The horrendous Kottawa killings symbolize the fallacy of the UNP and NGO peacenicks claim of LTTE's purity and desire for peace and harmony, and reinforce the ruthless terrorist gang's commitment to enforce an autocratic fascist rule over the Northern and Eastern provinces of Sri Lanka, and segregate this nation. The UNP that has endorsed the 22000-coffin threat and spare no stone unturned to blame the government for endangering the so-called peace facade, maintain complete silence over the Kottawa killings. The LTTE daily "Sudar Oli"in a blatant admittance of carrying out these killings claim that "Kuhanesan", who was one of the eight persons killed was Karuna's trusted finance and business manager. It says that with his killing "Karuna"has got completely isolated. The website of the so- called Peace Secretariat of the LTTE identify seven persons of those ruthlessly killed and claim that they were all Karuna loyalists.

The probability of this former LTTE activist and his associates getting killed was expected as the Tamilnet Editor who has been allowed by the pro-UNP "Daily Mirror"to vent a weekly LTTE propaganda jargon under the nom de plume "Taraki" made a lengthy scorn about Kuhanesan last week and said that he was among the 14 persons apprehended by the Police in Polonnaruwa recently and painted him as a vicious, rogue individual responsible for misappropriation of millions of LTTE funds, and responsible for many other crimes.

Attempts were also made to connect the Sri Lankan Military personnel's involvement in providing refuge to those killed, and renew the allegation of Sri Lankan forces helping the Eastern LTTE against the Vanni LTTE. Taking the lead in this regard the pro-LTTE Frances Harrison of the BBC in her report about the incident said that amongst the eight persons killed was a Sinhalese national believed to be an "Army Intelligence Officer". Her whitewashing of the terrorist gang and distorting facts about the Sri Lankan situation is well known and recently she made several such loathsome attempts to discredit the Sri Lankan government and the non-terrorist patriotic population. Refuting these allegations, investigations have revealed that that the Sinhalese person killed was a back-hoe driver named Neil Dhammika, a resident of the Welikanda area, who was closely associated with the LTTE personnel in the East.

The terrorist gang became bold in carrying out its killings and eliminating persons critical of its fascist culture, due to the encouragement given by the deposed UNP regime, through its failure and unwillingness to censure the terrorists in the belief that it would hamper the so-called peace faƧade. This obtuse policy helped the terrorists to hunt for its opponents and those connected to the army intelligence unit, even in Colombo resulting in the death of more than 40 intelligence officers. At the same time it also systematically eliminated democratic peace loving Tamil persons belonging to EPDP, EPRLF and other Tamil organizations and the number of persons eliminated in this manner within the last two years amounts to more than 300 persons.

The dollar-crow peacenik Jehan Perera of the Norwegian funded pro-LTTE NGO, National Peace Council commenting on the Kottawa killings, commends the deposed UNP government for not permitting the security forces or other armed groups to attack the LTTE. No government in the world would have allowed a group of enemies to eliminate the intelligence wing of its own armed forces, as done by the UNP government and this nominal Shingala Perera lauds that treacherous act. Backing the allegation of the terrorists, he says that "it is certainly not legitimate for the government to assist the Karuna group to resort to violence to weaken the hold of the LTTE over the east". He adds that in the past four months the Karuna group has killed some twenty members of the LTTE.

At the same time another group of peacenicks from several pro-LTTE and reactionary NGOs are reported to be collecting signatures for a memorandum demanding the government to repeal the PTA act. Their sudden concern about the adversity of this Act is clearly understandable. The previous government not only made this Act dormant but going against the provisions of this Act and in the behest of the LTTE released many of the notorious terrorists involved in major crimes against the country and the people. The terrorist gang and these peacenik dollar-crows are alarmed now that the government will use the provisions of this Act to arrest the rising terrorist threat, and their only objective is to prevent this happening.

The penetration of the terrorist pistol gang even to the suburbs of Colombo as far as Kottawa speaks the magnitude of the danger Sri Lanka has been subjected to by the previous government's supine appeasement of the terrorist gang. Various reports about the existence of arms caches within the city limits and availability of many terrorist cadres including black tiger suicide bombers pose a real danger to the life and property in the country. Although it may create inconvenience to certain people, the government and the security forces should, as an urgent national task, streamline efforts to search for these arms caches and potential criminals hiding in the city and its suburbs. Persons harbouring such elements for political or economical gains should also be apprehended and given the highest possible punishment for their collaboration with these criminals, and against the interest of the country. They should also be widely exposed through the media though private media mafia's help for this national effort is very unlikely.

The general public also has a profound obligation, and a great capacity to act against these criminal elements. Instead of waiting for the security forces alone to accomplish this task, they should be extra vigilant about their surroundings and neighbourhood, and they should muster joint action with their neighbours against any suspicious activities and must keep the security forces well informed about potential miscreants or suspicious elements. Let us not allow the terrorist and the reactionary elements to destroy the country and hinder the people's determination to rebuild the nation.



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