Whose Side Are The US On If They Conduct Clandestine Meetings With The LTTE At German Embassy?

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The Sunday Island has reported that quote"The United States, which had avoided having any direct dealings with the LTTE since banning it in 1998, has now shed its inhibition and opted for direct contact with the group." end quote.If proven true, a greater incompetence towards righteousness as proclaimed through US Foreign Policy there probably never will be together with an apalling lack of consideration towards the Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity of Sri Lanka so it is best hoped that this is a false alarm!

Although the report has not been officially confirmed the news item in the Sunday Island continues to say that quote "The Staff Of The US House Foreign Relations Committee has met the LTTE's Peace Secretariat head Pulithevan at the German Embassy in Colombo and a move which suggests a significant change in US Policy indicative of a double standard and a somewhat irregular attitude which the Sri Lankan Administration has an imperative need to investigate and verify.

The US has upto now been a Superpower Nation which has proscribed the LTTE, cut of their fund raising campaigns from originating on US territory and has maintained a very supportive stance towards the Sri lankan Government which suggested recognition of Sri Lanka's Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity and if the contents of this news item are in any way accurate it appears as though the US have had a sudden change of heart about how they view the LTTE Terrorists although highly unlikely as it would present a huge conflict of interests not only itowards the US fight against Global terrorism but also US Foreign Policy in general and indicative of meddling in the internal affairs of Sri Lanka which involves a disruptive terror group! It must however be added that the present Sri Lankan Administration under Ranil Wickremasinghe has gone easy on the LTTE on many an occassion and if the so called US Policy change could be interpreted relative to this, the balance of the argument could easily be justified by the US if confronted on the issue although the implications and bearing it has on the Sri Lankan Nation remains none but contentious !

Ridiculous and obtuse as it sounds and with no regard for the protocols involved, if this latest purported attitude of the USA is a result of recent developments in official Sri Lankan politics and the President's Policies it could be interpreted that the US and the rest of the Western world has switched to a rather myopic stance where devoid of any principles towards their stand against terrorism they seem to have swung towards a policy where it is better to establish direct links with the LTTE instead of going through the Sri Lankan Government, on the rationale and an apathetic one at that, which is the Wickremasinghe Adminstration's inability to take the Peace Process forward , being tangled in a deadlocked conflict with the President of Sri Lanka core issues vital to the security of the Nation and issues which if the US Government fails to perceive as in all probabilities deliberately orchestrated by the Wickremasinghe Administration, they should at least respect the Office and Status of the President. What constitutes a circumventing of principles to surreptitiously enter into a dialogue with terrorists which all this is tantamount to, seems to show a transparency in US policy in matters relating to Sri Lanka which has hiterto been unknown!

One wonder what all the US proclamations are about how it will not tolerate Global Terrorism and whether it is mere hoopla and hype to suit their purposes only while presenting a double standard when it comes to Sri Lanka where clandestine meetings are reported to have been held involving the LTTE terrorists and their idealogues? This appears to be a scenario the US are not unknown for if one recalls the notoriety of the CIA in times gone by, to dabble in situations which perhaps are beyond their jurisdiction where the habitual playing of 'Goody Two Shoes" with whom they choose to classify as clean cut or not, somewhat of a signature tune and the sooner this alleged meeting with LTTE's Pulithevan at the German Embassy is clarified together with its objectives the better it would seem towards establishing US credibilities towards whom they support in reality whether it is the Government of Sri Lanka or the terrorists who have wrought decades of insurgency and destruction ?

The Government of Sri Lanka has absolutely no obligation to palaver to the LTTE terrorists or dance to their tunes if this be the expectations and objectives of the US House Foreign Relations Committee in their reported meeting at the german Embassy with terrorist Pulithevan as Sri Lanka presently poised to enter into a Defence Agreement together with Asian Superpower Neighbor India hardly needs any spokes in their wheels towards the well being, safety and progress of Sri Lanka as well as the Region of South Asia by even blinking any assent or support to the cause of the internationally condemned and outlawed LTTE terrorists and could be regarded as a bifurcation of US Foreign Policy which really shows no rationality nor logic towards any acceptable norms within a free and democratic world!

The US and any other powers that be, should realise that it would be totally incongruous to present any cause for terror groups such as the LTTE to hope for their own survival which is what the US seems to have conveyed perhaps inadvertently to the LTTE if the contents of the report are verifiable as factual, and would necessitate immediate remedial action to be taken to convey to the Sri Lankan Government whose side they are on!




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