The Human Rights Commission Needs To Reconsider Opposition To Capital Punishment and
The Reinstatement Of Death Penalty

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Perhaps it is high time the State Owned Human Rights Commission reconsidered their opposition to the re-introduction of the Death Penalty as ordered by the President of Sri Lanka.The general condemnations and disgust over what transpires in Sri Lanka as a result of the running amok of armed gangs, deserters , terrorists and deadly insurgents should be cause enough to re introduce a cutting edge technology version of the Death -Penalty such as lethal injection which these Human Rights activists should perhaps campaign for as a replacement for the Rope rather than bicker about the inhumanities of the Death Penalty where one might ask "So what about the victims of the past brutalities and their families?Do they not have a right towards vindication?"

If the world's most powerful nation the United States of America and many other sensible Nations around the Globe can continue using capital punishment, at a time when it seems very applicable as a deterrent towards the highest crimes and misdemeanors imaginable in Sri Lanka, there needs to be no prevarication by the authorities towards implementing the Death Penalty which should never have been abolished in the first place.Psychological arguments which indicate the merits of compassion and the option towards rehabilitation of vicious criminals might not necessarily hold in the case of Sri Lanka as much as in other Nations which uphold Capital Punishment where Human Rights Opposition also exist while executions of criminals continue to be impemented althhough sometimes commuted to life imprisonment based on various factors relative to the nature of the crime where premeditated murder of the first degree is rarely considered compassionately.

The age old argument that compassion and rehabilitation is a better alternative towards the ultimate deterrent which is often sloganised by these Human Rights Dissentors does not hold water towards the insignificance of the logic that murder, rape and drug dealing criminals need to be dealt with humanely and if it augurs well for some of the world's leading Nations including the USA . Malaysia and Singapore to name some, there should be no compunctions about its re-introduction in Sri Lanka where the brutality of crimes together with their intensity has increased a thousand fold over the years.

The Human Rights Commision of Sri Lanka should know better than to create a furore over the assigned topic of the return to the Death Penalty as it not only contravenes the principle that they should be Government Supportive on the issue being a Government Organization themselves and appointed by the President which leaves them open to ridicule and scorn by their self righteous opposition where they are perhaps better off leaving the matter alone while dealing with other areas within their mandate which includes the child conscriptions of the LTTE, and the human rights violations taking place in the North and North East of Sri Lanka together with many other areas of REAL HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS which they need to be concerned about rather than play acting over an issue which in more ways than one is an end to the means of the wave of violence murder and mayhem which has swept Sri Lanka in recent times! It must be remembered implicitly that the criminals who maim, kill, rape and deal in drugs violate the statutes of normal society and the rights of law abiding citizens and in doing so have relinquished their rights which then become rerlative to their crimes leaving those who campaign in their favour somewhat transparent towards their objectives and questionable!!

The simplest argument governing the ludicrousness of the Human Rights Commission's opposition lies in the reality that its members are Presidential appointees and to oppose a decision made by their Chief Executive Officer seems cause enough for their removal and replacement on the grounds of insubordination despite the authority they have been granted to operate independently.

The days of pontification by some on the merits of ahimsa and compassion in favour of preserving criminals who take it on themselves to indulge in organized crime and brutal assassinations such as that of High Court Judge Sarath Ambepitiya, the many horrendous assassinations of prominent political and military leaders in the past and even the attempt on the life of Sri Lanka's President Kumaratunga which took a heavy toll on other innocent victims around her at the time, should be swept aside together the concept of humaneness and showing the other cheek to criminality which despite the arguments in their favour have no credibility towards the risk of an impending anarchy within the Nation!

While the Chief Executioner of the Sri Lankan Prison System has indicated trepidations and concerns for his personal safety (also applicable to those in similar capacity in other related locations such as Bogambara in Kandy) and has requested high risk protection very justifiably, there should be no compunctions by the authorities to maintain a high security environment around the operations of the Capital Punishment System and maintained as impenetrable by the criminal element outside the Prison Facility which deals with the executions which is a normal aspect of all prison systems around the world but perhaps needing special attention and fortification in the case of Sri Lanka.

If the prisoners sitting on Death Row as reported are 'Jittery' about their future, how jittery ' would a ' Would Be Criminal ' be once a few executions are carried out?



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