To allow an interim Self Government Authority, without deciding on the final form the ISGA would take is giving the North and East Provinces to LTTE on a platter.

By Charles Perera

To understand the dire implications of the ISGA proposed by the LTTE one has to understand what “interim” means . The Dictionary definition is, “the time between one event, process, or period and another”. Now taking the ISGA, what it means is the setting up a self governing authority with all its clauses and sub-clauses to be signed and handed over to the LTTE now, under the present system of government (– the time between one event). Once this Interim Authority is installed, and accepted with all its ramifications dangers and shortcomings, it will continue to exist until the Government and the LTTE will come to an understanding through the process of peace negotiations what form the Self Government authority will finally take(-and another, according to Dictionary definition)

While the parties will continue the difficult task of negotiating to arrive at an understanding as to the final form, the Interim SGA will continue to be implemented by the LTTE , if it had been assigned to them at the beginning as “the basis” of the peace negotiations . Here lies the danger which our erstwhile UNP pandits, the intellectual political analysts, donor states dangling their 45 million dollar “carrot” are knowingly or unknowingly refuse to see.

Unfortunately at this very crucial moment of the history of Sri Lanka she is alone being coaxed by the foreign “do gooders” forcing her hand to give into the ruthless LTTE rebels and without a word against continued terrorism unleashed by the LTTE against all their opponents.

The way that the LTTE continues its ruthless killings, while Thamil Selvam dictates terms to the Government, it appears that the LTTE assumes they are already a sovereign state. Under the circumstances it is some consolation that JVP stands by its position not to give in to the LTTE and refuse to start peace negotiations on the basis of the ISGA.

It is even more encouraging that the President has taken a firm stand against the ongoing spree of assassinations by the LTTE pistol gang threatening to move in the Sri Lanka Army, if they do not cease their blood sacrifices to appease their “demoniac” leader. The President has said, “The government will assert its authority firmly and fairly in order to uphold law and order, maintain the cease-fire agreement and observe the civilized standards our people deserve and expect."

In the meantime UNP is least concerned with the plight of Sri Lanka, organising themselves to come back to power at any cost. The way that the UNP has set about to win back the lost support of the voters, is the least acceptable and their tactics will only lead them to unpopularity and their hope to come back to power will remain a dream. If there are wise men in the UNP they should suggest to their “dumb” leadership to extend their unconditional support to the UPFA to maintain their position with regard to peace negotiations. That would be a better way for the UNP to show the people that they are a responsible Political Party and worthy of recognition as an alternative to the UPFA, if it were to be replaced.



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