The infamous Ranil-Prabhakaran "De-avurudu deegaya"(biannual wedlock) was crushed and the monstrous child called the ISGA that was about to be delivered to the custody of bloodthirsty Prabhakaran, by the white-tiger Norwegian midwife as the offspring of this wedlock, was buried alive by the patriotic masses through the April elections. Even if the 5.9% of votes stuffed in the ballot boxes by the tiger gangs, in the greatest election robbery, to get 22 Robots declared as MPs and UNP's 37.9% votes were combined (totaling to 43.8%)to justify the legitimacy of this bastard child, majority of Sri Lankans have clearly and loudly expressed their opposition to the ISGA monster. It was not only the patriotic Sri Lankan population that demonstrated their opposition to this monster, the critics included our big neighbour India, the United States and several other peace loving nations.

The United States officially declared ISGA as something aimed to “create a de facto separate State”. India continues to hold the position that these proposals pose a grave threat to its security and stability and it will oppose all moves to implement such drastic measures.

The government and the patriotic masses sincerely desire to explore measures for a negotiated settlement to the terrorist crisis and help the oppressed population in the Northern and Eastern provinces to live in peace and harmony, to liberate them from the fascist yoke, strengthen amity among all communities, and revive the economy of the Northern and Eastern provinces devastated by the two decades of aggression against the State.

It is in keeping with these objectives the manifesto of the Freedom Alliance stated "that a negotiated settlement of the ethnic problem should be found through a dialogue with the LTTE and other relevant groups and communities, so that a political solution could be achieved which would safeguard the unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Sri Lanka and equality, democratic and human rights of the Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim and other communities of Sri Lanka". The people belonging to all communities have given a clear endorsement to this approach and accepted this concept.

The reactionary turncoats, white-tiger NGO peaceniks and suckers and bootlickers of Wanni Tigers in the UNP and the pro-LTTE media relentlessly continue their attempts to negate the majority desire and justify and promote Wanni Tigers insistence of ISGA. In complete disregard to people's desire they fail to expose the horrid undemocratic and fascist nature of the ISGA proposals and blame that the government's reluctance to discuss the so-called proposals imperils the peace process. They ignore to condemn or criticize the rigidity, duplicity, deception, and criminal acts of the Wanni Tigers and the atrocities being carried out by these Wanni Tigers against the Tamil population resident in the Eastern Province, and in the capital Colombo. Instead they blame the JVP, which is upholding the people's mandate, for what they call "creating obstacles to peace".

Spineless Ranil Wickremasinghe has promised to support the President to proceed with discussion on ISGA, which has been reiterated by the foulmouths in the UNP claiming that they would support the President if the JVP desert the government in protest. Divide and destroy the government being the objective behind. The mouthpiece of the terrorist leader Thamilselvan insists that ISGA is non-negotiable and that any solution to the so-called problem in the Northern and Eastern provinces could be discussed only after the acceptance of ISGA. As per his principle there is no need for the so- called talks and it could only be a ceremonial event of legalizing the ISGA.

Let us examine whether any Sri Lankan with an iota of patriotism could accept what is stated in some of the ignominous ISGA proposals, and its preamble, which if allowed would cover 8 districts in the Northern and Eastern provinces, comprising over 1/3 of the land area and 2/3 of the sea territory: Most of our natural resources and the best fertile lands of Sri Lanka are situated in this area..

The proposals say that successive governments of Sri Lanka have perpetrated persecution, discrimination, state violence and state- orchestrated violence against the Tamil people. History shows how the Tamil Vellalah community, which torched schools to prevent the so- called low-caste Tamil children gaining education, observed secretarianism even for temple entry, resentful of being ruled by the majority community gradually and systematically drove the Tamil community towards the violent path, and intoxicated with the venom of separatism.

Claims that Tamil people have mandated their elected representatives to establish an independent sovereign, secular state for the Tamil people. This reference is made to the 1977 election, in which they failed to get the so-called mandate in the Eastern province. States that institutions and services provided by the government have proved to be inadequate to meet the urgent needs of the people of the north-east. In fact, Sri Lanka was the only country in the world that fed and looked after the people in a territory under a threat of war. It did not make Northern and Eastern provinces another Biafra. Says that 1972 and 1978 constitutions, which institutionalised discrimination and denied them an effective role in the decision- making process. Records testify that TULF members actively participated in the proceedings of the Constitutional Council held for adopting the 1972 Republican Constitution.

It clearly states that LTTE will have majority of members in the ISGA, and the members will appoint the Chairperson. Under this arrangement the Chairperson, who will have powers more than the Constitutional Head of the country will be a dictator from LTTE. This Chairperson (the LTTE dictator) will appoint the Chief Administrator for the North-East and other officers. The Chairperson, and no other person even the Constitutional Head of the country will have the powers to suspend or terminate any such appointment. If it was not possible to reach a final settlement to the problem within five years, at the end of five years, elections will be held under an Election Commission appointed by the so-called ISGA and not under the Election Commission of the country. We can imagine how this election will be as they have already staged a prelude to this proposed election by getting 22 Robots declared as MPs in the April Election.

It is stated that under this ISGA, people of North-East will be accorded all rights provided under international human rights law. When people of the Tamil community who do not toe the terrorist diktats are hunted and eliminated all over the country at present, visualize the fate of the Sinhalese, Muslims and other non-terrorist Tamils living in the Northern and Eastern provinces and how long they will last in this horror-land once the terrorist gang gets absolute power and there will be none to question them.

No religion will be given the foremost place in the North-East. Already they have destroyed many historical religious places and who will be able to protect thousands of historical religious sites spread throughout the Northern and Eastern provinces? It is stated that ISGA will ensure that there is no discrimination on grounds of religion, race, caste, national or regional origin, age or gender in the north-east. Oppression of Tamils in the Eastern Province is already underway, and they may implement this policy by eliminating all non-desirables.

All foreign assistance (loans) received for reconstruction of North- East should be transferred to ISGA appointed bodies and disbursement of these funds will be under the complete control of the ISGA without any responsibility to the Sri Lankan government. In other words it will be "we will take the money, you pay the interest basis". ISGA will also have powers to borrow externally and undertake external trade similar to the powers of a separate State.

All land in the North-East that is not privately owned will become the property of the ISGA. Armed forces should immediately vacate the occupation of lands belonging to people, and the Sri Lankan government should compensate the owners of these lands for keeping them in possession.

The marine and offshore resources of the adjacent seas will be under complete control of the ISGA and it will also have the power to regulate access thereto. This means that the Sri Lankan navy will have to be evacuated and they cannot enter or use the 2/3 of the sea territory of Sri Lanka without permission from the so-called ISGA. The ISGA will have complete control over the natural resources in the north-east region. Sri Lankan government cannot enter into any agreement about natural resources in these areas. Even on the use of waters of Mahaweli and other rivers Sri Lankan government should enter into agreement with the ISGA.

The LTTE amassed 15 shipments of sophisticated arms during the "De- Avurudu Deegaya"and continues to smuggle arms with the tacit approval of the"blind"monitoring mission manned by Norwegians. The horrendous ISGA is nothing other than a proposal for establishment of Eelam and once it is established with its powerful armed forces and the naval unit it will launch moves to expand further devour the whole Sri Lanka. Therefore, it is the bounden duty of all Sri Lankans to reject and rise against this proposal.



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