Why I think we remain a poor country.

By Charles Perera

Why do we remain a poor country ? There may be several reasons, but I see the reason in its many fold division, into ethnic, class, cast , political, and religious groups. The political division by far is the worst that has held up our national development and social and economic progress. The fact is that we are a nation without patience. We want every thing to happen quickly . Moment we feel economic pressure we forget the hard times we went through in the past and yearn for immediate relief in salary increases, criticism of government in power, and even changing party sympathy.

Having changed a government because we disagreed with their policies, we should learn to give a chance for the government which we have ourselves replaced. No people friendly government will raise the cost of living and add a lot of economic burdens on the shoulders of its people if they can possibly avoid it. Because they know that to do so is a political suicide.

Economic pressure is brought about by reasons beyond the control of such a government. Such pressure is worsened when the Government proposes socialist reforms as the capitalist class both within and outside desire to displace such governments from being in power. We see how it is difficult for Cuba to continue with its socialist reforms. That is the reason why we as a nation should be patient and give a socialist government a chance to fight against these forces and stabilise itself to eventually carry out the social reforms it has proposed.

It is certainly difficult for the people when there is a continuous price hike and the cost of living keeps increasing . But one has to bear it as otherwise we will be giving into foreign forces to pressurise the government and turn the people against it so that they will be able to bring back the government that had danced to the tune of these forces.

No body can deny that the high cost of fuel is the main reason for the financial crisis this government is facing to day. If we topple this government and bring back the UNP are we sure that they the UNP will be able to any thing better. Of course, there may be certain foreign governments with vested interest to help with bonanzas to UNP to give them a push to establish themselves, so that these foreign governments will have a “friendly government” to deal with. These, our poor people will not understand blinded by the rhetorics of the UNP goons and impatience and failure to understand the reality of political vicissitudes.



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