Here is my response to Shyamon Jayasinghe's recent submission titled “Expatriate Patriots Look at yourselves.”
Shyamon, you have used ample words, mostly coated with misnotions and apparent malice, to attack true Sinhala patriots who do not pull punches when they criticize supporters of LTTE separatist-terrorist-killers and their own kind who hold separatist-terrorist sympathetic views.  The difference is that the LTTE separatist-terrorist supporters are with an avowed goal and they openly espouse separatism whereas the likes of you, who profess to be from the Sinhala community, are just outright flakes.   In essence, the likes of you profess the same goal as the separatist-terrorists! 
I suggest that we cut through the chase and get to the core of the issue:
Let me ask you the million-dollar, burning question as follows:.
Are you willing to give the LTTE, the world's most horrific terrorist group, nearly half the land and 60% of the coastal boundary of Sri Lanka as a separate state?
If the answer to this is "yes," then I have no further comment. 
However, the answer I get from the likes of you is of course not an "yes," but rather something cryptic like a "no, but we should negotiate..." or "no, but we should undo past wrongs..." or "no, but we should give peace a chance.." etc. etc. which all essentially boil down to nevertheless an "yes" to the separatist-terrorists as the LTTE is not interested in "undoing past wrongs" or "negotiating" or "peace talking" (except to buy time to strengthen), but only to chew out a totally separate, racist state with their wanted-killer honcho as the supreme lord.  Any Sri Lankan who does not believe this - especially after witnessing LTTE's duplicity with horrific consequences for over nearly 20 years - has to be either a stark idiot or surely mad! 
Therefore, casting aside these floozy and empty posturing that I usually get from Sinhala flakes (that truly drive me insane with incredulity), let me get to the real issue, the way I see it.
There are certain Sinhala expatriates who consider themselves to be the "enlightened liberals" and they takes great joy in preaching the virtues of "compromise," "negotiations," and "peace talks" as the way to resolve this conflict (Eureka! pay heed you less or unenlightened mortals!).  These individuals show that they are a "cut above the rest" and to prove this point, often they take great pride in telling others how many "Tamil friends" they have.  They also prattle constantly about the "injustices," be they economic or political, that we are supposed to have perpetrated upon the minority Tamil community, especially since our independence from the White Masters (patriots, bear with me, I know the use of "independence" here is a debatable point!).  They could be ardent Christians (I know most to be church-pillar hypocrites as their words do not match actions), but one should not be surprised to find many good so called Buddhist Sinhala "thoroughbreds" from Ananda/Nalanda and Visaka also to be quite visible and vocal in this sub-culture clan.  Unlike the hypocritical Christians (yes, Lord Jesus Christ would have a fit if he were to walk with these hypocrites today), this latter kind Sinhalese, the "Thoroughbred Buddhists" as they like to be know, are even more insidious as they take even a greater delight in uttering the so called injustices that the Sinhala Buddhists - their own kind, the most inhuman of the human kind in their view - perpetrated upon the Tamils.  Berating one's own kind brings an immense but perverted joy to these emotionally insecure souls.  They truly believe such self-mortification makes them look "enlightened," "liberal" and most of all, "truly scholarly" in the world's (especially western world’s) view.  As they see it, after all, it must take a special composition to degrade one's own blood and hence, one has to be a "cut above the rest" when one does that! 
How utterly dignity-bankrupt these individuals are!  Could they possibly be anymore artificial?  They will sacrifice their own blood, their proud heritage, their motherland (and mother in all probability), just to look "admirably different" as compared to their "ordinary" compatriots!
To these pathetic flakes I cannot say anything but a loud "SHAME ON YOU!”   
To the truly Sri Lanka loving patriotic Sinhala Buddhist and Sinhala Christian brothers and sisters I say in whisper – BLESS YOU!  If they could see and hear, your words and deeds would give great comfort to the countless Sinhala warriors who have died in battlefield, selflessly safeguarding our beloved motherland since 2500 years ago.




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