Man who disgraced Lord Buddha remanded

Courtesy: Daily Mirror 10th September 2004

By Rebecca Fleming News, Page 4

A person attached to a non-government organization who was arrested by Criminal Investigation Department (CID) for introducing pictures of nude women with Lord Buddha’s image through the Internet was ordered to be remanded till September 23 by Colombo Acting Magistrate yesterday.

Acting Magistrate Vickum Kaluarchchi remanded Gamini Ranawaka of Himbutana, attached to IUCN, the World Conservation Union.

The CID had initiated investigations following information received from the IGP on August 23. The pictures had been disseminated through a web site called, www.geocities.comaprna. There investigations revealed the address of the web designer, 54 Wijerama Road, Colombo-7 through the Internet Protocol (IP) number found on August 11. He had sent e-mail from the web site between 1.30-1.35 (Pacific time) on August 11. The subscriber had connected himself through the telephone line 2682465 which belong to the NGO.

The suspect had admitted the offence when he was arrested and had said that the organization was not involved in this.

The CID said that the organization could be charged under Volunteer Social Service Act. As it was not registered at the National Secretariat as a non-foreign government organization.

Counsels appearing for the suspect said that he was regretting what he did and said that he was willing to plead guilty once the charges were filed. They made an application to release the suspect. Acting Magistrate queried from the CID as to why they had not included the leagal provisions. The CID said they would do it when they filed the charges.

Court seeks psychiatrist report on suspect.

Daily Mirror 16 September 2004
News, Page 7

A graduate who is in remand in connection with allegedly introducing nude pictures of women with Lord Buddha’s image and spreading it through the internet was ordered by Court to be sent to the psychiatric unit of the Colombo National Hospital for a medical report.

The case was taken up before the Colombo’s Additional Magistrate Vikum Kaluarchchi following a motion filed by the counsel to inquire into the mental health state of the suspect who was attached to an NGO.

The case will be taken up on September 23.



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