L. Jayasooriya

The Supreme Court decision that declared the bill against unethical conversions violates the Constitution and in its present form needs a two-third majority confirmed by a referendum must have sent shock waves down the spine of the UNP and to a lesser extent the SLFP as well. Knowing very well the fundamentally and basically anti-Buddhist nature of both the UNP and the SLFP one would have thought that this decision of the Supreme Court would even have been an occasion for the two leaders to celebrate together forgetting about other differences.

They will not be celebrating because what they cherished to do as their lifetime goal, namely to disintegrate the unitary state of our country can no longer be done because the Supreme Court will meticulously and in detail go through the constitutionality of any bill introduced to break up the unitary state of our country.

It has be mentioned here that the UNP showing utter contempt to the nation has gone on record to have said that there is provision in the Constitution for federal states. Federal states mean first separation and then joining. Who will believe that once separated Prabhakaran will want to join up? That is the quality of the so called experts in law we have.

With the above pronouncement of the Supreme Court the UNP and the SLFP both know that no bill that violates the unitary structure of the country will ever get through the Supreme Court unless it is subject first to a two-third majority in parliament followed by a confirmation at a referendum meaning a referendum that includes all the people of this land. That is the reason why the Supreme Court decision on religious conversions has sent a chill through the spine of the UNP and also the SLFP. There is no need to mention the ISGL unless it is stated that it does not need a two-third majority in parliament together with a confirmation at a national referendum.

Prabhakaran knows that no bill that violates the unitary state of the country will be legal unless it has two-third majority and it is confirmed by a referendum. The international community also knows that. That is why Prabhakaran is preparing for war in the full knowledge that the international community will back him to the hilt. All he wants is time to build up his stockpile of high-tech armaments with the help of the Norwegians so that he could put the whole country under his control, do a through ethnic cleansing and then declare independence which will be instantly recognized by the international community.



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