LTTE's Accusations About The Government's Hidden Agenda In Perspective.

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Considering the legitimacies and legalities involved, the Government of Sri Lanka should have no qualms or apprehensions about any agenda let alone a 'hidden one' not only to weaken but eventually completely dismantle the mainstream LTTE of Velupillai Pirapaharan(Prabhakaran) and commence a line of negotiations with a more rational and humane area of Tamil representation. This is being said in response to the latest bleatings of LTTE's deputy political head Semmamman who has complained of a hidden agenda as though the concept was totally foreign to their comprehension when it has been present as an option to the Government of Sri Lanka and its armed forces all along and supported by many rational sources within Sri Lanka!

In as much as the previous Administration's hidden agenda with the LTTE which had all indications towards gambling away Sri Lanka's very identity as an 80% Sinhala Nation to its 20% Tamil minority seeking secession of which a further miniscule percentage comprised of armed terrorists seeking a false legitimacy, if there is indeed a hidden agenda by the present Administration in the best interests of the Nation it has to be of a beneficial nature to all concerned and so be it!
This is a stance that can be taken justifiably and maintained in the face of the mainstream LTTE's reluctance to toe the line with a logical approach to peace.In choosing to remain fully armed terrorists continuing their idle threats about a return to hostilities, maintaining their arrogance in demanding an automomy which they can lay no real claim to by way of its contentious nature and most importantly because they do not represent the peace loving Tamil Population of Sri Lanka in its entirety.
The Government of Sri Lanka has no obligation whatsoever to prevaricate on the obligations it has to the resounding mandate accorded by the people of Sri Lanka who voted out the very source of impurity , the previous Administration which almost bartered away the Sovereignity and Territorial integrity of the Nation, and chose the present Administration in whom all confidence has been placed to deliver the Nation from the vermin which continues to plague and hamper its progress and posterity and continues to maintain an imagined justification to their right to exist while all they are doing is pursuing their own incompetent means towards their survival

This brings to bear the argument by many analysts and visionaries that Norways role in the Sri Lankan peace talks and their very presence, deemed dubious by many is the sole reason why the LTTE have not come down from their assumed high horse and shown any signs of atoning for their past crimes against a Sovereign Nation and taking that all important step towards shedding their terrorist identity and giving up their objectives in the best interests of a unified aggression free, tranquil Sri Lanka!
The high flown rhetoric of the LTTE in the the following statement seems somewhat hollow and insignificant as the onus of provocation and violations of the ceasefire rests mainly on the LTTE who have blatantly disregarded it albeit in subtlety, but well known and observed by the sources that matter. In quoting that " For the last two and a half years, LTTE is adhering to the cease-fire agreement and maintaining utmost patience to make the peace talks a success. But the Sri Lanka Government is trying to use the peace climate to weaken us," K Semmannan, Deputy Political Head of the rebels.The Tamil Tigers "will defeat (the) government's hidden agenda to weaken our military and political strength," he said ending the quote as presented in pro LTTE website Tamil Net. Realistically the utmost patience has been maintained by the Government of Sri Lanka in the fave of many grave provocations such as the latest killing within the outer regions of the Capital Colombo.

While the Sri Lankan Administration is well within its jurisdiction to eliminate any further threat to the Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity of Sri Lanka wheher by hidden or open agenda, the LTTE would be considered a continuing dilemma and an obstacle towards peace with a false legitimacy accorded them by countries such as Norway who continue to harbour LTTE supportives and assist in supplementing their financial resources through means to camouflage accumulations and the locations of the sources.
It would be interesting to investigate the 'Hidden Agenda' definition if applied to Norway, the nation which seems to be the most likey candidate towards a hidden agenda with the mainstream LTTE while the LTTE should contain their concerns towards the eventuality which will catapult them from the status of arrogant terrorists to manacled war criminals with an internationally hunted leader.

LTTE's Political representation Semmamman should straighten out his thinking cap before making utterances of no viable bearing towards the realities of present day Sri Lanka.What the LTTE continue to maintain as a futile attempt towards a recognition which in all probabilities will never be theirs beyond condemnation seems to be the greater reality !



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