Tikri Banda

The breakaway faction of the Tamil Tiger rebel RMVP's (Karuna faction) demand to Norwegian mediators to withdraw from Sri Lanka's peace process, claiming 'Norwegians haven't stopped the Tigers from killing their political rivals' should be considered by the Sri Lanka Government and all concerned fair-minded Tamils as well as the Sinhalase, as a step at the right direction.

Such statements coming from a peace loving section of the Tamil people in Sri Lanka denouncing and accusing the main rebel body (LTTE) of killing scores of their opponents before and during the current 32-month truce with the government have be taken up seriously and backed up to exert International pressure to get rid of Norwegians who have shown duplicity on the premise of a peace negotiation. There has been no opportune moment to expose the LTTE as real terrorists under the guise of a peace agreement brokered by Norwegians who apparently have been taking fire under the water.

Amidst LTTE's continued killing of RMVP members, their having the courage to stand up, challenge and say openly to the Norwegian Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik that, "If Norway could not stop (the) killings ... it is not worthy to continue as mediator," should be considered as an urgent plea, coming from a desperate section of peace loving Tamils. This is an urgent demand, which needs to be addressed Internationally to expose the Norwegians of their double game.

In an open letter recently by the RMVP leader Karuna explicitly highlighted how Norwegians have funded the terrorist group LTTE up to £250,000 plus arms and sophisticated electronic equipment just to kill their opponents. One does not need to be a professor or an expert in International politics or affairs to understand the dangerous role Norwegians have been playing all along and are still trying to push their luck by favouring the LTTE only to make another section of the suffering Tamil people fodder for the LTTE terrorists.

When the whole world is hell bent on eradicating the terrorist menace today, why on earth are the International community turning a blind eye to what Norwegians are doing in Sri Lanka? Let those responsible in the government circles and peace loving people in Sri Lanka now speak with one voice and endorse firmly what the TMVP has highlighted in their letter to the Norwegian Prime Minister: "If Norway continues to facilitate the peace process it will only encourage the Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam's killings." Let the USA and UK who have gone mad recently in eradicating terrorism in Iraq take an interest in Sri Lanka where there is a core situation with increasing terrorism and killing. Let both the USA and UK who boast about their willingness to wipe out terrorism from the globe come forward to help the growing unhealthy terrorist situation in Sri Lanka as they have every right to act according to what they preach, and most of all both these countries have banned and included the LTTE as a terrorist organisation.

In the light of the present developments it is high time that President Chandrika Kumaratunge use her Executive Presidential Powers, taking the TMVP appeal as serious eye opener and as a basis to scrap the meaningless MOU signed with the Norwegians, which has only given an open passport to the LTTE terrorists to carry out their killing activities of their opponents willy nilly.

The time is now ripe Sri Lanka for you to speak up and stand up for the innocent and peace loving Tamils, both in the North and the East, and to distinguish the difference between the Terrorist LTTE who are hell bent only in killing, as opposed to the TMVP who has promised not only to annihilate the mass murderer Prabhakaran but to bring peace, democracy and unity among the Tamils.

Sri Lanka must be the only country where a government engaged in a terrorist war is helping the terrorists by giving them Air force and Army escorts for terrorists to travel about, bringing them from their terrorist controlled areas to Colombo by Air Force helicopters, placing them on 5 star hotels in Colombo and then sent by Sri Lankan Airlines abroad only to lambaste the very government at International meetings. Sri Lanka qualifies for an International Joker's award.



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