The Ramifications Of Conceding Joint Mechanism In Its Present Format To The LTTE!

World Council Of Sinhala Peers- For LankaWeb

The latest news reports released by the Nation's State Run media indicates that Sri Lanka's President has vowed to reach a unilateral deal with Tamil rebels on the distribution of aid after the December tsunamis despite the risk which could see her shaky coalition collapse and if accurate, an apathetic decision of great irresponsibility by the Leader of a Nation which has struggled for decades to maintain her Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity.If all of the efforts towards the objectives of nation preservation which have cost so many brave and patriotic Sinhala lives can be jeopardised by the signing of a single document to a bunch of hyenas with their tongues hanging out literally, it has every indications of a signing away the rights of the majority Sinhala Nation which must then be deemed an act of total irresponsibility by someone whom the Sinhala Nation regards as its Matriarch!

Is the President of Sri Lanka inadvertently headed for her own political demise and the downfall of the UPFA Government and if so what is motivating her vehement stance that she is willing to sacrifice her Government, Presidential status and most of all jeopardize the unitarity of the Nation its Sovereignity and Territorial integrity which her signing of a Joint Mechanism with the LTTE would be tantamount to in its present guise ? Could she possibly be in some state of confusion about the distribution of Tsunami Aid in its present format through the reprehensible Joint Mechanism involving the fully armed unrelenting mendacious Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam which has been contested not only by the Aid Donors by way of the LTTE'ds terrorist status but also her own coalition ally the JVP amongst others of high profile ?

Nowhere in the history of negotiated settlements between freedom fighters (as the LTTE fancy themselves to be labelled somewhat erroneously but hypothetically nominated here for the sake of argument) has there been any done deals of any positive accomplishment of lasting peace with fully armed, unrelenting and internationally condemned terrorists, not even the Irish Republican Army. Somewhat ironically the President seems to suggest the Joint Mechanism as being a precursor towards a permanent peace where probably her maternal instincts and a degree of conciliatory empathy seems to be the yardstick of her measurement without paying the more significant attention to the realities of the track record of the individuals she is dealing with! Two faced, fork tongued opportunists who would stop at nothing to reach their objectives who need to be sought out and destroyed in the best interests of the nation rather than tolerated!

It would be a sheer gamble and speculation on her part to believe that the LTTE with their well documented ill repute for reneging on any deal which may provide them with a platform towards their own ambitions.Their track record alone proves this irrefutably. The President has no right to the gamble and speculation as it involves the security and well being of the Nation which has not given her a clear mandate towards her proposal and ambitioninvolving the Joint mechanism and perhaps a National Referendum might be in order to settle the pros and cons of her assertions which at present appear to be highly contentious and questionable.Particularly when the foremost criterion governing her somewhat unilateral decision to go ahead with the JM regardless if the assumption could be made, involves some 2 billion dollars of pledged Foreign Aid, where only the end seems to justify the means and the principle totally bastardized! The very point the JVP and other patriotic Sri Lankan political groups have taken umbrage about!

The JVP argument that the Joint Mechanism would provide a leeway for the LTTE to gain a stranglehold on territory which at present is merely speculatively theirs and legally unacceptable for the rest of Sri lanka,holds much water. Furthermore it seems a rank disregard for the other minorities such as the Muslims and non LTTE supportive Tamils in the areas affected which would come under a Joint Mechanism jurisdiction and recent history has proved beyond a semblance of doubt what the implications on these minorities would be at the hands of the LTTE who are no angels of mercy when hell bent on carving out a piece of the Nation towards their much sought after Eelam whch would be their sole objective. It then makes all of the President's assertions towards the Joint Mechanism, Non Nation Friendly and tantamount to handing on a platter to the LTTE what they have thus far been unable to accomplish through terrorism and insurgency.This has to be outlined as the greatest risk the President would be taking where she would be better off re-thinking her strategies towards the Joint Mechanism within the UPFA coalition rather than disrupting it for whatever reasons she envision as being beneficial to the Nation as a pull out of support from the JVP would mean a cataclysmic disaster for the Nation with long term ramifications for all its peaceloving people.

The President's aspirations for a lasting peace perhaps in a sense is a placing of the cart before the horse as many analysts seem to believe.The LTTE being an internationally proscribed group of terrorists do not merit the conciliations she is presenting them with especially given the circumstances that they have made no attempt to come clean of their terrorist objectives, de-commission weapons and approach mainstream Sri Lankan society sanely and peacefully.They are currently embroiled in an internecine war with a rival breakaway group, the elimination of all their critics and opponents given the opportunity and continue their child conscriptions, arms smuggling and other illegal activities while violating most aspects of the signed Peace Treaty and Ceasefire despite the theatrics which go with their attempts to camouflage all of this.The smokescreens of Foreign interference, that of Norway in particularly also deserves an honorable mention!

To cap it all,the icing on the cake has been delivered by the President's recent statement that quote ""I think the LTTE deserves a chance at a time when they are ready to accept the sovereignty and democratic values," she said. end quote.

With all due respect to the President's euphemisms it has to be asked "So when if ever has the LTTE given the Sri Lankan Nation any assurances that they are willing to comply with all legal and constitutionalised means towards resolution of the ethnic crisis which despite its current benign state apart from the rhetoric and occassional sabre rattling meanders on meaninglessly as the world at large looks on almost in disbelief that the scenario surrounding the current state of affairs in Sri Lanka is fast becoming a comedy of errors!

One which circumnavigates around USD$ 2 billion and a misguided plethora of befuddled politicians in administrative power held together purely by the steely determinations of the resolute JVP and their allies to whom the Unitarity of the Nation seems the foremost objective despite the old adage "money talks and bulls.......t walks! Sadly, money just might turn out to be the root of all evil and a provider for the axis of evil within Sri Lanka in the form of the LTTE ! while her President basks in the sunshine of her own misguided perceptions and illusions that the LTTE would bow down and pay homage to the granting of the very platform from which to launch this axis!



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