L. Jayasooriya

The power of the JVP and the JHU was very clearly illustrated in the President’s speech at the United Nations. Knowing the SLFP for what it has been for the last nearly 12 long years it was sheer disbelief to hear what was said at the United Nations. All this is the work of the JVP and the JHU and by towing their line the SLFP has secured security for itself as a political party in the short term.

The announcement that the President would want to examine the final state before discussing the ISGA is the work of the JVP and that would be very disappointing to those who spent two long years to create a de-facto separate state. That is also the answer to the UNP who keeps saying that the government has no stand on the ISGA. What the President stated in front of the whole world, we expect will be the government’s decision with regard to the so-called peace talks. There will be no backing out of this now because of the JVP and the JHU. The President also said that she would not send troops to Iraq no matter who becomes the President of the USA. That must be a blow to all black Singhalese traitors who engineered a United Nations Peace Keeping Force in the hope that they could sent our nationals to Iraq through the UN. That prospect of the UN sending troops to Iraq is now totally out of the question in view of the mounting opposition to the invasion of Iraq.

Nothing can be more revolting to us, a small underdeveloped country to send our nationals to their deaths to support the evil actions of the mighty nations for which these mighty nations do not want to send their own nationals.

The praise and thanks that the President heaped on the Norwegians is totally unacceptable to us and to put that right the JHU will soon be collecting a million signatures to ask the government to sever diplomatic relations with Norway because they pose a threat to National Security. They are also asking the government to de-merge the North and the East and to reject the ISGA and be ready to face any sudden attack by the LTTE.

If these demands are not met the government should know the capacity of the JVP to straighten out things in their own way both in and in particular outside parliament with the monks playing a supporting role. That would reduce the SLFP to the level of the UNP and they will both sink in quicksand and disappear never to appear again on the surface of this earth. This country can never be sold because the JVP and the monks now have the power to defend the country in their own way.



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