The predisposition of Norway towards the Northern terrorists was once again demonstrated through the planned visit made by its Deputy Foreign Mnister Vigar Hellgesson to internationalize the terrorist accusation of government's complicity in the dissent of ex-terrorists in the East. Observing a complete silence over the recent brutal killings carried out by the Northern Terrorists, he has blamed the patriotic masses in the South for adopting a hard-line stance about the so-called peace process. Sri Lankans are cognizant of how this same individual reacted in November last year by calling off their so- called mediator role stating that there is no clarity as to who holds political authority and responsibility in Sri Lanka. Their open biasness towards the Northern terrorists has once again questioned the validity of allowing them to get involved in the Sri Lankan issue anymore.

At a time the white tiger Norwegians continue to hide the atrocities of the Northern terrorists, it is significant to find the exposures given by international human rights organizations, including the Amnesty International on the murder of democratic leaning ex- terrorists in the East. Listing a number of killings carried out by the Northern terrorists, including murder of inmates in the Batticaloa prison, the Amnesty International and the New York based Human Rights Watch have called for an immediate halt for these killings.

These organizations have ridiculed the Northern terrorists of doing a window dressing by establishing a unit called “North-East Secretariat for Human Rights (NESHOR) recently under its Peace Secretariat, and acting in complete contrary to the objectives of this establishment. They have specifically criticized the Northern terrorists for the public execution of two dissidents in Batticaloa on July 8th and protection given for persons reported to have killed the Eastern Tamils in Kottawa.

They have also criticized the Sri Lankan Monitoring Mission for failing to act in accordance with their responsibilities, and have urged them to bring to account those responsible for killings.

In a complete disregard of condemnation made by these reputed human right orgasnisations, the Northern terrorists have offered a reward of Rs. 22.5 million to any person who brings the head of Karuna. It has also announced that it will pay Rs. 50,000 to the families of each of those who are reported to have carried out the Kottawa killings.

The government should make use of every opportunity and the sources to provide widest publicity to the Human Rights reports and expose the duplicity of peace overtures by the Northern terrorists. In the meantime the government should give its fullest attention to finalize the defense pact India is contemplating to sign with us. Possibility of having similar pacts, on a short-term basis, with other nations should also be looked into and pursued with.

The sincere desire of the government to find a negotiated solution to the terrorist problem has been misconstrued by the reactionary elements led by the kleptocratic UNP and the Northern terrorists as a sign of the government trying to overcome a structural problem, as they believe. They mistakenly believe that the government is weak, it is unable to govern, it will make any sacrifice to get a parliamentary majority, it is unable to get foreign assistance and so on. They hope that obstructions and threats could weaken the government, divide it and ultimately topple it as they succeeded in 2001. They are unaware that countries like Malaysia, India etc, have made vast strides in developing their countries through uplifting the rural economy and without being totally dependent on foreign assistance.

People are convinced now that the government did its best to find a negotiated solution to the terrorist problem and the inflexibility of the Northern terrorists and the connivance of the treacherous UNP with the terrorists were stumbling blocks to make any progress in this regard. Announcement made by Tamilnet website last month that Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe has agreed to discuss the obnoxious ISGA proposal, is a clear example.

Without wasting its time and energy on the so-called peace impasse, under the rigidity and mushrooming and never ending conditions being presented by the Northern terrorists, although it is the government that has a right to put forward conditions, the government must direct all its efforts to develop the rural areas that were completely neglected during the last two years of peace-farce. The development and strengthening of the rural economy over and above other preferences is the clear and loud message given by the majority in the two rounds of elections that brought the government into power in the center and in the provinces.



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