Refusal Of Israeli Aid Would be Apathetic Towards The Best Interests Of Sri Lanka In The Present Desperate Situation!

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There have been conflicting reports that the medical aid and team of specialised personnel from Israel and their assistance offered has been refused by the Sri Lankan authorities and if true somewhat of an apathy as this is no time for Sri Lanka to be bickering about diplomatic protocols where there seem to be none involved. It seems very gracious and magnanimous on the part of Israel which has no diplomatic ties with Sri Lanka to offer this assistance together with the many other Nations who have come forward to help alleviate the collossal catastrophe unfolding after the Tsunami Waves hit Sri Lanka and has killed nearly 20,000 people thus far.

The urgency with which the related emergencies need to be dealt with has no time for posturing over diplomatic or political issues as the greater priority rests on how swiftly the situation is brought under control before it transforms itself into one of a greater magnitude with the spread of disease and further deaths and a dire need for relief of a vast number of helpless and desperate people.Israel is well equipped with the expertise to contribute to the cause and their gesture should be accepted with decorum and graciousness rather than snubbing them if this is intended and hopefully not!

However,somewhat to the relief and peace of mind of the majority of Sri Lankans overwhelmed by the kindness shown by the many nations which have come to her assistance, it has now been reported by reliable sources that An Israeli team of medical staff including doctors have indeed landed in Sri Lanka on Monday night. Four doctors - all from Hadassah University Hospital, Ein Karem in Jerusalem - Head the Israeli mission.

The team is carrying medicine and baby food. The doctors, who specialize in rescue operations, trauma and pediatrics, will also be checking the viability of establishing a field hospital in the area.

The last mentioned operation has to be approved and overseen by the Ministry of Defence due to the strict need to maintain many aspects of national security related to the internal problems of the nation involving the LTTE terrorists who have created a huge impasse between themselves their so called 'territories under their control' and the relief effort extending to these areas also affected by the Tsunami and will come at a later time from the Ministry of Defense but it is hoped that the decision will be made conscientiously and astutely without delay in the best interests of Sri Lanka now reeling from non man made terror!.

Dr. Avi Rivkind, Director of Israel's Hadassah's trauma unit has been quoted as saying that "It is possible... we will advise Israel and the Foreign Ministry... to send something more massive," said "We will try to use our... broad experience in dealing with terror attacks and rescuing masses to help in this disaster as well." end quote which relates to his evaluation of the enormity of the need for immediate relief operations of a specialised nature to commence and has to be acknowledged as magnanimous .

It has also been reported on Israeli Radio that another contingent, this one made up of Israeli Defence Forces ( IDF) members, will leave for Sri Lanka on Tuesday morning and perhaps what the assumed chagrin is all about!. Sri Lanka was one of the hardest hit countries, with over 10,000 people killed, including 200 foreign tourists.

An organization called the' Latet' (Hebrew for "to give") will send a plane with aid to Sri Lanka on Tuesday. The aid, comprising tens of thousands of blankets donated by the IDF, as well as tents, nylon sheets, and water tanks, was sent in response to requests by the Sri Lankan authorities in the stricken areas.

There should not be any speculation or conjecture about the intentions of the IDF members and their genuine concern for Sri Lanka by virtue of their military designation as to the contrary this is a time for the coming together of all forces for the common good!

It has been reported the at least 100 Israeli citizens who were in the Asian region are also missing after the Tsunami.

Perhaps it is a time for reconciliation and a strengthening of ties between Israel and Sri Lanka if the need ever exists and a time to cast aside differences in moving towards the greater priorities involved rather than prevaricating over the imperative need to restore Sri Lanka's present woes involving what appears to be a petty issue given the enormity of what presently surrounds Sri Lanka and any conscientious objectors to Israeli Aid being given to Sri Lanka should rescind their trend of thought which appears negative towards the best interests of the present situation as Sri Lanka presently needs all the help available and more if given with no compromises nor expected returns!



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