Whither Goest Prabhakaran With His Latest Rhetoric?

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" Velupillai Prabhakaranhas lost almost every battle he's fought- except the one to stay in power" it was once said in a very perceptive testamonial and is more than likely to lose any future ventures of aggression against the Nation of Sri Lanka now in the process of being supported and strengthened by a greater array of high tech war machinery just for the record as well as co-operation from superpower allies where next time around he could be easily obliterated from the map of existence as he may be attempting to cross a bridge too far being the incompetent whelp of self indoctrinated glory which presently could only be recognized by a scattered few of the misguided Tamil diaspora in his support overseas as well as a fragmented portion of his own immediate cohorts whose options towards survival are dependent on the survival of the megalomaniac Prabhakaran himself and the sooner he realises the futility of his abstract threats about returning to 'War' the better off he would be together with his internationally condemned LTTE terrrorist buddies!
If the question was to be asked realistically today " Who wants to die for Velupillai Prabhakaran? a likely reply would be "no one!" He is one of the greatest losers of attempted anarchy against the Sinhala Nation. He has failed to hold together his elusive homeland in Jaffna and his credibilities with the more discerning of his own Tamil community, and he has failed to build his anticipated ' Greater Eelam' which he has dreamt of rather than making any credible inroads towards its establishment and a fact of life which is fast becoming known both nationally and internationally.

Perhaps the time is very near that the leaping terrorist tiger leader will be stopped in his tracks once and for all as he once again challenges the power and might of Sri Lanka's Armed Forces and Governmental authority in the misguided belief that his virtually disorganized and disoriented group of terrorists hold an imagined superiority when to the contrary they are more than likely to be decimated and probably wiped out according to latest intelligence reports which suggest a depleted maninstream LTTE who in reality probably needs to have their bluff called rather than being intimidated by their unwholesome rhetoric! That they are now at least verbally making a bid to compromise the lasting peace within Sri Lanka which has prevailed thus far in an attempt to sway International opinion as well as the attempt to invoke a conciliatory Governmental response will never augur well towards their credibilities nor project then into a limelight of sympathy from any areas of international perception where theirs undoubtedly would be a lost cause!

Considering the Prabhakaran led LTTE's track record, the following excerpt from a discerning features program of the not too distant part edited at times with all due respect, points to the real perspective of where the LTTE stand today in retrospect to their barkings about a return to ' war' which could never merit the title war by definition but a mere armed insurrection carried out by a group of mendacious self centred terrorists with no mandate towards their projected cause which is also unacceptable in the eyes of the majority Sinhala Nation and the world per se!! in quoting the excerpt which reads:

"In the past 14 years, he has launched three wars with no success in sight. He is currently on the verge of losing a piece of real estate which is held dearly to be of strategic importance to the Sri Lankan forces as they advance in dense jungles of the north.

As Asia's most disruptive murderous anarchist leader in his attempt to create mayhem within a Sovereign Democratic Nation likened to a Pol Pot with the same level of intelligence perhaps, he bears responsibility for the extermination of Muslims, Sinhalese, Indians, conspicuously the wanton and ruthless killing of one of the world's most charismatic Leaders Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi of India and many of his his own Tamilcommunity. He is also responsible for the massacres and the setting up of the first concentration camps in Sri Lanka, for the displacement of nearly a million persons in Sri Lanka and for the impoverishment and ostracism of his own people in the North.
Rejecting all peace offers, Prabhakaran has repeatedly chosen war. Like a shark that has to keep moving to stay alive, he is willfully exposing the withered territory of mythical Eelam to the might of Sri Lankan forces for the sake of his own power. As always, he gambled that talk, hopes, threats and destruction would wear his enemies into retreat. When that didn't happen, he put in jeopardy virtually everything left to him, courting death for his people and damage to his own dream of a homeland, the decimation of his military machine, the hastened secession of Eelam, and perhaps even the end of his regime.
For Prabhakaran, terrorism has been a way of life. The Tamil standard bearer does not talk about his family. Likemany normal human beings where there is an apathetic anti reflection of normalcy he has a son and a daughter - both in their teens and both exempted from his "baby brigades" which consist of teenagers dragged into the war much against their parents' wishes. He is a dropout who did not progress beyond the first years of a secondary education. His best training ground was with the smugglers of the north of Sri Lanka in notorious Valivettithurai who plied a contraband trade sneaking in goods from South India to Sri Lanka. He is a Hindu militant who has never known the art of negotiations or the democratic process not the concept of human compassion as his master butchery of innocent civilians continued for decades.

