A white elephant located in Yala in Sri Lanka -Why UNP is been thrown to Yala?

Pandula Endagama

Ranil w's uncle's group daily mirror newspaper in Sri Lanka reports in its 24th Saturday issue that a white elephant had been located in the Yala sanctuary and that the wildlife conservationists are highly thrilled about the discovery.

It is indeed news to be thrilled about only if it is the first time such a thing is located. This of course displays the thorough ignorance of the high officials in the govt. service who are bothered only about things said in the books.

The white elephant in Sri Lanka had been located for the last several years. To be exact ever since top-hat royal-group or the tie-coat men as Sajith Premadasa quite rightly says, took over the control of the UNP it became a real white elephant among numerous redundant and anachronistic institutions in the country. If these authorities had not noticed this there is no wonder that not only the wildlife but others as well become fodder for animals in the country.

Therefore let us make uncle's daily mirror aware of the fact that uncle's nephew is credited with creating the biggest white elephant in the country from a very formidable cotton-hall like thoroughbred. Uncle as well as his shameless media is equally responsible for the making of this white elephant. People will never want this white elephant back again under any circumstance.

For their information it must be said that first impression the expatriates get from uncle's news item is that the UNP under Ranil is been thrown into the wild forever since it is a white elephant now and forever. UNP can never be resurrected since the evangelists, LTTE henchmen and American agents are already infiltrated into it. May you rest in peace in the jungles forever is our wish.



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