Ranjit Wickremeratne

Dear Sri Lankans here or abroad where ever you are keep on praying for our beloved country as we have only one country in this whole wide world we Sinhalese can call "our Motherland" we sinhalese dont have any other place to call our homeland.Have We?

This beautiful Isle of Paradise was called "SINHALE" in the olden days.Then as "CEYLON" a glorious country of proud culture,with dazzling fine art,Sculpture,Architecture,Literature,Traditions and proud civilization,ruled by many outstanding sons of this beautiful nation.

So my dear citizens of our country whether you are a Buddhst,Christian,Muslim,Hindu or Malay,and if you think that you LOVE your country of birth,and if you want real PEACE come to our country,this is the time you have to make up your mind whether you want PEACE with Dignity or Peace with Shame? whether you want our Motherland under one flag with 2500 years of History or devided country with two flags? This is the time for you to decide?Do not be afraid? Think of your future,think of your children. we Sinhalese have all the right to defend our homeland from power hungry invaders within and outside the country.

This is OUR HOME,We dont have any other country to go.Portugese tried once,then Dutch came and tried,lastly Britishers came,they all tried to destroy our culture,Religion,etc.Somehow our gallant sons and daughters fought for our freedom from those foreign Invaders and at last we got our true freedom in 1948.From that day many good leaders come and gone.some sacrificed their lives to bring Peace and Harmony to this beautiful Island we call Sri Lanka. Now a big monster Like GODZILLA wants to destroy our motherland.So do you allow this ugly monster to break our country to two or we fight to save it to the end.

Think hard what this blood thirsty monster with the help of some cowardly traitors of our own sinhala race trying to do.Olden days too they tried these power hungry greedy look a likes.

Ranil-Pieris-Karu and their followers tried to be in power with the help of this ugly monster on top of the dead bodies of the Innocent.Thanks to Madam President they did not succeed.
Now Madam President you got the vote from two elections to make it right for our sinhala nation.DO IT WITHOUT FEAR.Peoples power is behind you. People have given you the mandate on two things! FIRST bring peace to our country with honour and dignity. Secondly our Economy?
Take strong,bold steps without fear to eradicate the terrible mess we are in and give us hope for a better future.

Tell this terrorist Organization once and for all that we are not giving one Inch of our sinhalese lands to any blood thirsty groups like yours whom many countries around the world brandished them as terrorists.You Madam president you have the backing of our population and all the democratic leaders around the world to accomplish this most Important duty in your life time.DO NOT FAIL MADAM PRESIDENT! You will remembered as peoples president of all time if you bring Peace to our small nation SRI LANKA. Remember this L.T.T.E Suicide murderers or their friends in our sinhala community dosent want any Peace at all.They dont know the value of Peace.They dont know the meaning of Peace.They are all greedy for power and Money.Thats the truth they cannot deny.

They simply kill the Innocent.No respect for human lives.Whether Sinhalese, Muslims, Tamils, Christians, Buddhists or any other,they simply kill if any comes on their way.why nobody cannot understand their true behaviour.Stop Killings! Stop Deviding our nation! stop the War! Stop Terrorism!

How many of our leaders have given their lives to these terrorists??? Ranjan Wijeratne,Gamini Dissanayake,R.Premadasa,Amirthalingam and many more outstanding sons of our Mother Lanka and also a great son from India Rajive Ghandi.Any one who stood up against this Murderers Tyrant Prabakaran (not a relation of Saddam Hussain) is no more with us.So can anyone allow him to go freely after commiting so many atrocites,Murders and destructions???

How many Monuments and places of worships,Buddhist cultural places they have destroyed?Can we allow that to happen? Who are we??? Are we from no- mans land.What this Barbarian think of us? we Sinhalese will break up in to two like he wants to break our land in to two?My dear Praba it wont be easy?

Tell this ruthless killer to send his two daughters as suicide bombers to kill an Innocent someone as Karuna says. Will he do it??? Now he is sending his beloved wife to the University,I saw in the news papers.How many Innocent children he sends to the grave Instead of sending them to the School even.Tell me dear Citizens?

