L. Jayasooriya

We understand that you have conveyed the impression to the LTTE that they are equal to the government (Sunday Times 15th August 2004) infuriating every national in this country not only among the Singhalese but also among all freedom loving Tamils and Muslims in the Northern Province and in the Eastern Province. If what you have supposed to have said is true then it is totally incomprehensible that a person of your caliber and experience in the United Nations could ever say such a thing. Has the United Nations at any time treated any rebel group among the many in the world is the equal of the government? You have more experience on that than any one of us. Another statement that you made was that the government will consider the ISGA along with the government proposals. If that be so then the government proposals will have to be of the same form but different in detail only. Otherwise they can never be considered together. Are we to understand it that way Mr. Dhanapala?

This government has employed you to solve an ethnic problem that does not exist as everyone including the politicians who say otherwise knows. Then why do these politicians say so? They say so to facilitate the creation of an independent state for the LTTE under the guise of an ethnic problem to please the white international community but does India who has now graduated herself to international status with whom the powerful nations want to rub shoulders with in order to destroy her realize the significance of this?

Only one politician during the last twelve years was honest and sincere. He was Mr. Wijethunge who boldly declared that there is no ethnic problem in Sri Lanka but only a terrorist problem. Please challenge any politician today to say so publicly. He will not, because he will displease his boss or bosee and lose what he is enjoying now at the expense of the idiotic people who elected him. Mr. Wijethunge was honest and simple and in his simplicity was also naïve enough to say that all NGOs are doing a good job. Fortunately he is still with us today and we wish him many, many long years and hope he will at least now reassess his comments on the NGOs and make a statement including the LTTE as well without fearing the UNP.

Over 60% of the Tamils live among the Singhalese in harmony. You can check these figures from national sources like the NJC and challenge them if they are wrong. If there is an ethnic problem is such harmony as is now prevailing between the Singhalese and the Tamils possible? The answer you give to yourself is the correct answer.

All the Tamils (excepting the LTTE) in the Northern Province and in the Eastern Province are today living in fear of the LTTE and all parents are living in a nightmare. This fear is even worse than what the Singhalese had for the JVP when they were ruling the South the same way as the LTTE is ruling over the Tamils today in the North and in the East permitted by both the government and the opposition. Please assess that statement of mine yourself because you have the capacity to do so.

If the government were to defeat the LTTE militarily do you think there will be an uprising against the Singhalese by the Tamils in the North and in the East and the Tamils now living in harmony among the Singhalese ? Our assessment is that they will consider the Singhalese as their saviours. Please make your own assessment. If in your assessment there will be no uprising will that not mean that defeating the LTTE is the complete solution? Do you then not agree that a "political solution" has no meaning to a situation where no solution is needed and that the words a "political solution" have been artificially created by traitors to satisfy the aims of the white international community to break up India so that they will no longer be a threat to the West for marketable goods?

You also know sir, that any attempt to find a solution based on wrong data will not lead to a solution. So knowing all these, why are you sacrificing your whole personal self and your international image and reputation in order that the politicians achieve their cherished goal or if they cannot, blame you for it? And what is their cherished goal? It is to facilitate the granting of the demands made by the LTTE for the purpose as stated earlier.

In connection with a "political solution" we have the opportunity to relax with a laugh at those Singhalese two legged quadrupeds who say that there has to be a political solution and not a military solution. Let me describe these people using an expression that a former British Prime Minister Mr. Harold Wilson used which hit the headlines of the British press. These are people who do not understand the difference between their elbow and their ass.

There are on the other hand politicians in positions of power who say that this is a war and that this war in un-winnable. You have personal access to our armed forces to assess that statement and come to the conclusion that such politicians are traitors who want to hand over the country to the LTTE for the purposes stated earlier.

What the LTTE wants is a military solution and they have been openly preparing for it aided and abetted by the UNP and now by the present government by dragging on the so-called peace talks so as to permit the LTTE time enough to bring in sufficient shiploads of the necessary high-tech armaments to begin the onslaught. The UNP has further helped in this by reducing the strength of our armed forces under a program called "revamping". Here again you could check this with the armed forces. Do you realize that you may have been employed to play the same role that the UNP did for two years?

If after considering all the statements made above in conjunction with the armed forces you come to the conclusion that they are correct and then publicly state that there is no ethnic problem but only a terrorist problem you will be instantly dismissed and it will hit the headlines in the international press. You will then walk out as a man with self respect and with an enhanced image around the world without allowing yourself to be destroyed by evil forces and thus eliminated from playing a much greater role in international affairs in the future.



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