Jathika Hela Urumaya General Secretary Ven.Omalpe Sobitha Thera Has Not Minced His Words On Recent Slaying Of Journalist Sivaram And What He Represented.
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Although the unequivocally expressed sentiments of the Jathika Hela Urumaya led by its General Secretary Ven.Omalpe Sobitha Thera has come down hard on slain journalist and editor of Tamil Net. the late Mr.Dharmeratnam Sivaram, the comparison to Hitler's Goebbels seems unnecessarily harsh albeit many truisms existing in the direction in whichTamil Net under Sivaram's leadership was headed. That Tamil Net constantly did make it a point to undermine the morale of the Armed Forces fighting the fascist tigers as quoted, certainly has more than a ring of truth to it and that in doing so the laws of Sri Lanka were contravened and violated, an indelible reality!

With all due respect for the dead journalist and his loved ones, there has to be an affirmation that there were many within journalistic and legislative circles who questioned the moral and legal authority of Mr. Sivaram's right to some of the contentious opinions expressed in the Tamil Net Web Site which even a simpleton could interpret as pro LTTE at a time when the Government of Sri Lanka was engaged in quelling an internal armed insurgency which reached intense and devastating proportions which shook the Nation of Sri lanka to the core of its very existence over many decades and the Ven. Sobitha Thera has certainly made his point which cannot be swept under the carpet.
In urging the Government to take stern action against others working in support of the LTTE the Ven.Sobitha Thera has expressed an all important opinion conducive to the well being of Sri Lanka and its freedom loving citizens. There have been times when there were blatant messages sent out as propaganda by Tamil Net under the mantle of the 'Freedom of Expression' which by way of rationality some would be inclined to interpret as sedition and incitement which are very serious offences under the laws of the State Legislature and its Justice System. Why they were tolerated and overlooked is part of the all important question being asked by the Ven. Thera

For a long time there also have been speculations about how the LTTE on many occassions managed to penetrate the heavy security cordons manned by the armed forces and police in order to carry out surreptitious but vicious attacks and how certain secret Government sponsored operations were disrupted and staff gunned down with pinpoint accuracy suggesting inside information being released to the terrorists. Therefore it comes as no surprise that there is a subtle finger pointing at the likes of journalists who under the guise of being proactive independent and impartial journalists often tipped the scales evenly on both sides of the equation. In this instance being a columnist for a popular local Daily News Paper as well as being editor of the main LTTE propaganda machine Tamil Net where it takes no rocket science, as the Ven.Sobitha Thera has suggested towards identifying the dangerous nature of such individuals which also does not augur well for their supportives and associates as they were but a part of the enemy within in innocent guise who by way of further infiltration could invariably disrupt the normal order of functioning of a Sovereign Democracy that is Sri Lanka if tolerated and permitted to continue with impunity.
An extract of the JHU statement which follows has to be interpreted as a bold and assertive expression of perception and wisdom outlying the important facets of reality surrounding the activities, leanings, objectives and demise of this journalist and others of his ilk where the Ven. Sobitha Thera has certainly not minced his words! The key word upon which his conclusions rest is 'Impartiality' which he suggests is conspicuously absent and the emphasis on being 'Pro Terrorist' significant.

Quoting Ven.Sobitha Thera,

" D Sivaram was not an impartial journalist but a terrorist journalist. … This dangerous man called Sivaram has been killed by another terrorist group opposed to the Tigers. … Working in the guise of a journalist, Sivaram was an important character belonging to the facist Tigers who are crushing the freedom and human rights of Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim people of this country.

“He reminds us of Hitler's Goebbels. He created the myth that the Tigers' killings are justified. Not only that, he undermined the morale of soldiers engaged in war against the Tigers by giving information for terrorist acts.
“It is shocking that a terrorist journalist who worked behind the scenes to hunt down secret police could be described as 'innocent'.
“To attempt to portray Sivaram, who was the chief editor of TamilNet and an advisor to the Tigers, as an impartial journalist is an act of encouraging terrorism.
“The army knew about him encouraging the murder of those opposed to the Tigers. He should have been arrested according to the laws of this country. It was the government's mistake to let him remain free while working as a journalist for terrorists.
“This (murder) was committed by those that were crushed by people like him who worked in union with the terrorists.
“The government should disarm the Tigers. Many people supporting them are working in various fields. Their activities must also be stopped." end quote.



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