Tamilselvan's Rhetorical Accusations About Army Involvement At Ayithiamalai Set In Perspective.

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It appears that the increased bravado in the tone of voice of the latest LTTE dialogue spewing forth from the LTTE political chief Tamilselvan is an aftermath of the success of the LTTE proxied Tamil National Alliance (TNA ) relative to the elections of April 2nd and it's high time the rhetoric of the likes of LTTE 's Tamilselvan was subdued to accommodate the reality that the manner in which the electoral process was conducted in LTTE supportive areas where the TNA are projected as having won resounding victories does not seem to be legit and a concerted appeal alleging corruption and cheating at a high level pending which may find the TNA credibilites cast to the winds! together with any high faluting aspirations and expectations of the LTTE based on the TNA's so called success which may be nullified should the appeal against them be upheld and the real victors of the region turning out to be the EPDP and its charismatic leader Mr Devananda!

Tamilselvan might be well advised to hold his tongue, change his thinking cap to a more realistic design and refrain from the quick conclusions he seems to favour as he does on many an occassion perhaps to extract sympathies from the Tamil Community as he is liable to fall flat on his face accusations against the Sri Lankan Army which falls short of being preposterous !
It seems rather humorous that each time something goes wrong in the LTTE camp as of late, the immediate finger pointing is in the direction of the breakaway faction of Col Karuna allegedly supported by the Sri Lankan Army. Ironically! The most recent accusations against the Sri Lankan Army happen to be against a legitimate Army of a Democratic Nation as opposed to the infamous internationally outlawed LTTE ( in case they need to be reminded )who really have no ground to to stand on nor are they entitled to make any protestations against any Army manouvres within Sovereign Sri Lanka especially considering the attrocities of the LTTE which have gone on surreptitously under the cover of the ceasefire and whose legitimate right it is to maintain law and order as part of the Administrations control over Sovereicn Sri Lanka which has not been subject to secession.
As contentious fallout of apathetic neglect by the previous UNF regime and its incapacity to corral the tigers and out manouvre them and by conversely giving them false hopes towards any legitimacy which they are not entitled to, the LTTE have now adopted a stance of trying to justify their existence and probably need to be educated about what their rights and entitlements are as long as they continue to be a terrorist organization with their, "win at any cost " attitude which does not gel in post election Sri Lanka as they would merely compound whatever chances the Tamil Community would have towards the restitution they seek in their quest for a normal existence while being unable to camouflage the reality that neither are they fully representative of the Tamil Community, many of whose membership are of two minds about LTTE credibilities and carry great trepidations about their capabilities and have sensed insincerity towards many issues that would lead to acceptance and recognition.

In a somewhat puerile evaluation of the recent incident in Ayithiamalai where several LTTE members were gunned down by unknown assailants within LTTE territory (if the admission may be made without compromising definitions towards the Sovereignity of Sri Lanka) a baseless assumption of pure conjecture has been made by the blinkered LTTE Political representative Tamilselvan that by virtue of the proximity of the Army in the region the assailants have been in collaboration with the Army for the planning of their attack and quick dissapearance with lop sided intonations as there is no proof whatsoever of the veracity of this accusation.
If the LTTE have given rise to the concept of any 'Auxiliary Operations' by the Sri Lankan Army with support from the Karuna Camp which would be a loss of face for the LTTE if it ever transpired and nothing to prevent it other than Goverment integrity towards principles, whereby as purported by their accusations, the LTTE would only have themselves to blame having squandered many opportunities to come clean of their terrorist image, denounce idealogies, de-commission weapons and be contrite towards the admission of responsibilities of insurrection against a Sovereign Nation where their criminally liable leadership and supportives need to be brought to justice for crimes against two Nations and the attacks against their leaders which left one of them senselessly murdered and another losing an eye.

The stance taken by Karuna could objectively be viewed as a Sri Lankan Administration friendly one considering the mendacious attitude of the mainstream LTTE if the bellyaching of Tamilselvan continues as Karuna contrary to Velupillai Pirapaharan seems to be more moderate and aligned to the concept that assimilation into Mainstream Sri Lankan Society would benefit the Tamil Community where the aggressive mentality of the Pirapaharan faction would merit scant respect as opposed to that of Karuna and there appears to be an inane fear presently being nursed by the inner sanctum of the mainstream LTTE towards this very concept!
The constant reference to " Warnings to the Sri Lankan Government " which Tamilselvan seems to have annexed as a new signature tune where the alternatives according to him are "dire reprisals towards peace " is an indication of LTTE insecurity as they are aware that they are no longer dealing with an Administration ready to dance to their tunes in the manner they were accustomed to previously.In fact their days could well be numbered, of the right to exist as a terrorist entity now that Superpower Neighbour India has also indicated concerns about Regional Security being under threat from the LTTE should they be permitted to continue as terrorists and a Regional Peace Treaty on the cards which would spell disaster for any LTTE aspirations towards their supremacy short of being a pipe dream!

While any threats to the Administration by insignificant LTTE puppets such as Tamilselvan on a rollercoaster of disentitled enthusiasm and Anto Balasingham who should consider himself fortunate that the British Government continues to tolerate his presence on British soil while being tarnished with ties to international terrorism, should be viewed contemptuously as it is indeed the Administration in power that controls the handling of Sri Lankan matters relative to the present situation. While being sublimely cautious about how the issue of the breakaway faction of Karuna is liable even by way of imagery to compromise the peace which has lasted thus far, the Sri Lankan Administration is obliged however to prevent any opportunities for the mainstream LTTE to gain any further inroads towards their own goals which is what all this Tamilselvan outburst seems to be about.

There is a slight hint of retaliatory sentiments in Tamilselvan's dialogue if one reads between the lines which if put into perspective suggests confusion and apprehension about the impact of a Sri Lankan Armed Forces collaboration with Col.Karuna and a chink in LTTE armour perhaps worth a closer look by the more discerning!



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