That He came into power through the gun, killing the moderate Tamils opposed to his fundamentalist fanaticism is now etched rather in stone rather indelibly and disparagingly.
His first victim was the former Mayor of Jaffna, Alfred Duraiyappah, and a mild-mannered, moderate gentleman politician who preferred to follow the pragmatic tradition of living in peace with all communities. He was gunned down in 1975 in cold blood when he was on his way to a Hindu temple. This launched Prabakaran's career and since then he turned himself into a Tamil / Hindu zealot in pretence, assuming so thoroughly the image of a ruthless functionary that the international community, led by USA, has branded him a "Tamil Tiger Terrorist." James Burn of The New York Times (June 25,1995) went further and identified him as "the latest Pol Pot of Asia" who somewhat incredibly has been permitted to exist for this length of time within Sri lanka when he should have been flushed out in the manner of a rat from his Wanni refuge and exterminated in like manner deserving of vermin.
As he consolidated his power through sheer terror tactics his image as a "liberator" of the Tamils declined. He became the most wanted man in South Asia - wanted by the Indians (for assassinating Rajiv Gandhi), wanted by the Sri Lankan Government and, most of all, wanted by his own Tamil people for slaughtering rivals or incarcerating dissidents in Nazi-type concentration camps.
En route to grab power, while describing himself somewhat puerilely as being "the sole representative of the Tamils" he has incurred the wrath of many of his Tamil Community being a person of a lower caste who by the power of the gun has intimidated and subjugated many of whom may be termed Tamil nobility relative to their status upbringing and place in society yet prefer to look aside as an alternative in favour of their personal safety!
His strength has been in exterminating his opponents without any qualms. By a calculated process of eliminating his closest Tamil rivals in the '80s he found his way into the national and international headlines. His weakness too is in not knowing the limits of violence. His terror tactics have alienated all his former allies. His best ally was India, which provided him a fallback position either to withdraw or to forge ahead with its political, diplomatic and military backing. But when his suicide-bomber female accomplice assassinated Rajiv Gandhi he lost the respect of India forever. His next bet towards his own means to survival now was the fund of goodwill in the Western capitals manipulated by the expatriate Tamil lobby. But when his terror tactics, which targeted non-combatant civilians on a mass scale, increased he lost the support of the international community. His local political and military base could have been expanded and strengthened if he allied himself with the other Tamil militant groups. Instead he took to the gun, imitating Clint Eastwood, to overrun all the potential Tamil rivals who dared to raise their heads from within their bunkers. Those who survived his onslaught have teamed up with the Sri Lankan government in working out alternative programmes for peace and reconciliation and some in particular have vowed to eliminate him.
His falsely projected image as a Defender of Tamil nationalism was a seductive image that reached back to the Tamil claims of victimisation. It gave him the aura that served as an express ticket to total power. Conducting a new symphony of ethnic hate, Prabhakaran stepped into the top slot, which provided no space for any rival. Virtually his first act was to reject any peaceful or democratic process, which, under any circumstances, would be a protracted path that tests the nerves of intransigent and impatient "fixers".
Playing up nationalist passions, Prabhakaran helped ignite full-scale ethnic war with the Sinhala majority (76%).. In the early phase, even the intellectual elite supported his nationalist euphoria. But once he had used them to enhance his position, he either liquidated them ( e.g. he has decimated the entire Tamil leadership who initially paved the way for ethnic hate in Sri Lanka) or made his fellow-travellers eat crow. Firmly ensconced in the Tamil middle-class diaspora as their cult figure, Prabhakaran hasemerged to a degree of being smart and cunning. He has developed a mystique by being invisible and unapproachable except to his close and dwindling coterie. He cultivates silence partly because he is laconic and partly because he relies on the political myths and guns to do the talking for him. "He does not believe in ideas," says a Sri Lankan observer. "He makes no value judgements." .
