L. Jayasooriya

With the Eastern Tamils who now have a voice officially demanding Norway to leave and the Northern Tamils also wanting the same but dare not speak adding to the continued demand of the Singhalese precisely for that, it would be in the interest of the government to pay attention to the demand of the nation. No government can override the wishes of the entire nation if it wants to survive. The government is free to test it out if they wish to, but at their own final expense.

Learning from the disaster caused by the arrogant decision of those who chose Norway as facilitators without the consent of the people and kept on retaining them in spite of gross violations it would be for the benefit of the country that the people and not the government choose an alternative to the Norwegians. Since a new facilitator that will be acceptable to the Singhalese will not be acceptable to the LTTE the concept of “facilitator” will have to be dropped and a new role found for any country that replaces Norway. This is what happens when an illegal evil document is used for a noble purpose. The country chosen should be able to give confidence not only to the minorities but also to the majority Singhalese who have been the target of every government for the last eleven years.

If we have not learned any lesson from all what we have gone through then we do not deserve to survive. The lesson that we should have learned is that the only interest the so-called international community has in Asian countries is to destabilize them so that they could reap the harvest. They call this the spin off. Hence the observer will have to be an Asian country and it should not be a brown lackey of the West and that is a must.

Looking around for an observer we could see that our nearest neighbour India has interests in Sri Lanka for their own survival let alone the large investments in Trincomalee. While many Singhalese may like them to be the observer the Tamils may not like the idea and besides India may not want to play that role. China is a powerful military nation. Japan is an economic giant with keen interests in Sri Lanka. Pakistan is a Muslim country with no experience in common ethnic living. Myanmar has no political democratic experience at all. Thailand is a Buddhist country with political experience but the minorities may express fears simply because it is a Buddhist country.

Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos are in tatters and in chaos as a result of the French taking advantage of the pathological paranoia of the US against communism to take revenge against the Vietnamese who chased them out at Dien Bien Phu in the late nineteen fifties. Indonesia is not a country with any democratic experience either. Malaysia is a very rapidly advancing Muslim country where other ethnic communities live in harmony with the majority Muslims. They are therefore the only advanced neighbouring country with successful multi-ethnic living experience but the Buddhists may have fears about Malaysia the same way as the minorities may have fears about Thailand.

In view of the above, Malaysia and Thailand acting as joint observers should satisfy all concerned except the extremists. It would be helpful to start a consensus of opinion on this subject now so that an agreed-upon impartial observer becomes available when the inevitable day arrives but there is one question that will have to be sorted out and that is the very likelihood of the LTTE ignoring the new observers and continuing to do all the violations of the illegal MoU.

In the end it will have to be a military victory over the LTTE that will provide the solution and those who say that there can be no solution with a military victory are people who can be charitably described as morons of the lowest common mental denominator who are totally incapable of seeing that the Tamils living both in the Eastern province and in the Northern province do not want the LTTE and that this is not an ethnic problem but a terrorist problem only, supported by interested parties. The more likely explanation to this phenomenon is that they are paid agents of institutions that want the country partitioned to facilitate conversions and with that end in mind talk of “peace” ad nauseam.



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