Violations of Ceasefire By LTTE Justifies Presidential Resolve Towards Maintaining Order In The East.

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There should be no compunction on the part of Sri Lanka's President The Hon.Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga to order troops to march into rebel controlled areas without pre-conditions if deemed necessary. The cautions issued by her to the LTTE (Liberation Tigers Of Tamil Eelam) come at a very appropriate time when the LTTE are once again showing signs of disrespect(to put it mildly) towards the Peace Process and Ceasefire which they continue to violate at every turn and despite the relative chagrin in the concept of the Armed Forces moving into areas of LTTE violations it has to be deemed a necessary action within a Sovereign Nation and and an unquestionable entitlement of the Administration.

The Government's liability to maintain the two year old Peace Accord and Ceasefire with the Tamil militants becomes circumspect the moment the LTTE steps over the parameters which, govern their obligations towards it, have done so on several occassions and continue to do so with the killing of 'political 'rivals, (a misnomer as the LTTE other than through their proxies carried by the TNA have no political entitlement or affiliation with the Administration in parliament and furthermore are none but an internationally proscribed and outlawed bunch of terrorists!) while waging an illegal internecine war against their rivals who also languish outside the scope of any legality. Quite correctly the inference has to be that they are violating the Nation's stability and what ever official response ensues, it has to be interpreted as remedial and a paramount necessity towards maintaining National and Regional security.

To add further grist to the Administrative Mill towards asserting authority,there are reports about renewed clandestine LTTE arms shipment movements in the Northern and Eastern regions observed by Navy Intelligence and there should be no hesitancy in deploying an immediate search and destroy mission towards the preservation of Regional Security where the only reported action thus far have been the usual protestations lodged with the Norwegian Peace Monitors who as expected would probably downplay the implications of LTTE liability and perhaps even emphasize an importance towards restraint by the Goverment in order to pacify Norway's LTTE buddies which really is a hard sell in these days and times. It has to be borne specifically in mind that the Norwegians are not Peace Keepers but merely monitors whose role has now become dubious and questionable and seem to merit rescinding by way of their complacencies and pro LTTE leanings riddled with bias!

The President has unequivocally assured the Nation of her firm stand in dealing with the current problems being imposed on the Nation by the LTTE in being quoted as saying to the media that " the only way to control the situation in Eastern Sri Lanka would be to send in troops " through a Government issued statement after a senior Tamil party member was gunned down brutally in the capital Colombo by suspected LTTE gunmen in a blatant display of bravado and heinous disregard for human life and the normal order which is supposed to prevail within the capital of Sri Lanka which will fast become a myth if the LTTE vermin prowling the city are not rounded up and dealt with post haste in addition to the actions deemed necesary in Eastern Sri Lanka as the President has entailed as an option should the LTTE attrocities continue.

"The President of Sri Lanka in explaining to the Nation and to the International Community that these incidents are being perpetrated by the LTTE with disregard to the provisions of the cease-fire agreement, and contrary to the spirit of building an environment for peace has shown her strength of Leadership and resolve combined with her graciousness and decorum in saying, quote"I have never balked at doing what is required of me as the Head of State in the National interest, Even at the risk of my life, I have had attempted to the best of my ability to execute responsibilities handed to me by the people, entrusted to me by the people ... at two Presidential elections. ... We will not hesitate if it appears to us after long reflection that it is required in the national interest." end quote, in refering to a hypothetical decision, mandating troop deployment into troubled areas in the East!
The President has said in an interview with United Press International(UPI), quote " that if the situation were to risk going out of control, she would act firmly.The Government will assert its authority firmly and fairly in order to uphold law and order, maintain the cease-fire agreement and observe the civilized standards our people deserve and expect." end quote.

As the much needed peace remains in tentative impasse due mainly to the inconsistencies of the LTTE there was an optimistic tone of voice in the President as she indicated being hopeful of a lasting peace which could only be accomplished realistically with LTTE co-operation and if they came to the bargaining table with sincere intent devoid of their terrorist image.She has even indicated as always, her willingness to meet with terrorist leader Velupillai Pirapaharan(Prabhakaran) who has already made an attempt on her life unsuccesfully as well as accounting for the brutal murder of India's charismatic leader the late Rajive Gandhi and an indication of true class and leadership qualities of a sefless nature considering the impure nature of the man she is dealing with, someone more deserving of being manacled, shackled and put behing bars as Sri Lankas most wanted.

While saluting the President on her brave and patriotic stand there needs to be great emphasis laid on the reality that Pirapaharan's (Prabhakaran's) LTTE is not in a quest for peace within Sri Lanka within the realm of a united, terrorist free Nation for all her citizens but to the contrary has tried every means to justify the illegal existence of the LTTE towards their own mendacious self centred means with a crying need to be put down and vanquished permanently.
Maintaining the Amed Forces on red alert in the East therefore remains a likely option together with replacing Norway as peace mediator with a more assertive and Non Aligned source able to differentiate between Thespianism towards a hidden agenda and a genuine harbinger of peace.



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