The Imperative Need To Come To Terms With The LTTE Is Emphasized By Their Latest Attacks On The Army In Jaffna!


The latest cowardly attacks by the LTTE on Sri Lankan Army officers in the Jaffna District accounting for 12 lives truly exposes the worthlessness of the preambles of the respectibe Heroes Day Speeches held around the world particularly the falsely projected innuendo of the so called Velupillai Prabhakaran speech which had hinted at co-operating with the President's attempt towards a lasting peace albeit the veiled threats to hold off attrocities if one were to read between the lines.

There seems to be greater credibility in the speech made in London by LTTE idealogue Anton Balasingham who had openly declared in his London speech that the Peace Process means little to them and veritably the attack on the Armed Forces has followed soon after. The local LTTE Political representation of SP Thamilselvam too had earlier indicated their dissatisfaction with the policies of the new Administration towards the Peace Process where the President's unequivocal stand about never relinquishing the unitarity of Sri Lanka has not augured well with the LTTE who have continued to mumble about an unforeseeable Federal Solution at the expense of granting them some kind of autonomy which would be short of ridiculous being fully armed unrelenting terrorists who cannot see beyond their terrorist idealogies in a world full of contempt at their pathetic bedraggled appearance and whose days are probably numbered!
Security within Sri Lanka has been rightfully stepped up, the Prevention of Terrorism Act more than likely will be implemented as the Armed Forces and the Police will be taking no chances despite the rhetoric of various flavours which emanate from the terrorist camp where the outgoing Army Chief has vehemently condemned the attacks and warned them that they should not dwell on provocations and false hopes of overwhelming the Sri Lankan Armed Forces who are now well prepared to engage them if necessary and are much better equipped in all areas of manpower , military finess and capabilities and that the failures of the past will not be a reflection of any subsequent outcome should the LTTE overstep their metes and bounds which amount to little beyond their condemned terrorist image and cowardly modus operandi!

Here lies the great importance of the Indo Lanka Defence Agreement which seemed wishy washy and unresolved towards its finalisation at its inception and perhaps an imperative importance now lies in its full implementation towards securing Soverign Sri Lanka from its worthless and cowardly adversaries who appear to be slowly but surely heading towards their own nemesis while attermpting to hold the nation to ransom through their contemptible and devious activities! Are these the individuals who consider themselves the overall representatives of the Tamil Commumity and do their latest actions ever give them any recognition beyond their criminality?

The LTTE by stepping up the latest organised attacks against Government Forces in the former rebel stronghold of Jaffna in a bid to draw fire from the military have in all likelihood drawn attention from the International Community and the Global Coalition Against Terrorism towards the ultimate condemnations which could signal the beginning of their end towards any hoped for legitimacies while synonymously setting in place the wheels of motion militarily towards their complete annihilation! Something the LTTE are in no position to trifle with as it would compromise much more than their need to survive! There will sadly be many victims from all perspectives of the ethnic mosaic also and deplorable as far as LTTE rationalities are concerned!

The LTTE also seem to have forgotten somewhat lackadaisically the existence of the Karuna Faction which could be a tour de force towards further bolstering their opposition in any impure attempt to ursurp Sri Lanka's Sovereign well being as it has been suggested by some areas of military intelligence that the LTTE may very well try their sporadic hit and run tactics if this a preview indicated by the latest kilings in Jaffna where the Sri Lankan Armed forces as well as Island Wide Naval surveillances with reported co-operation from the Indian Navy are on Red Alert also and appear to be well in readiness should the latest renewed attrocities of the LTTE continue or escalate which would be unthinkable and logically unacceptable with a Peace Process and Ceasefire Agreement in place but the LTTE are reputed to show scant respect for accords and treaties and whatever transpires by way of projected breaches of the Law and the trust the Government of Sri Lanka at times places on them somewhat ludicrous! while being to their great detriment which will also result in sad consequences for the Nation trying to come to terms with many other adversities such as the Tsunami recovery effort and the coming together of an new Administrative infrastructure.

However it emphasizes the mandatory need towards Sri Lanka's well being and posterity regardless of what the LTTE try to initiate by way of provocation that the attempt to resolve her ethnic crisis has to continue and efforts made to rehabilitate the criminalities of the LTTE through persuasion to lay down arms and give up idealogies towards secession but in the event that this meets with little or no success this time around the screws around the LTTE may need to be tightened much further in order to establish the legalities and integrities which surround Sovereign Sri Lanka as the forces of condemnation and derision surrounding the LTTE seem compelling enough to bring them to their knees as a last resort through every resource available!



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