OH ! Listen Thy Madam Presidente.


Dear Madam President.

Sri Lanka nation is waiting in hope that someday real peace will come to this beautiful Island of Paradise. People cry ! People Die ! the loved ones gone for ever because of this dirty War. People of this tiny nation of Buddhists,Hindus,Christians,Muslims,Malays are really hungry for peace. OH ! Madam President give us hope, give us real peace,do not waste yours and ours valuable time as I wrote before too, give us real peace with dignity and make our country safe and friendly to the whole world.We cannot allow this to carry on for ever.Our country is very very small and we cannot allow any force on the earth to devide this tiny nation in to pieces at any cost.We Sinhalese do not have any other country to go or to live.So Madam President in sake of our future generation try to solve this probelem once and for all for us to live in Peace.

Your whole family was involved in politics for very very long time in this country.Some got the chance to serve the people.Your Grand father was involved in olden days.Then your father, Great S.W.R.D ruled our country and he died while serving this nation.I remember in my small days we used to see your father's picture in a small glass when we pour water in to it.So that was then.Next came your Mother.First women Prime Minister in the world Sirima Dias Bandaranayake She was on top for many years.Now she too has left us for ever.They all served this country as one nation.we appreciate anything good for the country.Now you the daughter of this famous family is the head of our beautiful Island Paradise.You are facing the most difficult subject of the day.Bringing Peace to our country.So take this challenge and show our people and the world that you have strength and courage to overcome this very difficult moment of our lives and you will be remembered as the greatest woman of all time.Do not be afraid.We Sinhalese have fought more battles in the olden days and won.We will try to win this battle too.

When Ranil and his cronies,(who ever against the wish of the Sinhala people)were about to go ahead with their dirty tricks by going to sign the so called Peace accord favouring the enemy who were terrorizing the country for so many years,you stopped in their tracks by dissolving the Parliament.Then you went to the people and ask for a new mandate to give a new life for this so called peace treaty in a differenet manner for the benefit of all races in our land.So now we need Peace with state of quite or tranquillity,absence of civil disturbance or agiation,Freedom from or cessation of War or hostilities,a treaty reconcilling two races who lived harmony for generations.

Now you tell me why this delay on your part Madam?Why anybody wants to drag this on and on? WHY? Every Govt.which comes to power tell lies and lies and cheating the masses all the time .How long can you and your Govt.going to to do this. How long can we go on like this? Tell me Madam President?If you dont have any wish or aspirations for your children to become Prime Ministers in the future you will be the last person from Famous Bandaranayake clan who will serve this nation except your brother Anura, maybe he too have ambitions.only God knows about that.So why dont you take the responsibility and as the head of state take some bold decisions and give us real Peace once and for all.If you can do that you will be remembered as the greatest head of state of all time in this beautiful Island of paradise "SRI LANKA".

Whether we are S.L.F.P.-U.NP. - J.V.P - COMMUNISTS OR any other party dosent matter at all,We will support you and your Govt.without any colour or race or religion.This is not a question of any party or colour.This is a question for the whole nation,whether black or white,Green or Blue,Tamil or Sinhalese,Buddhist,Hindu Or Muslims,Christians. Peace for the whole nation,peace for all citizens of Mother Lanka.Real peace with Dignity and honour.Do not give in to terrorists demands.Our country is One,and it will be one as long as we Sinhalese live,We cannot allow any force on earth to devide our country of birth CEYLON before and SRI LANKA now.

