The Latest Norwegian Opinion That "Sri Lanka Is On The Verge Of War" Is Speculative Paranoia! Is Norway Really Necessary For Sri Lankan Peace?

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Which Norwegian mediator has any right without overstepping journalistic protocols of international news reporting with very little fact to support claims, to publicise broadly in the international media that Sri Lanka is on the verge of war. Norway it has to be remembered is involved in Sri Lanka's Peace Effort and it would be their duty as participants to detract from any such suggestions even if they truly believed in it which could easily be interpreted as warmongering and if they cannot substantiate their participation in Sri Lanka's Peace Effort without making such undiplomatic comments they should respectfully bow out of it rather than lingering to foment thoughts in the minds of the near decrepit LTTE who are more disorganized and confused than ever before and are probably searching for crutches to support their impure means. Norway seems to be exactly this as they have always been in the past !!

It also certainly appears to be either in apprehensive paranoia or deliberate intent to throw further spokes in the wheels of Sri Lanka's Peace Effort on the part of bipartisan Norway of known repute towards their leanings in favour of the Tamil tigers of Sri Lanka that a spokesperson Carin Pettersson has calmly suggested with no trepidations that Norwegian politician Erik Solheim will once again travel to Sri Lanka and try to mediate in the conflict between the government and the LTTE subsequent to Norway's claim that Sri Lanka is on the verge of war where the choice of mediator at least could have been a better one that Solheim who is regarded by many analysts as a waste of time and a one time loss of face for the Norwegian Government! Point and case for the Sri Lankan Authorities to ponder upon!

Is this some kind of a bizarre publicity stunt, certain biased factions of Norway's status quo are trying to pull in order to maintain the favourable balance they have had over the years with the Tamil terrorists and the multitude of Tamil refugees in Norway for obvious reasons? Curiously while time and time again the majority of Sri Lanka's more discerning including the JVP, the coalition partner of the UPFA and respected factions of the High Buddhist Clergy amongst some of the prominents, being fully aware of how Norway has botched up many of their other international involvements towards peace in the past want them discontinued completely from the Peace Process while the Sri Lankan Government)with some internal opposition) seems to believe that Norway is some kind of magician with a bag of tricks towards restoring peace without realising the possibilities of how their involvement could also easily pre-empt peace and replace it with anarchy! If the Tamil tigers were given any further leeway with any smoke screens in the form that Norway usually provides them towards furthering their ambitions, as the track record of Norway has previously proved this to be very plausible being openly favourable towards the tigers, there could be disastrous consequences towards disrupting any lasting peace!! So the question must be asked," why involve Norway rather than seek another alternative?"

Somewhat incredulously. despite his past failures,and revelations of his former Norwegian team's incapacity towards Sri Lankan peace matters, it has been reported that Erik Solheim the Norwegian playboy turned peace visionary travels once again to Sri Lanka in early December to meet with President Chandrika Kumaratunga and the LTTE Political Wing Head SP Thamilselvan, the official names fom both sides involved in the peace process while helping himself to another taxpayer paid free vacation in the sun ? and when will the Sri Lankan authorities ever come to terms with the reality that in continuing to go with Norway as peace negotiator they are probably barking up the wrong tree towards dealing with the treed tigers and sending the wrong hounds after them!

There is undoubtedly much speculation with the sporadic violence in the country and the sometimes paranoid apprehensions of the inhabitants that there is cause for concern that the two and a half year old peace may fall apart.If this is indeed the case which is very negative speculation, one has to wonder what all the recent publicity from the hierarchy was all about that the nation was completely secure from its oppressors with much assurances given by regional and international superpowers that their undivided support was to maintain regional security and contribute towards the unitarity of Sri Lanka where the single most antagonist of Sri Lanka the tamil tiger organization would never be permitted to initiate any anarchy or terrorist activities within Sri Lanka ever again and perhaps it is time appropriate for the Sri Lankan authorities to hold these supporters true to their pledges together with their own appropriate means to fortify the situation while synonymously discontinuing Norway's further participation in Sri Lankan peace effort as it always seems to spur on the LTTE towards furthering their activities.



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