Sri Lankan - German Ancient Ruhuna Project/Godavaya Excavation

O. Kessler (Tel.: 0049/0228/737227)

Institut für Vor- und Frühgeschichtliche Archäologie der Universität Bonn

Regina-Pacis-Weg 7, D-53113 Bonn

Ayobowan. I´m Mr. Oliver Kessler archaeologist from Bonn University/Germany conducting archaeological excavations at the ancient Buddhist temple and harbour of Godavaya (Hambantota-District)

Full name: Gothapabbhata Rajamaha Vihara/Dehigahalanda Junction/Ambalantota-Godavaya.

My local team - members of the Sri Lankan - German Ancient Ruhuna Project/Godavaya Excavation is missing there.

GPS - Position is: 6° 06´28´´ N/81° 03´ 06´´ E.

There are also many remote fishing villages at the shore.

Person to contact is: Beragama Sumanasiri Thero, head priest, Tel.: 047-2223319.

Contact also a Swiss national livinge there: Charlotte J. Beichert Thomas c/o Sarana Home for the Aged Blind, Dehigahalanda/Godavaya (Ambalantota), Tel.: 072-2230383 or 0777-654114.

The Godavaya promontory with its ancient temple builds a small hill at the coastline close to the mouth of the Walawe Ganga river and therefore could have been used as an escape point by the villagers. In addition to our team - members threre are appr. 150-200 blind people living in a home next to the seashore, 300 fishermen including families and about 2000 inhabitants in the surrounding villages of Paybokka and Godavaya.

Now I´m in deep sorrow concerning my friends and collegues at the southern coastline near Hambantota (Walawe Ganga-Mouth).

If anybody has any information what happened to the Godavaya Temple and its Rev. Beragama Sumanasiri Thero or is in contact with him or other people from the effected area around Hambantota please contact me under or phone 0049-228-659950, office: 0049-228-737227 or 0171-7471496.

Because I surveyed the Hambantota coastal area for more than 10 years I could also give any information concerning remote fishing villages and areas, village headmen, persons to contact etc.

Another person I couldn´t get in contact with is A L. M. Mahir, 50/6 Samodagama Rd.: Sippikulama/Hambantota, Tel. 047-21520 or 0777-159260 who is the driver of our team (Vehi; No. 252-2627).

Tonight Mr. S.A.H.Lahir from Galle Fort (near the lighthouse) called and reported he and his family survived with minor injuries, but there is allmost no aid coming to town and people still in need of food, water etc. If there is anything I can do for my friends and the people of Lanka please let me know.

Oliver Kessler/Bonn University - Germany



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