Madam Presiden there should be one law for all the citizens of this land. not two, three different laws to different individuals or big shots they call.whether poor or rich anyone breaks the law should be punished without any hesitation according to the law of the country.You are the only elected head of state in this country. Ranil is the only opposition leader.Mahinda Rajapaksa is our only Prime Minister, not any other. So why two different laws and why two different flags,Why two different police force,Army our country at the moment?How come we allow all this to happen to our Mother land? How anybody collects taxes and have their own rules and regulations in our own land? How they collect taxes and put them in their bank accounts? who is responsible for all this? Tell us without hiding anything from your own peoples.Be frank and truthful to the masses. Be true to yourself and see around you whether this is acceptable to you or to anyone. Why we deal with this terrorists organization directly when the

Tamil people have their own representatives in the Parliament to discuss all their issues in a democratic way. All leading democratic countries around the world have branded this organization as a terrorists gang.Then why we are afraid to do what is good for our peoples. If the(L.T.T.E) denounced violence and comes forward as a true democratic party or organization,then we can have a true dialog in a sincere way. That is understood by everyone and whole world will be happy and we can live in true peaceful atmosphere.But unfortunately they are not doing that.They keep on killing as if they have a free licence to kill as much as possible our innocent civillians in cold blood.

As head of state what are the measures you have taken to stop all these killings my dear Madam President?You are the commandering chief of our armed forces.You have Police,Army.Airforce under your command and many have sacrificed their lives to safeguard our nation.Daily they are die-ing to bring peace to our citizens.So why dont you use your powers and catch these murderers and punished them according to our laws.These are criminals,cold blooded killers who kill innocents at will.They roamed around the country as they please and kill anyone who oppose them.Now they have started to kill in our Sinhala areas too.If you just ignore all this,situation will be dangerous and we will not have any peace anywhere in this country.So Madam President open your eyes before its too late

We sinhala race should think of our future without any party politics as one nation.Otherwise we will repent later on.So Wake up Sinhala Nation without wasting time.Put aside your differences and be united at this critical hour and try to bring a peaceful solution to end this dirty war and bloodshed and to live in peace and Harmony whether Sinhala,Tamil,Christian,or Muslim to live like honourable,decent civilized human beings as one nation.Madam president we should not allow any other country to put their fingers in our affairs.Anybody can help us in good faith,that is a different matter, but this Norway peace masters are not sincere and anybody can see that the way they act and do things around. They are one sided and helps their pussy cats all along.This terror gang have their all bank accounts in Norway,didnt you know that? They are doing gun smuggling,money laundering,training terror organization around the world,collecting money from their own and do so many businessess around the world.They become rich by starting this terror campaign from the begining.This terrorists and their Norway masters get V.I.P.treatment in our country.How come and how in the name of god that can happen when we Sinhalese are the majority.Are we the second class citizens of this land or what Madam President?

Mr.Prabakaran is wanted by India for killing one of the famous sons of India and thousands of Innocent civillians in our country has been killed by this killer and still he is killing after the so called peace initiative.The good part is he enjoys all the freedom and he acts like he is the president of our land. How can we Sinhalese take all this Madam President? Tell me? I feel like taking synite capsule myself. But cannot do I must live to face this threat to our Sinahala nation.Is it fair to allow a cold blooded killer to walk freely like that.where's our laws? where's the justice? How he stay unpunished for so long? Why America, Britain, Russia and other peace loving democratic countries around the world who spends millions of dollars to eradicate terrorism and sacrificing their sons and daughters dosent come to help us when they themselves branded these killers as terrorists? Please help us and lets all live in P E A C E.

Madam President it is high time after all without any fear, without any hesitation take a decision of your life on behalf of our Sinhala people which this country belongs to have a peaceful solution to end this miserable war and this unnesarsary killings and to live in PEACE AND HARMONY side by side with all races and religions as brothers and sisters in this beautiful paradise Isle we call SRI LANKA. You Madam President dont have anything to lose except give your own countrymen to live in peace or otherwise our Sinhala race will never ever forgive you or anyother leader if by any chance try to devide our nation as we sinhalese have only this place to call our Motherland.Give us our country back as one nation to live in peace with our Tamils,Muslims,Christians,Malays,Burgers as one family.Do not give in to any terror organizations of any kind at any time.We are with you Madam President or any other true sincere leader who can bring real peace to our nation "SRI LANKA"




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