests in the delicate balance of establishing his own bonafides.Something similar perhaps to the role Mr Gerry Adams of Ireland once played towards the resolution of the IRA (Irish Republica Army) conflict in Northeren Ireland as part of the United Kingdom although the IRA never had the complexed megalomaniacal anomaly of a Pirapaharan within their confines!

In a release to the Tamil Guardian of India, Anton Balasingham has been quoted as saying with reference to Karuna that quote "He has established clandestine contacts with the Sinhala military hierarchy and with chauvinistic political parties and acting against Tamil interests". He is purported to have continued by saying that "We should let it be known to his contacts that they will cause irreparable damage to the peace process if they exploit Karuna's dissent." end quote.

Perhaps it may be a point of interest to disillusion Balasingham's concept that Karuna's contact with the Military Hierarchy despite the speculation, might not be at all clandestine nor the Political Forces at all chauvinistic as the representations would present a very legitimate open faced contact by a future champion of the Tamil Community where no chauvinism has ever been displayed by the politicians who despite the cognizance that they are a majority have always empasized their dedication to the needs of the minorities and the oppressed which however does not specify a willingmess to pay homage to a band of unrelenting , fully armed terrorists now in fear of being de-fanged and if Karuna represents a relenting breakaway from the LTTE willing to join mainstream society he should be given all recognition by the Government who should be more than willing to accommodate him on the basis of presented sincerity and open dialogue relative to a lasting peace and the needs of the Tamil people conditional to the Sovereignity and Territorial integrity of Sri Lanka which the LTTE seem to be unfamiliar with.

At present however the Sri Lankan authorities have been reluctant to view Karuna's overtures as they consider obligations towards the signed Peace Process and Ceasefire as the greater priority on a matter of principle which could easily change should the LTTE overplay their hand as is being displayed through the attempted intimidatory tone of the Balasingham dialogue towards this very scenario at present which is a mere LTTE speculation.

Contrary to Pirapaharan led LTTE idealogy and ambitions however, the Tamil people have not realistically been permitted an opportuniuty to demonstrate consciousness of national unity and solidarity as a single, united people under the Statutes and Constitution of Sri Lanka in a President led democracy where the struggle has been a secession related one and if the Karuna led surge towards communicating with the legitimate authorities can be viewed as a profitable and beneficial one for all of Sri Lanka including the Tamil community then the choices available towards rational decision making would eliminate LTTE involvement as a worthless contingency while indicating a preference to the Karuna led transformation which seems to be a purified manifestation of Tamil sincerity dissociated from the LTTE.

Something the Status Quo of the Sri Lankan Administration should view objectively and evaluate post haste ! while the emotional outbursts of the ilk of the Balasinghams should be comprehensively ignored as a precursor to a more moderate and intellectual based dialogue of true Tamil representation!!



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