Thamilselvam's Threats About The LTTE Returning to War A Cheap Attempt At Mind Games Which They Can Ill Afford!

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Are these imbecillic bleatings of a frustrated, outcast, condemned as well as split factioned terrorist group the LTTE who have had the affront to say to the media that they may be pused to war again if a New Government after the April 2nd Elections imposes new conditions and changes the Peace Process! Indeed the LTTE may have to be prepared not only to accept new conditions imposed on the previously botched and impassed Peace Process of disrepute but also be ready to face a newly devised regional Peace Accord with the Indian Government and other foerign participation as the Sri Lankan President has indicated the imperative need to re negotiate the peace process which will not be a dancing to the tunes of the LTTE as done by the previous UNF Administration of Ranil Wickremasinghe but a solid set of accords in the best interest of all Sri Lankans with no provisions for terrorists or the criminal element who will be dispersed effectively and their criminally liable leadership brought to justice.

LTTE's idealogue Thamilselvam needs to be educated perhaps about the realities facing the LTTE at present and that they are by no means in a bargaining situation towards their own ends through idle threats of a return to war which will be intolerable not only to the Status Quo within Sri Lanka but also to the world powers such as the USA and India predominantly who have expressed concerns about regional security and stability should the LTTE be permitted to gain any inroads towards securing further their nefarious existence and to all intents and purposes present a need to be flushed out and put down as an unacceptable armed terror group of no benevolent attributes towards the well being of Sovereign Sri Lanka which Thamilselvan in a single statement seems to have verbally illustrated somewhat ignorantly.

Quoting the latest rhetoric parleyed between the split factions of the LTTE and relayed almost in frustration to what now is significantly the Authoritative Significance of Presidential Control In the the course of an interview, LTTE 's S.P Thamilselvan has been quoted as saying that "a decision whether to wage war or not will have to be taken to satisfy the aspirations of the Tamil Community (which now has been established as one which is not fully represented by the LTTE!). quoting further he has said "If a new war were to break out nobody would be able to prevent it from developing itself into a more destructive conflict than the previous state of hostilities and may affect the whole country.

If the President or any other leader of the government thinks that the LTTE adhered to the conditions of the peace process using the last 2 ½ years due to timidity or weaknesses it is a misunderstanding based on wrong information" end quote and a greater barrage of meaningless dialogue has not been presented in recent times by the LTTE indicative perhaps of an awareness that their days are probably numbered and the date with destiny for their leadership is near and that a post election Sri Lanka may spring a few surprises towards their right to exist
Why it does not take rocket science to conclude that these are vague bleatings of an oppressed and confused group of insurgents on the run becomes farly obvious through their surmission and expressed response quoting once again that "the April 2 General Election will be a decisive one for both the Sinhala community in the South and the Tamil community in the North.

The conditions agreed upon earlier regarding the peace process should remain the same without the slightest change, whoever may come into office and any attempt to change them by the inclusion of new conditions or obstacles will pave the way for an inevitable war" end quote where their ISGA once submitted has either been hastily discontinued or shelved as subsequent to the signing of the peace Accord there has been no presentation of a Peace Process ratifiable as an accepted Government Accord other than the temporary manifestation alongeith the M o U and ceasefire and furthermore Thamilselvam's right to set preconditions to the Government of Sri Lanka in the first place in a threatening overtone and short of being ludicrous seems absolutely unacceptable and that coming from an individual of despot mentality who has taken over from another of similar ilk his questionable predecessor Anton Balasingham.

Mr. Thamilselvan has also said that "the LTTE is seriously concerned about a statement made by the President during the course of an interview with a foreign news agency that the future implementation of the peace process will be made easy due to the alleged rift between the LTTE and the Karuna group and added if the President had made such a statement it could prove a difficult task to keep the peace process intact under a government led by her." where the net conclusions based on Tamilselvam indicates a circumspect uneasiness that the reality of the Karuna split seems to already suggest dire ramifications for the LTTE whose inner strength has been decisively depleted according to reliable sources.

Short of being a cheap attempt at playing mind games (inadvertently perhaps towards their own detriment) with the Government Of Sri Lanka the LTTE through Thamilselvam's lop sided rhetoric appears to have shot themselves in the foot but hopefully with blank cartridges in their best interest.Perhaps they may be best advised to exercise caution in their thetoric at a time when they should tread cautiously and lightly as they come under the microscope of both International and National scrutiny towards their credibilities.



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