Shyamon Jayasinghe Melbourne

It is easy to reply to "Nissanka" who's piece appears as a response to one of mine, in Lankaweb's issue today: Nissanka has, obviously, not read my piece although he pretends to be responding to same.

Such is also typical of the closed- mind syndrome of the so-called expatriate patriots. I have dealt only with the question of hatred and intolerance displayed by these patriots domiciled in Australia, UK, US etc toward other Sinhala Buddhists in those countries-with the vile filth of their anonymous slander mail etc.

Since there is no logical reason for a person to HATE another who disagrees with him/her, this specific reaction must be traced to an unconscious imbalance or disturbance in their their personalities that can only be traced by counselling.

What really goes on with this kind of expatriate patriotism may, therefore, have nothing to do with the noble quality of patriotism per se but with an inner state of personality deficiency- an inferiority complex for instance.

This neurotic phenomenon also explains the contradictions in their stand: Patriots in Melbourne and Sydney are guilty of sponsoring anti-Christian "heroism" among Buddhists. I have their records filed. If one is a true patriot would one would not do anything to disrupt the unity of the Sinhalese by this kind of action?



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