OH! I cry Mother Lanka when I think of all this.How many Mothers and Fathers cry silently thinking of their loved ones who sacrificed their lives to bring Peace o our nation.How many??
Mrs.Amirthalingam who lived 16 long years silently crying inside her heart now comes out and tell the horrible story for everyone to hear how this terrible blood thirsty killers killed her beloved husband on that fateful day. Come forward dear Mothers, Fathers, Sons and Daughters! Come,tell the whole world the they killed your loved one.Do not be afraid? Life is not worth a damn without Peace. Talk now like that brave lady Mrs.Amirthalingam,or that famous Karuna who choose the correct path at last and trying to bring peace to this country by living side by side as one nation.If Karuna wants to be a good guy from bad guy, he is welcome at any time.Lets hear what he has to tell us.It might be lets listen.He is too a son of our mother Lanka.lets give him a chance.Anybody who wants to follow him is welcome to do so.

How 80% of Sinhale race can be fooled by 20% of other Minorities? what do they think.we are fools Paradise?Maybe they can fool the biggest foolish guy of all time Mr.Ranil and that sqirrel face Pieris and their clowns who were backing their Peace process,But not the Majority Sinhala people.My dear Praba,if all Peace loving sinhala and others get united OH!Praba its very difficult to make your dreams come true.SORRY Next time?

Now is the time Sinhala mothers,Fathers,Sons and Daughters should get UNITED under one flag,under the present President and her stand against the past peace process and start a new plan which will be accepted by the majority of our citizens and the countries who are jenuingly friendly to our motherland,specially India and America support we need at this hour of need.
I sincerly ask the opposition members of parliament to resign from their seats and join the find a beter solution to this probelem once and for all.Peace is very essential on our daily lives.So this is your chance to save our country.take the corect desision before its too late.If you are true Sinhala Buddhist join to save our motherland from this tyrant.

Prabakaran's puppy Thamil Selvam daily gives news briefings and warning us like his bull dog master.what they think of us.Do we scare like rabbits?Who are these T.N.A.Puppets.They are representing whom?Did they allow aother parties to come forward in the elections?what right they have to talk on behalf of the tamil peoples.Why we allow them to run a parralel our lands?why we allow them to open Banks, Schools,courts,offices etc.wheres the money goes from these institutions.Does it come to our Tresury??Who is this Thamil Selvam presiding meetings in the North?who gave the permission?Who is he.White teeth Puppy. Is this a Joke?Why we Sinhala nation looks on when such atrocities happen in our Homeland?Who's to be blamed?Why we keep the Norweigns in our country when they are not sincere to us.Why we give this terrorists Our helicopters and other transportaions to go around in our country.WHY? Madam President please stop this shameful things quickly.You have been elected to run the whole country our Sinhala nation,not have to listen to the sinhalese people and the Tamil people ,and the muslim people who live as brothers and sisters for so many years,who are born and bread in this country and longing for Peace.Listen to Karuna.What peace with these bunch of killers?

What Peace mother Lanka if no one listen to your cries?They open personnal accounts in other countries around the world.They buy wepons like we buy groceries from the super market.If they really wants Peace why they buy wepons?Did any one saw the news about it told by Karuna.

Please wake up before they kill more Innocents and destroy our beautiful country.They kill humans as anyone kills flies anywhere,anytime.They have started killing inside the prisons too.Next time it will be inside the Parliament maybe.So watch out for these killers.Be alert?

Oh Mother lanka do nt cry!Peace will come no matter how long it takes,but it will be soon.
All sons and daughters of brave forces Army,Navy,Airforce and with the help of all citizens of Mother lanka should get United and try to beat this enemy of all time at once.put aside the colour,party,religion,caste and be United to finish this Monster.

I call upon Maha Sanga act according to Buddhist teachings which is being in our country for more than 2500 years or more and protect the buddhist religion and the Sinhala nation from this bad elements without taking sides like you wre now and try to save the country.Your duty as a monk is to teach this great religion.This is the religion that Inspired a great civilization and great leaders who helped and ruled this sinhala nation with pride namely King Wimaladharma,King Dutugemunu to name few.So maha Sanga without taking sides at this critical moment go back to where you belong,the temple and as a diciple of Lord Buddha teach the Buddha's message to the Masses and bring our nation to a peaceful land with peaceful people.Many brave sons and daughters given their lives to this peace so dont be too late.

All the peace loving citizens of Sri Lanka help us to build a better place for our future generation without helping the cowards to break our peaceful country.LONG LIVE PEACE!LONG LIVE SRI LANKA!

Best Regards,

Ranjit Wickremeratne



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