Power, according to those who know him, is the one thing he truly loves. He exercises it daily, in matters large and small. From his subordinates, he brooks no challenges. When 75,000 Muslims were pillaged, their women raped and properties grabbed and driven out of Jaffna by the LTTE cadres it was clearly at his orders. He initiated the first known ethnic cleansing in Sri Lanka long before Milosevic ever dreamt of it. When 175 Muslims at prayers were slaughtered by his gunmen in the eastern belt it was his way of saying, notes a diplomat involved, "This is my turf, and I'm boss." When Sri Lankan government representatives appear at the Tiger door for talks, he glows in the knowledge that his Eelam flag is on display as a sign of his power. He does not flaunt decorative symbols of office or stage showy ceremonies and cares nothing for state protocol. But if he shirks the glamour of power, he still loves delicious moments of control.
Though the Tamil expatriates and intellectuals exploit every available human rights institution globally, they secretly revel in his power to slaughter as the appropriate political answer to the Tamil problem. His killing machine boosts their pride and they feel it is their duty to oil the coils of Prabakaran's mechanical guillotine.
Despite having proved himself a cunning politician, he is said to be insecure, even paranoid. Diplomats, eager to point at what they see as limits to his popularity, say he is so fearful for his personal security that he refuses to go out in public. While he may partly be cultivating the dictator's aura of mystery, some Tamils say he is fundamentally a deeply suspicious, withdrawn and secretive person.
Consequently the once immoderate and capricious, Prabhakaran has made himself one of the Sri Lankan government's most difficult enemies. Lessons learned from one encounter do not necessarily apply to the next. Delhi concluded after the Indo-Sri Lanka Agreement, when the IPKF forced him to the negotiating table, that he respected what he feared and would give in to force and threats. Prabhakaran learned something different: how to exploit the divisions between Sri Lanka and India. Diplomats who thought that Indo-Sri Lankan Agreement showed they "could work with him" discovered he rarely works well with anyone.
Certainly his Eelam strategy has been confounding. In part, says an Indian official, Prabhakaran seems closed off to reality. When negotiating, he relies on a mix of charm and tirades about the victimisation of the Tamils. Says the official: "Every second sentence is wrong or a lie. He withdraws into the dark recesses of his soul and lives inside it like a prisoner of his own mind." He never says yes or no, never puts his own name to a formal agreement. While his vicious behaviour in Sri Lanka has evoked comparison to Hitler, those who know him say Prabhakaran doesn't dream so large. "He wants to be the tinhorn dictator of Jaffna forever," says an Indian. official. "Beyond that, nothing." -Many analysts have suggested that he wants to prolong the agony of his Jaffna Tamils just to maintain his myth that he is their saviour. He has come to believe in this myth and he sees other Tamil rivals as traitors to the cause of Eelam. "It's very Tamilian - and the Jaffna Tamils are like us.," says a Tamil Nadu observer. "Celluloid heroes of Tamil Nadu grab the centre stage in politics giving hope to the myth that they alone can be saviours. "Prabhakaran has miscalculated disastrously before, but he has also brilliantly calculated his hold on power which according to Murphy's Law id bound to turn belly up in the long run. Which will it be this time? There are those in India and Sri Lanka who hope that he has gone too far in presiding over death and destruction. Perhaps all those losses may finally convince the Jaffna Tamils that Prabhakaran's heroism will not bring them anywhere near their political aspirations, let alone peace which has eluded them like their Eelam. " end of quote!

While being amazed collectively as a Nation of discerning and proud Sri Lankans it has to be asked "So Whither Goest Prabhakaran" and does he truly believe in his transparent idealogies? which if placed in proper perspective merit one of two options.

1. Jettisoning into a trash can or,

2. Confronting , with the full authoritative powers Constitutionally vested in the Administration towards meting out justice in whatever appropriate manner with the collective support pledged by important allies if the need ever arose, as a buffer towards success!



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