A struggle for freedom is a battlefield where blood has necessarily
to be shed. Only through willingly paying the price of pain
destruction and death can we experience the bliss of freedom. This
is a blanket dictum given by the megalamaniac terrorist leader
Prabhakaran to his followers, and hence killing even those who do not
toe their line of thinking or are not sympathetic to them is a
legitimate act under the gun culture of tiger terrorism. Between July
and April this year, the Wanni Tigers have gunned down over 50 persons
including veteran journalists and academicians. The number of persons
killed in areas under the siege of Wanni Tigers during this period is
reported to be several hundred. The European Union, which fallaciously
believes that the terrorists aspire for a peaceful settlement, has
expressed their concern about this alarming increase in the number of

A recent statement issued by the EU states that it is concerned about
the alarming increase in political killings and the inability of the
LTTE to solve internal differences in a peaceful manner. It says
killing of political opponents is a breach of fundamental human rights
and emphasizes that violence could not resolve internal differences.
This shows EU’s apparent lack of proper understanding about the
autocratic fascist LTTE, and its murderous history. The United States
has reiterated that assassinations and suicide bombings are
unacceptable, and recruitment of child soldiers must cease. Similarly
the Amnesty International and New York based ˜Human Watch
International also expressed concern recently about the LTTE killings
and suppression of human rights.

In response to this EU reproach the mouthpiece of the terrorist leader
Thamilselvan has absolved the LTTE from the responsibility of these
killings saying that these are acts of groups getting disenchanted
with Karuna, and nothing else. This is the usual way the LTTE
responds to its brutal killings. It has not confirmed yet the fact of
torture and execution of its former deputy Mahendrarajan alias
Mahattaya, and many other killings. Brutal murder is the solution it
uses to repress dissension. Karuna would have met the same fate as
Mahattaya if he visited Kilinochchi when he was called to do so. This
was few days prior to his public lambaste of Prabhakaran and about the
discrimination of Eastern Province Tamils by the Wanni Tigers.

The Ranil Wickremasinghe government, during its two years of Tiger
appeasement rule, shamelessly whitewashed the LTTE and depicted it as
a liberation organization . It failed to expose its criminal and
terrorist activities, and took great pain in collaboration with white
tiger Norwegians to accord it an equal status with the Sri Lankan
government internationally. The treacherous Peiris became a devout
factotum of the LTTE and addressed the terrorist Balasingham as His
Excellency and Dr.Balasingham according him a non-earned doctorate.
This factotum even toured world capitals to get the terrorist
organization struck off from the list of terrorists, and the
Australian Prime Minister was bold enough to reject his plea publicly.

It was solely due to the erroneous approach of the Ranil government
the LTTE was capable of thwarting post 9/11 global anti-terrorist wave
affecting its activities and at the same time befriend with many
leading personalities in the western nations. There was no protest,
or criticism against the terrorists by the government even though it
blatantly violated the so-called truce agreement, amassed weapons and
brutally murdered government soldiers who served in the military
intelligence unit. The open patronage by the government and the Tamil
diaspora misinformation campaigns helped the terrorist organization
to gain sympathy worldwide.

It is due to this fact that Western nations and international
organizations issue only requests to this terrorist outfit expressing
their concern without demanding them or threatening them. The
continuation of killings cannot be allowed anymore and it has to be
stopped and the killers and those who harbour and assist them should
be duly punished.

The western nations and the international organizations exert great
pressure and take stern actions against organizations allegedly
involved in killing innocent civilians in Sudan, Ruwanda and several
other African and Latin American countries. The government and the
patriotic organizations should embark on a rapid and coordinated
programme to expose the atrocities of the terrorist outfit with the
objective of enlightening the world community about the true character
of the terrorists and then take appropriate action to curb the
violence and inhuman killings.




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