Sri Lanka Ministers under bribery probe

Das Samuel.

Dear Editor of LankaWeb,

The term of the Members of the Bribery Commission ended on Dec 15 2004. So far, there appears to be no urgency to fill the vacancies.

Why? Is it because several VIPs are being investigated - one being former strongman Anuruddha Rawatte who has to account for Rs 45 Millon he amassed during his tenure as Deputy Minister of Defence !

Another is convict S.B.Dissanayake who has to account for Rs 39 Million he amassed as Minister of Samurdhi. Long ago, JRJayawardena wound up the Commission citing "Lack of Funds" ! ! - when the then VIPs were about to be investigated.

The Commission was not functioning for a long time, until the Commissioners who retired yesterday were appointed 3 years ago. The Appointing Authority is the President - and she is talking about bribery and corruption in the police and the judiciary. Is she under pressure not to revive the Commission?

Strangely, the media are silent on this issue - but all are talking about rampant bribery and corruption ! I do hope that you at least will take it up forcefully. How about your next editorial being on this subject ?



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