Reflections After The Recent Senseless Murder Of Major Muthaliph.

Sunil Kumara- World Council Of Sinhala Peers For LankaWeb

How many more killings will it take for the Sri Lankan Administration to realise the futulity of great expectations of peace from the LTTE as fond returns for pandering to them. And of what use is all the lip service that follows the aftermath of a senseless killing such as that of Major Nizam Muthaliph of the Army Intelligence Corps or even posthumously elevating his rank to Lieutenant General with all due respect to the honor rightfully due to him nonetheless, while the perpetrators of this heinous crime in all appearances the internationally outlawed LTTE and their pistol gangs are alleged to be roaming the streets of Colombo.

Once again the bonafides of the LTTE need to be questioned as the more perceptive within the Nation should recall on behalf of all Sri Lankans while also being angered at the manner in which the LTTE have been permitted free passage almost incredulously by the status quo to conduct their affairs of terror with impunity, a recollection which perhaps flashes back also to a time when a certain Major General Janaka Perera now retired honorably had these same terrorists on the run visibly and undeniably yet was purported to have been thwarted from completing his avowal to "Wipe Out The Tigers" based on the internal politicking involving a certain uncle of the honorable President whose personal conflicts with the Major General eventually forced him into retirement and the Tamil tigers breathed easy. A reflection of National anguish in retrospect perhaps!

The clock cannot be turned back to a time when fear and apprehension prevailed within the rank and file of the LTTE but there certainly can be an initiation of appropriate responses which might oversee a monitoring with intent to dispel the rabid forays of these lunatics where certain tenets available to the Administration could be utilised to further incapacitate the LTTE and disillusion their ambitions to initiate a reign of terror once more within Sri Lanka if implicitly necessary as it appears to be.

Envisioning the split within LTTE ranks internally and their depletions after the Tsunami where a certain desperation seems apparent in their scramble to conscript children, experiment with aerial capability while fortifying whatever resources remain at their disposal it might not be an impossibility to have them on the run once more although it would take careful consideration, much perception and cunning towards utilising certain Government resources the LTTE have no clue about as being detrimental to their existence and operational capacity which if utilised properly might be the deterrent needed which by itself also needs to be a covert operation without fanfare and drums as lessons must be learned in order to retain Sri Lankan Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity which is always at risk when vermin such as the LTTE are permitted too much concessions and leeway while not even fully representing the Tamil Community as the irony of it all!

This must surely bring on an air of circumspect doubt about engaging them in any joint activity such as the distribution of Tsunami Aid which would only further their agenda towards their impure terrorist means and they must certainly be on the verge of rethinking their strategies now that their latest Faux Pas has further reduced their chances of any legitimate recognition as law abiding citizens of Sri Lanka if such an intention on their part ever existed in the first place!

Surely the abominable murder of Major Muthaliph has the stamp of the LTTE written all over it and throws into much doubt the credibilities of a negotiated peace settlement as being rationally accomplishable. While the LTTE beyond doubt are expected to deny all responsibilities of the killing it is painfully obvious that it is the LTTE and the LTTE alone who would have benefitted from such criminality as Major Muthalip was one of Sri Lanka's top Army intelligence officers assigned to monitor and investigate LTTE activities in the North and East. Despite the rhetoric from official sources about re-questioning the true intentions of the LTTE perhaps it is about time for more affirmative and forceful action to be taken against the LTTE and the Nation secured from the demonic intentions of this terror group who are now described as quietly regaining the upper hand over the Sri Lankan Security Forces. Despite the accuracy or inaccuracy of the presumption the machinery to quell them crying out to be installed and activated which can not only incoporate pontificating about a negotiated settlement through high flown rhetoric but probably also needs a more physical response given the many violations they continue to carry out with impunity!

Statistics todate on the LTTE attrocities despite the existing Peace Agreement and Ceasefire indicate that at least 35 intelligence operatives have been systematically disposed of by the LTTE 10 of whom had direct links to the Armed Forces and the misguided pundit who proclaimed publicly that this act was not a violation of the Peace Process as it was not committed in a demarcated area , ( obviously an LTTE propagandist ) sounds somewhat ludicrous in his parlance as the ceasefire should by all rights be applicable to all of Sri Lanka!

Given a recent consensus by many military analysts which has also been endorsed by Foreign Minister the Hon. Lakshman Kadirgamar, the LTTE after the Tsunami appear to be depleted and deemed incabable of waging a full scale onslaught on the democratic forces of Sri Lanka assigned to protect its Territory and Sovereignity although they are reputed to be building their air defences and regrouping strategically in the Wanni. Nevertheless they continue to wage their clandestine and covert attacks against carefully screened targets while infiltrating Sinhalese populated areas and there seems to be some wisdom despite certain shortcomings which may ensue for the Sri Lankan Authorities also to make an attempt towards eliminating this particular insurgent terrorist capability of the LTTE where a cease fire violation might not necessarily be adjudicated as being exactly that by definitionif it incorporated a Military response to a terrorist attack justifiable as the greater need for National Defence and public security in the manner of the Israeli Army as an example. (lightning retaliatory strikes as an immediate response at suspected terrorist targets ) Perhaps a commencement of eliminating any LTTE intentions towards furthering their ambitions and expanding as a terrorist force capable of overrunning the Sri Lankan Army which may be inevitable and Sri Lanka's military hand forced despite its likely condemnation by the more moderate!

The LTTE seem to have misread Sri Lankan Governmental kindness for weakness while being in a situation where they are more than likely to fail in efforts to subjugate the Nation through their terror attacks such as the one under review which has taken the life of Major Muthaliph and any subsequent future attacks prevented it must be emphasized! Consequently it may not be long before the LTTE find themselves surrounded by international condemnation and the derision which goes with it ( part of which is already in place) which may be a precursor to no more indemnification of what they truly deserve. Being rendered non existent entities within Sri Lanka which might expend much resources together with a little help from 'Friends!" Perhaps their days are numbered!

LankaWeb extends deepest sympathies to the family of Major Nizam Muthaliph who has made the ultimate sacrifice for his country in the line of duty.

May He Find Eternal Peace.



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