Dr A. Karunanayake New Zealand

President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga in her Address to the 59th United Nations General Assembly Sessions at the UN Headquarters has made a powerful and a attractive speech to impress the general audience. In her statement she had reiterated that her government has been given the mandate to end the war and bring about a negotiated settlement to the current North East conflict of Sri Lanka. What she had omitted in this was that the people gave a mandate to end terrorism and bring peace to the country. She has even gone to the extent of questioning the act of US president George W. Bush in the use of force to crush terrorism. This statement may not be valid as we have done the same thing what president bush did. Sri Lanka has brought an end to terrorism through military means and did it effectively.

Sri Lanka is a country that faced the cruelties of terrorism even before the time of independence. We have faced the terrorism long before USA or any other country in the world. It has been in the form of political manipulation by a group that was close to the colonial rule and in the form of various armed struggles. Sri Lanka is one of the few countries that has faced the terror of more than two armed insurgent groups mainly the JVP and the LTTE(not forgetting the other terrorist groups that were operating from the north and the east and were eliminated by the LTTE by military means). The suffering Sri Lankans have undergone is immense and the loss to life and economy in the country is tremendous. Therefore peace needs to be achieved to our country very soon and effectively and more than any other nation Sri Lankans are craving for peace..

It is interesting to note that Sri Lanka is the only country that has been able to effectively eliminate terrorism and was able to bring the mislead youth to the democratic process. This was done with the JVP when their cruel and armed terrorism was crushed and the country was saved from destruction. Now that same group is in the parliament via non violent methods. It was achieved because armed terrorists were crushed and eliminated by using force and military power. This is the message that we have given to the world and we need to apply that to the current terrorist situation in the country and the whole world. We need to take the example that we our selves set in successfully curtaining terrorism. Non of the wars in world history were resolved by dialogue. World was saved from Adolph Hitler and other fanatic dictators by military means. Hitler would never have listened to anybody and never came to dialogue. Discussions may not be a means of communication with blood thirsty trigger happy devils.

Those who have taken up arms against unarmed innocent people and those who continue to threaten the peaceful existence of the society with the power of those arms need to be “unarmed”. This is the responsibility of a government. But currently, what is happening in Sri Lanka is heart breaking. The LTTE is on a intensified killing spree throughout the country in spite of the cease fire agreement and the so called peace effort. They continue their cruelty to children, exorbitantly and illegally tax and harass people and kill any one who they think should be killed. The government of Sri Lanka is unable to stop this and protect the people that they are supposed to protect. The time has come for the government of Sri Lanka to start looking seriously at the current situation where the LTTE is carrying on with their “elimination of opponents” program. Nobody is safe in Sri Lanka and anybody who dare speak against the LTTE will be eliminated no matter where.

When the situation is such in the country, it is foolhardy to criticise others who are trying desperately to fight terrorism in their own way. We are criticising some one who used the same method that Sri Lanka adopted successfully a couple of decades ago against terrorism. Sri Lanka is preaching to the world to have dialogue with the terrorists and not to use force and military means when we have miserably failed the “dialogue method” with the LTTE. Sri Lankan citizens are being killed indiscriminately and terrorised by the terrorists who are supposed to have a peace process and dialogue with the government. One should not give advise to others on matters on which they have hopelessly failed.



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