LTTE Threats To Return To War In The Face Of The PA/JVP Alliance Unacceptable To All Sri Lankans

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In another of his verbose displays of two tongued rhetoric, near defunct LTTE idealogue Anton Balasingham representing the LTTE sans his self imposed doctorate which seems to have evaporated after his status was purportedly questioned in the British Parliament! has 'warned' that Sri Lanka could return to war following President Chandrika Kumaratunga's latest political pact with the JVP, a leftist party allegedly opposing autonomy for minority Tamils which is also a misrepresentation, deliberately orchestrated by Balasingham and his LTTE consorts which also include outlawed leader Pirapaharan as the JVP have not opposed the granting of rights to the Tamil minority but have vehemently opposed dealing with a fully armed, arrogant and unrelenting terrorist group which is in keeping with International Statutes and the norms of the Free World in a democratic environment.They have also questioned on many an occassion the rights of the LTTE in their terrorist image to represent the Tamil Community, very legitimately

The terrorist group, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) represented by Balasingham have said that President Kumaratunga's memorandum of understanding with the People's Liberation Front (JVP) could lead to a collapse of a Norwegian-brokered truce in place since February 2002 where in fact the Norwegian Monitors have fully violated their commission to monitor and have digressed into being disruptive, authoritative with no jurisdiction and bi-partisanly supportive of LTTE idealogies together with the surreptitious tolerance by the UNF Administration of the ongoing LTTE activities undercover of the Peace Process and Ceasefire! and a request by the new coalition that Norway withdraw from the Peace Process might not necessarily seem out of order for the well being of Sri Lanka although the same cannot be said of the best interests of the LTTE which would then end up being belly up and quite distanced from their real objectives , hence perhaps the agitations of the likes of Anton Balasingham and his subordinates!

If Balasingham for a single moment believes in his rhetoric that the SLFP- PA / JVP Alliance is "incoherent, confused and mutually contradictory" as he cares to describe it and that his interpretation is sufficient grounds for a return to war he seems to be deluding himself or incomprehensibly overlooking cognizance of the support Super Power neighbour India has pledged to the President of Sri Lanka on matters of Defence and Regional Security which Balasingham seems to have overlooked and should perhaps rephrase his rhetoric to incorporate reality and the possibilities of the roof caving in on any LTTE aspirations towards a return to war as it may prove to be a war they may never return from!
Balasingham is alleged to have said quote "This anti-peace political pact articulating an incoherent, confused and mutually contradictory position on a serious national issue might create objective conditions for the resumption of ethnic war," end quote as displayed LTTE opinion on the pro-rebel website. A National Issue it certainlty is and also one of National Security and Sovereignity which does not seem to have a fixation as a key issue in the mind of the so called master analyst who may be required to put his money where his mouth is or return to more mundane issues relative to his own well being and leave matters beyond his comprehension, severely alone despite being championed perhaps for the lack of better as an LTTE theoretician!

The new alliance set in place by the President and the JVP has vowed to maintain the Peace Process and Ceasefire if they are returned to power in an anticipated snap election around April if the dates are confirmed, but promised to "thoroughly review" Norway's peace brokering role in Sri Lanka which sound somewhat ominous as both the President and the JVP have been highly critical of Norway with the latter advising that the peace broker Norway should be discontinued by the President and replaced perhaps by India although the advise has not been effective towards any positive moves in that direction as the President deliberates diplomacy and the protocols involved. while also refusing to to recognise the LTTE as the sole representatives of the island's minority Tamils whose so called representation by the LTTE appears to be a forcible one rather than invitational or unanimously mandated!
LTTE frustrations in this direction have been greatly endorsed through the Balasingham rhetoric which has gone on to say that, quote "While rejecting this position as unacceptable we wish to state emphatically that our liberation organisation will not enter into negotiations with anyone who does not recognise the LTTE as the sole and authentic representatives of the Tamil people," end quote, when the fact of the matter is they are not!

In the face of all the anger and frustrations expressed through the LTTE voicings courtesy of Balasingham about trepidations for the Tamil Community resulting from the possible change in the political climate within Sri Lanka the only relative conclusions seem to point in the direction of great LTTE insecurity and a losing of their grip on what they might have been fooled into believing ,that the UNF would pave the way towards their ambitions and preservation which seems to be poised to do an about turn on the LTTE and shock them to the contrary while they should re-consider the futile sabre rattlings to the tune of a threatened return to attrocities which is totally unacceptable to all Sri Lankans!!



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