Sri Lanka may be a third world poor nation but that does not warrant it to be a puppet and bow down to the diktats of every ruffian who thinks that this nation can be bought over by their military power or by the strength of its economic prowess. Other than the kleptocratic rogue politicos who were at the helm of the deposed treacherous government that robbed the wealth of the country and diverted it into the chests of their kith and kin and of a negligible percentage of the population for a two year period, the majority of the population are committed and determined to stand on their own, regardless of consequential hardships, without becoming enslaved to foreign capital and might. This was repeatedly and aptly demonstrated in the last three elections, the April General Election, Wayamba PC Election and the Provincial Council elections held in July.

The recent statement issued by the Co-Chairs of the so-called Tokyo Donor Conference (inappropriately termed as the Donor Conference) is a declaration that should be vehemently and strongly condemned by all peace loving and patriotic population of the country. It is a blatant interference in the internal affairs of the country and a deliberate attempt to dictate terms to the much-respected populist party the JVP, and moreover a calculated move to fortify the intrigues being made by the treacherous UNP-TNA(LTTE) combine to sow disunity in the ranks of the Freedom Alliance government. It was also an endorsement and repetition of the criticism of the JVP made by the megalamaniac Prabhakaran in his infamous hollow message delivered last November. There is nothing for these “white-tigers” to be bewildered on the consistent stand of the JVP as it only dutifully upholds the verdict given by the people in the recent elections on the North-East problem in accordance with the policy enumerated in the Election Manifesto of the Freedom Alliance.

The so-called peace talks had been stalled for nearly 1 ½ years since April 2003, neither due to the firmness of the JVP nor the unwillingness of the government but because of the intransigence of the terrorist LTTE and its abhorrent demand for the ISGA which the present government has no mandate whatsoever even to discuss.

The signatories of the statement in question should blame themselves, the LTTE and the Norwegians instead of blaming the JVP and the government for their own fallacy. When they invited the terrorist LTTE for the so-called Tokyo Conference in April 2003 the terrorist organization completely ignored their invitation and they failed to take any action against the terrorist organization for the utter disrespect shown to them. Despite this blatant disrespect they continued to pay visits to the terrorist hierarchy and accede to their undemocratic and illegal demands.

They were not bewildered when the terrorists published their horrendous fascist ISGA proposals and demanded that the Sri Lankan government should institutionalize this separatist fascist proposal. The terrorists still insist on this fascist proposal. They were mute and remained silent when the terrorists continuously carried out killing of personnel attached to the Sri Lankan forces and the Tamil citizens for the mere fact of holding political views opposed to the terrorists separatist ideals. Will they allow IRA in Ireland, ETA in Spain or similar terrorist outfits in their own countries to carry out killings continuously without any condemnation and taking meaningful action to halt such activities? Will they allow such terrorist outfits to smuggle in shiploads of sophisticated weaponry and maintain powerful armed and naval forces in their countries threatening the sovereignty of their countries as well as countries in their region? Will they go to talk unconditionally with such terrorist outfits if they submit proposals similar to the horrendous fascist ISGA proposal that would enslave the population of a region and pave the way for segregation of that region without any recourse for arresting or reversing such objectives.

We appreciate the enactment of Laws in theit countries to ban terrorist outfits and massive efforts being taken to what they call to wipe out terror from the earth. But other than just enlisting the LTTE as an international terrorist outfit what action have they taken against this ruthless terrorist gang which is accredited with the responsibility of carrying out the highest number of suicide bombings in the world, and even providing training to Al Qaida gangs on suicide bombing technology at clandestine locations in Afghanistan? Why they adopt a dual policy as regards terrorism in relation to the LTTE terrorists? If they deny this and claim to have a uniform policy on terrorism, why they allow the terrorist leader Anton Balasingham and many other LTTE terrorists to freely operate from London and other European capitals?

The involvement of Norway in helping the LTTE terrorists and promoting their interests despite being the so-called mediator is well known and well documented. Every Sri Lankan has a right to express his concern and opposition to the apparent collaboration being provided by Norway to the LTTE terrorists and their abhorrent actions to undermine the rights of the Sri Lankan government and the people. Even the President of Sri Lanka had written to the Norwegian Prime Minister on this gross bias attitude of the Norwegians without any positive response. In such circumstances it is the duty and rightful obligation of the JVP, as a responsible political party representing the patriotic masses of this nation to uphold and give credence to the voice of the masses, and strive to safeguard the unity, sovereignty and the territorial integrity of the nation.

We value the contributions being extended by these countries that issued the statement for the development of our country but it is utterly distressing and painful to note their failure to rightly recognize the gravity of the damage being done to this resourceful nation by the ruthless terrorist gang. Instead of directing their guns at the guiltless we strongly call upon them to direct their outburst against the terrorist outfit LTTE if they are truly and honestly interested in establishing lasting peace in this country. It is only the arrogance, inflexibility and unwillingness of the terrorist outfit LTTE that has stalled the so-called peace talks.



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